Hair dresser

(I'm making this for my BFF Claire.) I'm one directions hair dresser I've been for two years now. Harry has been flirting with me(its Harry come on he flirts with everyone! :p) but I over hear Harry talking to Louis and Harry said:…No wait what am I doing? If u want to read more,press the that red button that says: "read"


1. Normal day

"Where are they?!" I asked. "Linda is still getting them ready!" Paul shouted back. I rolled my eyes. They go on in two hours! They finally walked in. They sat down and me and Mia started to do there hair. I finished louis so I went over to Harry. "Hi Harry." I said "hi Clairey Beary." He said smiling. (He gave me that nickname when I first met him.) "are you nerves?" I asked. I always asked every boy after every show. "Nah…" he said moving a bit. "Stay still!" I ask laughing "whoops!" He said. "Ok I'm done! Go have a good show!" I said we where all done the ran off to do the show. I say that after every show for good luck. (Sorry this is a short chapter! 😭)

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