Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


13. Telling Michael

Olivia's POV


I quickly changed into my sweatpants and a white spaghetti strap tank top. I put on a yellow and grey striped zip-up hoodie and waited. I heard Michael and Ashton walk upstairs and into his room, which was next to mine. I heard their muffled voices through the wall.


"WHAT?!" I heard Michael yell. A few minutes later Michael burst through my bedroom door and ran over to me. "Via, you promised me never again." Michael looked at me.


"I know. I'm sorry." I said quietly as a few tears rolled down my cheeks.


"Don't listen to them cause they don't know anything about you!" Michael said.


"Are you mad at me?" I asked.


"No, Via, I can't be mad at you for this. It would only make it worse." Michael shook his head. I wiped away my tears with the end of my sleeve and hugged my knees.


"Are you mad at your fans?" I asked.


"I don't know." Michael shrugged. "Do you wanna talk about it?"


"No." I shook my head. I stood up and went downstairs to the living room. I sat on the couch and talked to Morgan on Facebook.A few minutes later Ashton and Michael came in and sat down. The room was silent. 


"WHY IS IT SO QUIET?!" Louis screeched causing everyone to laugh.


"Who are you talking to?" Luke asked peering at my phone.


"Morgan." I said.


"Who's Morgan?" Louis asked.


"My friend." I said in a duh tone.


"Do we get to meet him?" Harry asked.


"Why do you wanna meet him?" I asked.


"Why not?" Calum asked.


"He looks like Calum but like an inch taller. And he's really skinny." I said.


"Why can't we meet him?" Luke asked.


"You can meet him on like the first day of school. Cause him and a bunch of others come to get me and we get the bus together." I said.


"When do you start school?" Niall asked.


"Next week." I said locking my phone so Luke would stop reading my messages with Morgan.


"Don't you have that modeling thing?" Michael asked.


"Mhmmm." I nodded and stood up walking to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass and put water in it. I sat on the counter sitting criss-cross as Ashton walked in. "Hi." I smiled.


"Hi." He returned the smile walking in front of me and kissed my forehead. "Your so pretty." 


"Thank you, your so adorable." I smiled as he pecked my lips.


"Not at adorable as you." Ashton smiled wide and I poked his dimples.


"Ew. You guys are disgusting. All lovey dovey and shit." I heard a familiar voice say. I peered over Ashton's shoulder and my cousin, Jenny, stood there.


"What are you doing here?" I asked setting my water down next to me and hugging Ashton's back when he turned around to see who was there.


"We live in the same town, I felt like visiting." She shrugged. "And who would this be?"


"This is my boyfriend Ashton." I smiled patting Ashton's head.


"Yeah, I kinda guessed boyfriend when I walked in." Jenny said leaning against the island. "Ya know, you should really learn to lock your front door." She added scrolling through her phone.


"And if I did you would pick the lock to get in." I laughed.


"That, my dear cousin, is true. So where are these other boys I hear your staying with?" She asked.


"In the living room." I said.


"When are you throwing one of those parties of yours?" She asked.


"Probably this weekend." I said.


"So tomorrow?" Ashton asked.


"Yeah." I shrugged.


"Cool. Poptart said to tell you he says hi. Andrew too." Jenny said standing up.


"Okay." I smiled.


"Well I'm gonna head home. Everyone was asking me if you were throwing a party anytime soon so, I will see you tomorrow." Jenny smiled and walked off. I heard the front door shut.

"Do we get to meet your friends tomorrow then?" Ashton asked as I let go of him and hopped off the counter.

"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged.

"Whatcha talkin' bout?" Calum asked walking in and looking in the fridge.


"The party tomorrow." Ashton said.


"Party?" Calum asked confused.

"Yeah, I have a party like every month and I haven't had one this month so yeah." I shurgged

"Tomorrow?! That's not enough time to plan!" Louis screeched standing in the kitchen. I hadn't noticed he was there.


"Your such a girl. And yes it is. All we really need is drinks and food." I said grabbing my phone out of my pocket.


"We have plenty of food." Louis said.

"And now we need drinks." I smiled texting my friend Josh and telling him about the party and everything. He was always the one everyone went to for drinks because his brother owned a liquor store.


"I am not buying alcohol for minors!" Louis screeched.


"You don't have to. I have someone else for that." I said with a smirk.


"What's happening?" Michael asked walking in with the others.


"Olivia is having a party. With alcohol and minors." Louis shook his head.


"Isn't it illegal to give minors alcohol?" Liam asked.


"So?" I asked.


"This, my friends, is the bad ass Olivia I love." Michael said giving my shoulder a squeeze.


"I don't think I like this..." Liam shook his head.


"It sounds like fun!" Calum exclaimed with a big smile.



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