Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


15. Photoshoot


Olivia's POV


I woke up and my head surprisingly didn't hurt. All I remember was playing quarters then waking up. I got up and slipped on a pear of sweat pants and a tank top and walked downstairs. It looked like we didn't even have a party. I went to the kitchen and Michael was eating a poptart.


"Morning, sleepy head." Michael smiled at me.


"Didn't we have a party?" I asked.


"Yeah. We know how to clean ya know." Michael said in a duh tone. I rolled my eyes and took a bite out of his poptart.


"You didn't do anything!" Calum exclaimed, "You just sat around and told us what to do!"


"Sounds like someone I know..." Michael said looking at me.


"Maybe you hang out with me too much." I giggled.


"Nah, I like hanging out with you." He shook his head.


"Eh, I tried." I smiled, taking another bite of his poptart.


"Stop it! This is my poptart." Michael said, holding the poptart out of my reach. I rolled my eyes and sat on the counter.


"So, what's the plans for today?" I asked.


"Uh, we have to take you to that photo shoot thingy." Harry said.


"All of you have to go?" I asked, "I mean I'm gonna be posing in a bra and underwear." 


"Well then whose gonna take you?" Louis asked.


"I'll get Nathan to take me." I nodded my head once.


"Nathan?" Michael asked.


"Nathan Sykes. From The Wanted." I said in a duh tone, "I'm like best friends with them. Plus he's not a perv like all of you."


"You like The Wanted?" Zayn asked with a disgusted tone and look on his face.


"Yes. Is that a problem?" I sassed him.


"Don't answer that. It's a trick question." Michael stopped Zayn.


"Just have Ashton go with you." Liam said.


"What is wrong with Nathan taking me?" I asked.


"I don't know... It's just why him?" Louis asked.


"Yeah. That's weird." Niall said.


"So because you guys aren't friends I can't be friends with them? Well last time I checked, it wasn't your decision to tell me who I can and can't be friends with." I said, hopping off the counter and walking off.


"Great, now you got her mad!" I heard Michael say. I rolled my eyes and went to my room. I texted Nathan and told him to pick me up in half an hour since it would take about twenty minutes to get there, plus traffic. I had to pick out something to wear. I had to be something simple and easy.  I decided on a Starbucks t-shirt and high waisted shorts. I put them on, tucking in the t-shirt and added leopard print flats. I decided not to wear any makeup since they would do my hair and makeup anyway, and put my hair up in a messy bun.

I walked to the bathroom, grabbing my phone on the way. I quickly brushed my teeth then walked downstairs. I set my phone on the counter and played 'The Life That You've Chosen' by Survive This and started making pancakes. I was bored and had twenty-five minutes to kill.


"What's cookin' good lookin'?" Ashton asked, entering the kitchen, laughing at what he said.


"Pancakes." I said as he kissed my lips.


"Michael said you were mad?" Ashton questioned.


"Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn are being assholes cause I said I was gonna have Nathan take me instead of you guys cause he's not a creepy perv like them!" I frowned, flipping the pancakes that were in the pan.


"Alright, babe. It's okay. Just calm down." Ashton rubbed my back.


"Sorry. It's all because their band isn't friends with Nathan's band." I sighed, "Which is stupid cause they look alike!"


"What?" Ashton laughed.


"Siva and Zayn look like they could be brothers!" I said.


"Oh, well Nathan can take you to the photo shoot and I will take care of them." Ashton kissed my forehead.


"Thanks, Ashy." I smiled and finished making pancakes. I left them for the boys cause Nathan was here and I didn't want one of them to open the door.


"Good luck!" Michael yelled with a mouth full of pancakes.


"Thanks, bye guys!" I smiled and walked outside, where Nathan was waiting.


"Ready?" He asked. I nodded and got in the car. I gave him the address and we had to wait in traffic for like ten minutes! Finally we got to the place, just on time.


"Olivia Walker?" The secretary asked as I walked in.


"That's me." I nodded.


"Go to the third floor, room 7." She smiled. We went to the elevator and went up to the third floor. We found room seven and walked in. It looked just like the place where you see the Victoria's Secret models in on all the commercials and stuff.


"Olivia! Your here!" Bridget smiled brightly when she spotted me. She walked over to me and Nathan, "And who would this be?"


"This is my friend Nathan. He brought me here." I told her.


"Well we need you to get in hair and makeup then we'll get you dressed and start the shoot!" Bridget smiled, "Nathan, you can come with me." A guy came over and led me to a little room with a mirror and a table lined end to end with makeup and another with hair products. I sat in the seat as he told me to. 


"Hello, dear! I'm Cam, I'll be doing you makeup today! And Jane, who is somewhere around here, will be doing your hair!" Cam smiled brightly.


"You sound like one of those waiters or waitress'." I giggled.


"Well, that's okay. You have the most gorgeous blue eyes!" He gushed. 


"Aw, thanks." I smiled.


"Close your eyes, dear." He said as he grabbed a tube of liquid eyeliner. I did as he said and I felt the cold liquid sweep across my eyelids. "Alright, you can look now." He backed away as he finished and I opened my eyes, looking the mirror.


"Wow." I whispered. He had winged my eyes with the liquid eyeliner, and there was a tan sparkly eyeshadow over it. My lips were a red, not bright red or a deeps red. My eyelashes looked ten times longer then they usually did. He had a light pink color over my cheeks. I looked so different.


"I used lip stain instead of lipstick so I wouldn't smudge. You have long lashes naturally, so I just put some mascara and pushed them up." Cam smiled, "And here is Jane, ready to do your hair!" 


"Hi, sweetie!" Jane smiled wide. She had a southern accent, maybe from Tennessee or Louisiana, "I'll be doing your hair. So just sit your pretty little self back down and we can start!" I sat back down and she curled my hair.


"Doesn't she have the prettiest blonde locks?" Cam asked Jane.


"I know, I'm jealous." Jane smiled, keeping her eyes on my hair, "Close your eyes, sweetie." I closed them and she sprayed hairspray into my hair.


"John, Mitchell!" Cam yelled and two guys popped into the little room.


"Miss.Walker needs to get dressed for her shoot." Jane told them.


"Come with us." One of them said. They led me to another room with racks of bras and underwear hanging from hangers.


"I'm Mitchell." One told me, he had red hair and bright blue eyes.


"And I am John." The other one told me. He had dark brown hair, like Nathan's, and dazzling green eyes. Mitchell was sifting through the racks when he finally picked something. He handed me a bright green bra with blue hearts on it and matching green underwear with only one blue heart that was under my left hip.


"Put this on then come back out and we'll judge you." Mitchell smiled, pointing to a little bathroom. I went in and stripped off my cloths, putting on the bra and underwear.


"You look a-may-zing!" John smiled, flashing his pearly white teeth.


"What's that on your arm?" Mitchell asked, pointing to the bandage on my arm where Ashton had wrapped up on of the deep cuts I had. Shit!


"Uh..." I managed to get out.


"Oh, honey it's okay." John comforted me.


"Can I get an airbrush in here!" Mitchell yelled out the door. Someone came and handed him something and a little bottle that looked like foundation.


"We'll just airbrush them away so no one will know." John told me. I nodded as he took off the bandage. Then Mitchell sprayed a cold liquid onto my arm. The cuts instantly disappeared. I expected it to burn or something but it was fine.


"Alright, let's go." Mitchell nodded and they led me out in front of a white screen. 


"Olivia, right?" The guy who was behind the camera asked.


"That's me." I nodded, with a smile.


"I'm Mike. You have a gorgeous smile!" Mike said, "Smile again, this time pose though." I smiled and leaned to the side a little, putting a hand on my hip. He snapped a picture, "Perfect!"  We did a lot more pictures and poses. He said I was perfect model materiel.


"Hope to see you back soon!" Mike waved as I went to get back into my cloths. I came back out and handed the bra and underwear to Mitchell.


"No, dear, keep it." Mitchell said.


"And this is for coming in and doing such a great job!" John smiled, handing me a bag as Mitchell dropped the bra and underwear in.


"Thanks, but you don't have to give me anything." I shook my head.


"Nonsense! This is our gift to you!" Bridget said, entering the dressing room.


"Alright." I smiled and took the bag.


"We'll call you in about two or three days!" Bridget smiled. I nodded and Nathan took me home.


"Oh. My God." Louis' jaw dropped when he saw me, "Tell me all about it!"

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