Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


9. A Day With Louis

Olivia's POV


"I'm gonna stay with you." I said putting my hands on his cheeks and kissing him.


"Really?" Ashton asked as we pulled away.


"Yeah." I smiled.


"Yay." He laughed.


"So what do you wanna do?" I asked.


"I don't know." He shrugged. It was only 9:30.


"OLIVIA! Why did you not tell us you had a pool?!" Calum yelled walking in. "Oh, am I interrupting something?"


"Because I didn't think to tell you. And no we were just talking." I shrugged.


"Whatever. Can we go swimming?" Calum asked.


"Yeah, sure I don't care." I said.


"YAY!" Calum yelled running upstairs. Luke walked in the kitchen in his swim trunks and looked at me.


"Do you have a floaty?" Luke asked.


"Um, like for your arms? Or like a tube?" I asked.


"A tube!" Luke said a little to excitedly.


"Yeah, I'll get in a minute. I'm gonna go swimming, are you coming baby?" I asked Ashton.


"I'll go if you go." Ashton smiled and I poked his dimples.


"Okay I'm gonna go get changed." I said and walked up to my room. I put on my bright blue bikini and grabbed a towel walking downstairs.


"OLIVIAAAA!" Luke yelled running after me.


"Yes?" I laughed stopping at the back door.


"Can I have the tube yet?" Luke asked.


"I have to find it." I said. He nodded following me outside. I walked over to the pool house, where we kept all the stuff for the pool. I opened the door and turned the light on looking around. I opened a bin and there were a bunch of the tubes folded up.


"Did you find them?" Luke asked still standing at the door of the pool house.


"Pink, blue, green, or purple?" I asked.


"PINK!" He jumped. I laughed and grabbed the pink tube.


"You have to blow it up though." I smiled as we walked to the edge of the pool. I sat down and put my legs in the water. All of a sudden all the boys jumped into the pool except for Zayn and Luke who was still blowing up his pink tube.


"Via, why aren't you coming in the water?" Michael whined.


"I am in the water." I laughed kicking water at him. 


"No come all the way in the water." Michael said.


"Why doesn't Zayn have to come in?" I asked.


"He can't swim." Niall snickered.


"There's arm floaty's in the pool house." I told Zayn pointing to where Luke was sitting in the grass still blowing up the tube. Zayn ran over to the pool house.


"Can you come in now?" Michael asked and started pulling on my legs.


"Michael stop it!" I yelled laughing. "Let me go get my phone then I will come in."


"YAY!" Michael let go of my legs and I wiped my feet off with the towel and went inside. I got my phone off the coffee table in the living room and as I starting going towards the back door the doorbell rang. I went to the front door and opened it. Kaitlynn, and Damian were standing on my porch.


"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.


"Damian wanted to 'check up' on you and the boys." Kaitlynn rolled my eyes.


"Well we were just about to go swimming..." I said pointing my thumbs towards the kitchen, where the back door is.


"Your going swimming with nine guys who are all older then you?" Damian asked.


"Uh, yeah. I just came in to grab my phone." I said holding up my phone.


"So your the only girl?" Damian asked. I nodded. "Kaitlynn, I want you to stay with her."


"Alright." Kaitlynn sighed and stepped in my house. "Bye."


"BYE!" I yelled with a smile and Kaitlynn shut the door.


"He's so annoying." Kaitlyn groaned walking upstairs to my room. "I'm getting one of your bathing suits, I'll be down soon." She yelled down the stairs.


"Okay!" I yelled walking outside.


"Who were you talking to?" Harry asked form the pool.


"Kaitlynn, she's getting changed." I said.


"KAITLYNN?!" Niall screeched.


"Yeah." I laughed putting my phone under my towel.


"Yaaaaay." Niall smiled.


"Can I throw you in?" Michael asked.


"Ooh me too!" Ashton yelled.


"Um..." But before I could finish my answer Ashton and Michael were out of the pool and Ashton was holding my hands and Michael was holding my feet. They swung me a few times and then threw me in. And when Kaitlynn came out she jumped right in. I took my hair out of the bun and Ashton grabbed my waist pulling me towards him. Luke finally finished blowing up his tube and Zayn blew up his arm floaty's and they both came in the pool.


"Why do you need a floaty if you can swim?" I asked Luke.


"Because... floaty's." Luke laughed.


"Alrighty, then." I smiled. After a while we got out and me and Kaitlynn sat at the edge of the pool with our towels wrapped around our shoulders.


"So you and Mikey are okay?" She asked as we looked at the moonlight hitting the crystal blue pool water.


"Yeah." I nodded.


"And you and Ashton still together?"


"Mmhmm." I smiled.


"Good. Well I'm gonna go get dressed then I gotta call Damian to pick me." She said and walked inside. After a few minutes I went inside and got dressed too. I walked downstairs and into the living room, noticing none of the boys were wearing shirts.


"Have you guys seen Kaitlynn?" I asked sitting on the arm of the couch next to Luke. 


"She's upstairs with Niall." Calum said. Yeah, their a thing now.


"Okay." I nodded. After about ten minutes the doorbell rang and Ashton stood up before I did and walked to get it.


"OLIVIAAA!" His sweet accent called my name. I stood up and walked to the door.


"Yes?" I asked wrapping my arms around his bare chest.


"He's here for Kaitlynn." Ashton said pointing to Damian.


"And this is?" Damian asked me.


"Oh, Damian, this is Ashton." I smiled. "Ashton, that's Damian. Kaitlynn's step-daddy."


"Hi." Ashton smiled.


"Where's Kaitlynn?" Damian asked.


"Uh one minute." I said going upstairs and getting Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn, Niall, and I walked downstairs to find all of the boys standing at the door with Ashton saying their names.


"Harry." Harry raised his hand.












"And I'm Michael. But I met you the other day." Michael said.


"And this is Niall." Kaitlynn said pointing to Niall.


"So why isn't anyone wearing shirts?" Damian asked.


"Because we just went swimming." Kaitlynn rolled her eyes. She said goodbye to Niall and they sneaked a quick peck on the lips when Damian wasn't looking.


"Bye." I smiled. 


"Bye." Kaitlynn said closing the door behind her as she went outside.


"I don't think he likes us." Louis shook his head.


"Neither do I." Liam frowned.


"Well more then half of you are classified as adults and your hanging you live with me, who's practically his daughter, without parents." I said.


"Why'd your parents leave in the first place?" Calum asked.


"They go on vacation every time I come to visit." Michael laughed.


"Oh." Calum nodded.


"Well I think we should all get to bed." I said shutting the porch light off, then the one by the door causing them to all run upstairs. I shut the rest of the lights off and then went upstairs to my room. I was surprised to see Ashton and not Michael sitting on my bed staring at his phone. "What are you doing?" I asked.


"Michael wouldn't let me go to my room. He said I have to sleep here tonight." Ashton said locking his phone.


"Okay.." I shrugged, turning the light off and snuggling up with Ashton.




"Oliviaaaa!" I heard Louis whine as he shook me awake.


"What?" I said pushing him away but he came right back and shook me again.


"GET UP! Your going to meet Eleanor today!" He kept shaking me over and over again.


"Okay, fine. I'm up stop shaking me." I said sitting up.


"Yay." He patted my head. "I will be downstairs." He said and walked away shutting my door. I sighed and got up. I checked my phone and there were tons of notifications over my lock screen. I quickly followed all the people who asked me to follow them. I plugged my phone into the charger and played 'Hail To The King' by Avenged Sevenfold then went to my closet.  I grabbed my ripped skinny jeans, a shirt, and black flats. I put my hair in a bun and put black rose studs in.


I unplugged my phone and sat on my bed with it as 'Unchained' by Blood On The Dance Floor started playing. Yes, I like them. Hate all you fucking want. Harry and Luke stood at my door staring at me.


"May I help you?" I asked raising my eyebrows at them.


"What are you listening to?" Harry asked.


"Blood On The Dance Floor." I said.


"Who are they?" Luke asked.


"Them." I said pointed at a poster of them on my wall next to the window.


"Oh." They said in unison. I nodded as the song ended and 'Bad Girls Club' by Falling In Reverse started to play.


"Well I'm gonna go brush my teeth now." I said putting my phone in my back pocket, speakers up, and walking to the bathroom and brushing my teeth. After that I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, the music following me wherever I went.  Ashton, Calum, Michael and Michael were there and stopped talking when I stepped in.


"You were talking about me weren't you?" I asked sitting in a stool at the island.


"What? No!" Michael lied.


"Michael Gordan Clifford, you are lying. Tell me!" I said.


"Okay, okay. No need to use my full name." Michael said and Calum interrupted him.


"THEY TOLD ME!" Calum squealed like a girl.


"You sound like Maya." I giggled hearing one of my best friends, Maya, squealing when we foudn out we are going to be on the same team this year at school.


"Who's that?" Ashton asked.


"My friend." I said as I got a Twitter notification. I clicked it and it was a girl freaking out because I followed her.


'OMG! @Via_Likes_Penguins followed me! I think I'm dying.'


Wow, people are weird. "So, when I go back to school this year what are you guys gonna do while I'm gone?" I asked.


"I don't know. When do you start school?" Michael asked.


"A few weeks." I shrugged as Louis walked poked his head in the kitchen door. 


"I will be waiting in the car." Louis said and walked off.


"Well I have to go." I said standing up.


"Where's he taking you?" Michael asked as I hugged Calum then him.


"To meet Eleanor." I smiled as Ashton picked me up when I hugged him and kissed my lips. "Bye guys." I smiled again and walked outside, turning my music off, and getting in the car with Louis.


"Ready?" He asked. I nodded as he started driving.


"So where are we meeting her?" I asked.


"Starbucks." He said. When we got to a stop light we took a picture and I posted it on Twitter.


'@Via_Likes_Penguins: With @Louis_Tomlinson going to meet @EleanorJCalder'


A few minutes later we arrived at Starbucks. We stepped out of the car and walked into Starbucks. Louis looked around then ran over to Eleanor when he found her and picked her up hugging her and covering her face with kisses. AW! I walked up to them and stood next to Louis.


"And you must be Olivia!" Eleanor beamed sticking her hand out to me.


"Yes, and you must be Eleanor." I smiled shaking her hand. After we ordered we sat at a table outside and talked for a while, Eleanor was really nice.


"Olivia, are you a model?" Eleanor asked me suddenly.


"No." I laughed. "Why?"


"Well you just look very model material." Eleanor paused. Louis whispered something in her ear and she nodded. "How would you like it if I talked to my manager about getting you in for a practice shoot? For like Victoria's Secret. Their coming out with some new line and their looking for teen models."


"Seriously?" I asked. I never really considered myself 'model material'. I mean I know have boobs and an ass, and have been complimented many times about them by complete strangers, but I mean me? A model?


"Yeah, I mean have you seen that face. Your 15 right?" Eleanor asked. I nodded. "Perfect! If it's okay with you, then I'll give your number to the Victoria's Secret lady and I think I have a card from the executive there." She started searching in her purse.


"Um, yeah that's fine." I nodded I took the napkin I got with my coffee and Eleanor handed me a pen and a business card. I wrote my name and number on the napkin and gave it to Eleanor. I read the business card. Bridget Berman, Chief Executive Officer; Victoria's Secret. Wow.


"So what should we do now?" Louis asked.


"Hm..." Eleanor paused. "I'm really in the mood for pizza."


"Well we could go to Paesano's." I suggested.


"Sounds good." Louis smiled. Eleanor nodded and so we drove to Paesano's. When we got there I introduced everyone to Eleanor and Louis and all that.


"So are they British or..?" Louis looked at me.


"No, they're Italian." I said. He nodded and ordered pizza. After we ate we went to the mall because Eleanor wanted to go shopping. She bought a lot of stuff. When we got home I went up to my room and pinned up the business card Eleanor gave me on my little bulletin bored. Eleanor texted me and said she just sent the lady my number. I quickly replied and locked my phone. I was uncomfortable in my jeans because they're really tight so I changed into a pair of Mikey's sweat pants and a tank top. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs and into the kitchen where everyone was just chilling. Except Louis, who was upstairs talking to Eleanor on the phone. I hopped on the counter next to where Mikey was standing.


"So where did Louis take you?" Liam asked.


"To meet Eleanor." I smiled. "She's really nice. I like her." I added with a nod of my head once.


"Good." Liam smiled.


"So are you guys just standing in the kitchen?" I asked. They all nodded and I got a chorus of 'yeas'.


"So now what are we supposed to do?" Niall asked.


"I don't know, go play a game." I shrugged. 


"You have like two games and we played them all." Zayn frowned.


"Yeah, those are the ones in the living room that I played before you guys got here. Did you guys just not go into the basement when you explored the house?" I asked.


"Michael said the basement has dead bodies hanging from their toes on the ceiling." Harry said.


"No, there's a game room." I said and Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry ran out of the room.


"Dammit, now I have to share with them!" Michael pouted.


"Oh, boo hoo." I rolled my eyes. He was about to say something but my ringtone interrupted him


'So give me the blame and break my chains I never said I wanted fame, Ill do what I can to make a change but I'm not a slave, baby I'm unchained'


I looked at  my phone and it was an unknown number.


"Who's that?" Michael asked peering at my screen. "And what is that song?"


"I don't know, and Blood On The Dance Floor." I said answering it. "Hello?" I asked.


"Olivia Walker?" A woman's voice asked.


"Yes." I said putting my hand over Micheal's mouth cause he kept talking.


"Hi, my name is Bridget Berman. I'm from the Victoria's Secret agency and I was given your number by someone saying your interested in being a model for us." She stated.


"Uh, yeah I am." I said and Michael started mumbling things into my hand and then licking my hand.


"Well if I could just talk to your parents then I'll set up a meeting." She said.


"My parents are actually out of town, but I can give you their number?" I suggested.


"Yes, that would be great!" She beamed through the phone and I gave her my mom and dads cell phone numbers. Then we said goodbye and hung up. I took my hand off Mikey's mouth and wiped his spit on my, well his, pants. 


"Who was that?" Calum asked.


"Bridget Berman." I stated.


"Who's that?" Luke asked confused.


"She's the executive at Victoria's Secret." I said.


"Why is she calling you?" Ashton asked.


"To see if I could be a model for Victoria's Secret." I said in a duh tone.


"Your gonna be a underwear model?" Michael asked. "That's hot."


"Um, if my parents say its okay. Which they should." I giggled at his remark. "Well I'm going to sleep. Night guys." I smiled kissing them all a kiss on the cheek, except Ashton who got a kiss on the lips, and went to bed.



BOO! Hey, sorry it took so long, but this is a really long chapter. And yes, I like BOTDF. Deal with it.

So yea, I'll probably have the next chapter up in a few days, maybe tomorrow if I don't do anything tonight.

So bye, Love yous MUAH!


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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