Lasting moment

"I stood there as jealously overwhelmed me, I had tried to keep quite, and respect their choices, but knowing the truth about him sickened me. I liked her more then anyone could think and he was already hiding secrets from her, and doing things behind her back. that I knew if she ever found out would kill her from the inside out. I had to put an end to this."

When there's arguing and fighting going on between the boys because of some girls. Will this cause problems beyond fixing?


9. Chapter 9

We had just entered the music room when I heard the bell go off that signaled when it was time to start class.

I waved at the class and said," Hello class. Today we will be learning a new song call 'One way ,or Another'. It isn't that hard to learn ,but it will take a while. Okay."

The class nodded in agreement.

I looked over at the boys ,because they were whispering something. I looked at them and just laughed them were dancing around ,and when they saw me looking at them they started singing the song it was really funny.

I looked back at the class with a smile on my face ,but not like those goody two shoes smiles ,but more of a I got a plan smile.

I could tell that the little 5th grader in front of me had the same idea.

I winked at her and she just laughed ,because she had known me for 3 years ,and she knew I was going to do it.

I looked back over at the boys that now had little kids all around them it was so adorable ,so I went to my desk and pulled out the video camera and started recording ,because I always sent these video's to my mom, dad, and my uncle Paul when I got the chance.

I recorded them for the rest of the class ,because they pretty much started teaching the song to them and everything so I just sat at my desk and had the camera in my hand and they didn't even notice I was recording them.

My video camera ran out of battery like 1 hour into the class ,and the class was 4 hours long ,because one day a week each class gets taught a different subject for that day and today was 5th grades turn for music . So long story short the rest of the class was really boring ,and I just sat on my desk and drew the rest of the time until I heard the bell go off.

The boys looked at me to end the class so I stood up ,and said," Good job everyone you sounded wonderful." They all smiled when I complemented them.

I looked at Liam to tell them it was time to go and that they were excused ,because they toughed the class not me.

He shook his head and said," But all good things must end. In other words y'all are now excused from class.Like always they got up and walked past me and I gave them each a high five.

When they all were gone I walked over to the boys and they where talking about how fun it was. I laughed at Harrys remark when he said," Lets do it again that was so much fun ,but next time we need to have everything more planned out ,and stuff." He sounded like a 5th grader when he said that like you know when you say your going to do something but you know you wont do it ,but I let them have there moment ,because they just looked so happy.

I tapped each boy on the should to make they face me ,and said," Good work today Mr. Styles , Mr. Malick, and Mr. Payne will you be doing this tomorrow."

They laughed at me ,because I tried to do a British accent ,but I failed miserable.

Zayn looked at me and said through laughing, " That is the worst British accent I have ever heard."

I just laughed at his remark ,because it was true. Then I said," But really are y'all going to be teaching the class tomorrow? If so, remind me to go ahead ,and bring something for me to do."

They laughed at my remark ,and Liam said," Sure..... we are not that boring are we though."

I smiled and said," No! Trust me this is most likely the most excitement the kids have ever had in a long time."

"Really? I didn't think three boys can be more interesting then a nice and funny girl like you."

I laughed awkwardly and said," Well thanks ,but 10 year olds get bored of the same thing everyday. " I looked at Harry and he was starring daggers at Liam. It was really awkward because every one got quite. I decided to brake the silence by saying," Well I think its time to go back and get ready for y'alls meeting ,and Harry and I will get ready for the get together to night. Okay."

They al shook there heads yes in agreement to what I said ,and we walked out the door to the school and headed to the house.

We were half way home and the boys were laughing and messing around and all that boy stuff that they do. When we saw Niall and them walking back from helping the twins raise money at the markets. I waved my hands to get their attention and Louis saw me. He pointed at me and said something to Kori.

They walked over to us and Kori said," I didn't expect y'all to head home so early today."

"Oh yeah. We got off early because we had only one class today."

"That explains it."

"Yep.... So are you ready for tonight."

"Yep I still think its funny that we are going to are favorite place in the world and we cant tell them were we are going." She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear," Louis hasn't stopped trying to get me to tell him all day."

I smiled and whispered back," Well did you tell him!"

She gave this funky look like she stepped in something nasty and was just now smelling it. She said," OH CORSE NOT YOU NINNY!!!! I'm not that dumb."

The boys looked at use like we belonged in a mental house. Kori and I just busted out laughing ,because sometimes I thought we did too.

We all had a great time hanging out all together until we got to the house. That's when we let the boys get ready and we went to are room.

I looked a the mirror again and decided that I should change. I took my hair down and it was curlier than usual.

 I changed into a pink shirt that was strap less and was tight at the top ,but it fluffed out at the bottom. It went good with my jean shorts that were ripped a little and came about half way up my thigh ,and lastly I put on my boots. My outfit was adorable ,but it needed something so I went over to my jewelry box and pulled out a necklace my Grandma gave me when I was little. It was a cross that was white with silver out lining that had the word 'Love' in the middle of it. I smiled ,because I was pleased at how I looked.

I sat down on my bed when I saw the door open it was Kori coming back from taking a shower. She looked at me and said," Shut the front door! What happened to Daisy! Your to pretty to be her!"

"Haha very funny Kori." I said.

She smiled ,but then her face went serious ," But, really you look amazing."

"I know right and you don't look half bad ether."

She was wearing a yellow top that had tan lace around the caller of the shirt and she was wearing her usual jeans and boots.

She laughed and said," Thanks!!!"

"But some things just wrong."

"What? Really, I though I looked good!"

" Not about your outfit! I was talking about your hair."

" Oh in that case ,WHAT!"

"Just come here." She sat down in front of me and I started to French braid her hair into a bun.

Kori and I laughed because we were acting like we were 15 again. Like we were talking about how much fun we have had with the boys here ,and about how we liked them ,but Kori kept avoiding talking about Louis. It was weird ,but she didn't have a choice when I said," So are you and Louis dating ,yet?"

She giggled and said," What do you mean by 'Yet'." She put air quotes with her fingers when she said the word 'yet'.

" So you are dating!"

"No! Now answer the question."

"Fine! But first quit moving first or your braid is going to get a lop sided!" I laughed.

" Fine!" she said while she crossed her arms and acted like a little kid." Now tell me." she whined.

"Okay ,calm down." I snickered.

"I am clam now tell me and quit stalling."

I smiled and said," Well I see the way you look at each other."

"What do you mean by that? I look at him the same way I look at you."

"No you look at me like a Little sister ,or in other words you look and talk to me like ,your always positive, kind ,sweet ,and joke full. When you talk to Louis you act like the you usually ,but I don't know just look happy." I smiled at the thought of her truly happy ,because she always seems happy and she jokes around and stuff ,but she hasn't been happy since her dad left.

She smirked and said," Yeah that's the word.... happy."

We just sat there in thought as I put the rest of her hair that wasn't braided and put it up into a bun.

 When I was done I tapped on her shoulder bringing her out of her thoughts. I said," Darlin why don't you go and take a look at yourself." She looked wonderful and if Louis didn't think he is stupider than I thought.

She walked over to the mirror and smiled she looked at me and said," Thank you so much."

"Your welcome. I thought that you should look your best for Louis."

She walked back over to me and gave me a huge hug and said," You are the most best ,best friend in the world."

I smiled and said," I know right! I'm awesome!" I busted out laughing and Kori just sat there and laughed too.

She had this big grin on her face and she said," You just ruined the moment."

We laughed until we heard a knocked at the door .I wiped the tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard and said," Who is it?"

The person said," It's your favorite Uncle."

I walked over to the door and opened it and say Uncle Paul. I gave him a huge hug. I said," What are you doing here?"

"I came to pick up the boys and I wanted to see my little niece. That isn't that little anymore." He smiled looking me up and down ,like he was making sure I didn't have any tattoos or anything. In other words he was making sure I wasn't turning into some kind of rebel.

I spun around like I did when I was little and when I wore those princes dresses. He just laughed and said," Yep that's Daisy!"

" Yes, yes it is!" I said very bluntly ,but I just busted out laughing and so did he.

I heard Kori clear her through to get my attention. I turned around and turned and said," Oh yeah! Uncle Paul this is Kori my best friend in the world ,and Kori this my Uncle Paul." They shook hands and they both said their hellos.

Paul said," Well it's was nice to meet you Kori ,but I got to go." I hugged him bye and he kissed my cheek and said," Love you see you soon."

"Bye. Love you too." Well that was short wonder why he is in a hurry ,but all well.

I closed the door and saw the clock we had 15 minutes left till the boys had to come over to are room to get us so we can go.

We waited and waited and waited... That 15 minutes was taking for ever I didn't know if I was excited or nervous to go.

We finally heard the a knock and the door and Kori and I yelled in unison," Come In!"

Louis walked in with Harry right behind him. Louis had a flower in his back pocket ,it was so sweet because I knew he was going to give in to Kori. I meant what I said earlier about the 'Yet' thing. For real trust me she will have a boyfriend tonight if not I am going to have a serious talk with him.

I looked at Harry and he stuck his arm out for me to hold on to like this morning. I stood up and rapped my arm through his gripped his four-arm and put my free hand and placed it on top of my other one. Harry for some reason always had this sparkle in his eye when I was around him and it just made him even cuter. (Wait what!!! Did I just say that Harry was cute? All well who cares.)

I laughed because we did this earlier this morning. He just smiled and chuckled lightly. It was clear he was nervous for some reason ,but there was no reason to be nervous around me.

I said," Well are we ready to leave everybody?"

Kori smiled and said," Yeah lets get going before Louis goes crazy from not knowing." We all laughed and Louis cheeks turned a light pink, he was blushing ,it was so adorable.

Louis helped Kori up from the bed intertwined his fingers with hers. The sly dog! I laughed in my head.

Louis and Kori walked out the door first and Harry and I followed right behind them we exited the house and got in the church van out side that was waiting for us. Kori handed are friend Greg a note that had the place we needed to be dropped off at ,because he offered to drive to the place so we could talk to Louis and Harry on the way there.

We talked about how old we were and about are families and other stuff.

We finally reached the place that we were going so we put blind folds around the boys eyes. That's when the complaining began. It was about 7:30 and the sun would be going down in about 30 minutes. We walked up the hill until we got to the edge ,because we were on a plateau and we had a picnic lade out with some food and some candles for light when it got dark.

Louis asked," Are we there yet."

kori said," Yes, just wait one more second." She moved a candle and then she went and untied Louis blind fold and I did the same to Harry.

There mouths dropped when they saw the view of the savanna. There were a few elephants next to a lake and it was a really amazing sight.

Harry looked at me and said," I see why this your favorite place to go it's beautiful." paused and said," Just like you."

It was so sweet that he said that ,but I didn't no how to answer back I just said," Thanks ,but you know that isn't true."  I put my head down in disbelief.

He took his fingers and lifted my chin and said," But your perfect to me."

I didn't know were Kori and Louis were ,but this was a moment that I didn't want it to end. I smiled and he kept talking.

"I like everything about you the way you laugh ,and your deep blue eyes."

 I blushed and I tried to say something nice ,but the words," Everyone is right you are the flirt." just slipped out and I wanted to hit myself in the face ,but all he did was laugh and I saw his dimples when he smiled and it was just so adorable.

He reached for my hand and he intertwined his with mine and I asked," What are you trying to do here Harry?" I smirked.

He smirked back and said," Only trying to help a beautiful a girl like you see how great you are."

I said," And..."

He laughed and said," And I was trying to ask you out."

I laughed lightly said," Will see."

He looked at me with a confused look," Will see?" He laughed.

We laughed and I let go of on of his hands and I pulled him behind me as I walked down the path to the lake and he laughed because he didn't know what we were we were going ,but I saw Kori and Louis down there and me and her had the funniest thing in the world planned out.

We ran the rest of the way there ,and Harry and I ended up having a race ,but I beat him and it was so funny.

 But we both tripped and I fell on top of him and we just smiled and he propped his self up on his elbows and I just kept my head on his chest until I heard Harry say," We should go see what Kori and Lou are doing ,okay."

"Yeah." I said and I got up and so did he. We walked the rest of the way to the lake.

 When we got to Louis and Kori I could tell she said will see too ,because he had the same look on his face. That was me and Kori's plan. We faced Harrys and Louis's back toward the water an at the count of 3 the boys thought we were going to kiss them ,but instead we simple pushed them in to the pond and we both jumped in and said," YES!"




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