Lasting moment

"I stood there as jealously overwhelmed me, I had tried to keep quite, and respect their choices, but knowing the truth about him sickened me. I liked her more then anyone could think and he was already hiding secrets from her, and doing things behind her back. that I knew if she ever found out would kill her from the inside out. I had to put an end to this."

When there's arguing and fighting going on between the boys because of some girls. Will this cause problems beyond fixing?


4. Chapter 4

We finally made it to the house( that we used as a church ) to eat lunch. Niall kept complaining every 30 seconds that he was hungry ,and I was about to punch him in the face ,because trust me he ain't starving.

Uuggghhhhh! I want to tell him off so bad, but he is my guest so.... I'm pretty much out of luck.

I looked back and Kori ,and she was still talking to Louis, but I could tell that she was listening to Niall too. It was driving her crazy!

We entered the church and they were about to eat so we all took a seat. Liam on one side of me and Harry on the other ,and Niall ,and Louis sat next to Kori.  Lastly, Zayn was at the end of the table. We all prayed before we ate (except for Zayn ,cause he is Muslim). We had some kind of fruit salad ,and we all started to chow down.

I talked to the boys and asked them questions to get to know them better. They were all really sweet and nice ,but Liam still kept staring at me ,and didn't say much( which made it kinda strange). Unlike Harry who didn't shut up and couldn't sit still !

 When we were done we split up in groups. I went to the orphanage with Zayn, Liam ,and  Harry ,and Kori went to the town with Niall and Louis.





We finally reached the orphanage and I went to help teach a class. The boys followed and smiled when I entered the music room. I heard Zayn whisper something to Liam and Harry ,but I could make the words out.

All the kids were seated ,and I started the class.

I said," Okay, class for a few days we will have some visitors. The one with the curly hair is Harry. The one with the black hair is Zayn ,and the last one is Liam ."There faces widen when they saw the boys.

The boys waved shyly ,and I laughed while saying," You guys perform in front of thousands of people ,but your scared to talk to a class. Wow." The class giggled.

The boys said in unison," No were not!" It was really funny!

"Okay. Don't get feisty in front of the class."

Their cheeks became crimson red.

I smiled ,and continued teaching the class.  I asked," Now class today we will learn the 'ABC' song." I wrote the alphabet on the chalk bored behind me.

When I was finished I looked at the boys ,and asked if they would like to help. They shook their heads 'yes' ,and approached me.

I asked," Would y'all like to sing the song along with the class?"

Liam said, " Sure." ,and the other boys did too.

I started the song ,and pointed at the letters on the bored as we went along. "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ,now u know your ABC next time wont you play with me."

The little kids claps ,and smiled. The boys were smiling and I just laughed, but to be honest they sounded really good.

I told the class that they did a good job ,and started asking the kids what each letter was when I pointed to the letter on the bored.

Each kid got the answer right ,and I was proud. I handed Liam, Harry, and Zayn a stack of coloring sheets to pass out ,with some crayons since the class only had five minutes left of the class. So while the kids colored I was sitting at a table at the front of the room talking to the boys. They looked so happy to have helped these kids to have a better future. It was....... sweet.


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