Lasting moment

"I stood there as jealously overwhelmed me, I had tried to keep quite, and respect their choices, but knowing the truth about him sickened me. I liked her more then anyone could think and he was already hiding secrets from her, and doing things behind her back. that I knew if she ever found out would kill her from the inside out. I had to put an end to this."

When there's arguing and fighting going on between the boys because of some girls. Will this cause problems beyond fixing?


14. Chapter 14

Zayn's P.O.V

After breakfast instead us all of us splitting up we all went to the orphanage.

As we walked down the street I noticed Liam had a solemn look on his face like he was in deep thought.

I wave my hand in front if his face and asked," Are you okay mate?"

He shook his head slightly and replied," Yeah, I'm fine."

I looked him, and he just didn't seem right. Like he was breaking on the inside. That's when I remember last night and, how he went off on Harry for asking Daisy out.

"Your still mad at Harry for asking Daisy out. Aren't you Liam?"

Liam looked me strait in the eyes and said," Did you ever get in trouble for something when you were younger, and your mum took away something of yours?

" Well yeah, but I don't see what that has to do with Harry dating Daisy." I said a bit confused.

" What it has to do with it is, when that something wasn't taken away you never realized how much you needed it ,but when it's gone you can't do anything about it. So, it's just sitting there in front of you and, it's killing you inside that you can't do anything to fix it."

I wanted to just give him a hug. He just looked so crushed, because I would feel the same way if anyone ever took Perry away from me ,and I had to see the one I loved with someone else.

I put a hand on his back and said," I don't know what to say man but, I know that everything is going to work out. I'm not sure if that involves you and Daisy but, just let me say this much, if Harry and Daisy do stay together, and everything. Just remember in time your heart will mend."

" Okay, Zayn. I'll remember that."

" Okay." I said while we continued on through the crowed of people.

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