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"I stood there as jealously overwhelmed me, I had tried to keep quite, and respect their choices, but knowing the truth about him sickened me. I liked her more then anyone could think and he was already hiding secrets from her, and doing things behind her back. that I knew if she ever found out would kill her from the inside out. I had to put an end to this."

When there's arguing and fighting going on between the boys because of some girls. Will this cause problems beyond fixing?


13. Chapter 13

Kori's P.O.V



I opened my eyes to the sun shining in them so, I simply through my pillow at the window, and covered my head with my blanket.

I wanted to go back to sleep, but I knew I had to get up ,because all of us were going to help out at the orphanage today.

So I rolled out of bed and onto the floor ,on accident ,and murmured, "Ouch."

That's when I heard someone laugh. I looked up and saw Daisy standing over me dressed and ready to go.

She said while laughing," Well good morning sleeping beauty."

I looked at her here and half heartedly smiled. She just rolled her eyes and laughed like she usually did when I did something stupid.

She stuck out her hand to help me up and I took it.

Daisy said," You need to start getting ready we have to leave soon."

"Ugh! Can I just have one day to sleep in?" I complained.

"Nope." She laughed.

" Dang it." I laughed as I went to pick some clothes out of my dresser, and get my toothbrush and toothpaste off my night stand.

I said," I'll be back in a minute." as I was walking out the door and to the bathroom.

I walked down the hall when out of nowhere a door flew open and knocked me down.

That's when Niall poked his head out from the other side of the door.

He was laughing while he said," Well good morning Kori. What are doing on the ground?"

" Well you kinda hit me in the head with the door and made me fall." I laughed.

"Oh, sorry about that by the way." He said while sticking out his hand to help me up.

"Its okay." I said while I took his hand. He pulled me up, and helped me pick up what I dropped."

"Thanks." I said while he handed me my shirt.

"Your welcome."

That's when I realized Niall wasn't wearing a shirt. I looked down shyly and a bit embarrassed. He looked down and realized he wasn't wearing a shirt and hid behind the door.

I laughed when he said," Sorry....again..."

"It's okay. Well I have to go get ready talk to you later Niall. Bye." I waved and walked on to the bathroom.

"Bye." Niall said while he was hitting his head against the door several times.

I laughed and continued on my way. Could this day get any stranger I thought to myself.





Daisy's P.O.V


I was sitting on my bed waiting for Kori to come back ,so I was humming and flipping through a book that my mom had sent me about a month ago when the door opened slightly, and Harry poked his head in.

He asked," Can I come in?"

I laughed slightly and said," Yes, Harry."

" Okay." He said coming into my room and sitting next to me.

He smirked and laughed lightly. I looked at him with a curious face, because I didn't have a clue about what was going on, so I asked," What are you so happy about?"

He continued to smirk when he said," No Reason."

I rolled my eyes and said," Yeah right! Oh, and by the way you are a terrible lier!"

" Am not!" He said while laughing .

"Are too! Otherwise, you would tell me in stead of saying 'No reason'. I said making air quotes with my fingers.

He just laughed and poked me in the side.

I hit him on the arm trying to get him to stop, he quite for about 5 seconds and he started tickling me...... Let's just say it didn't end so well, Harry ended up on the floor with my foot on his chest.

I laughed and said," Did I ever tell you that I took karate for 8 years." I stuck out my hand for him to take.

He grappled it, but instead of me helping him up, he pulled me down next to him. That's when he positioned him self where he was over me, and he said," Did I ever tell you I live with 4 other guys."

We laughed until the door opened and Kori came in with her things in hand and said, " Am I interrupting something?"

Harry rolled off of me and layed beside me and I said," Nope just teaching Harry some karate."

Kori laughed and said," Whatever. By the way I'm going on to the church with the rest are you two coming or what?

" Where coming." We said and we got up and walked out the door following Kori.


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