A Tale of Demons and Wolves

An epic poem in the works, one about the struggle of a half-breed to save the one he loves and take his vengeance on the beast that hurt her. It's roughly written, and certainly not finished. So bear with me, my friends.


1. Act 1

Demon Wolf and Demon Boy




It was a black and starless night

When one could see a chilling sight.

Upon a road which the moon shone coy,

Met Demon Wolf and Demon Boy.

Death paused in his fell work grim,

And Jack made his living candle dim

To see things happen as they might

On that dark and cloudy night.


The sea was gripped in a gale strong and wild,

Just the night for Demon Beast and Demon Child.

All-Hallows Eve was on the air

And more than one creature came from its lair

To see what evil could be wrought

And what poor soul set out to rot.


From goblins, ghosts and ghouls,

To nameless things from pitch-black pools,

All came forth to witch and scare.

But all stopped to see the wolf were

And the fierce devil's son,

Those two, Demon Wolf and son of None.


Demon Wolf stood tall and grim,

Garbed in fur darker than Satan's sin.

From taloned paw to dripping maw,

None could withstand his fang and claw.

Driven by savage hate and hunger sharp,

He longed for living flesh to part.


Who was this to challenge him?

The son of a Fallen, a human mothered him.

Not even a demon in full-

A wretch, overlooked by a needed cull.

Demon Wolf felt his breath grow tight

At the thought of fresh meat tonight.


But the Demon Boy was in no mood to die.

He had come through fire and Raven's lie

To fight this foe, this heart to rend.

The wolf had hurt his angel friend.

Wide open had her body been laid,

And even now she had started to fade.


Compelled by love in vengeance’s guise,

The lad held in his hand a werewolf's demise.

A weapon, a knife, a silver blade,

By the holy priests of God was it made.

Cast in moonlight full,

Tempered in a dragon's skull,

Wolfbane the dagger was named

And many beasts of the night had it claimed.


Would it serve a demon for this one act of good?

To save the one he loved, his enemy of flesh and blood?

Strange though their bond was,

A guardian angel, a faithful friend, not only because

Of a saved soul, turned lover to a lonely boy.

She would hold him in her arms, smiling at his hesitation coy,

And keep him from the rain with her feathered wings,

And at his request she would softly sing.


A song of good things he never had and so couldn't miss,

Until at last his eyes would close and his cheek she would kiss,

Having lulled him to sleep against her chest,

His head resting on her soft breast.

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