(Made by my BFF Alex who lacks a Movellas account)

No one after all is perfect. I am not perfect nor is the world around me. But this, this causes life to be perfect. Dragons.
I ride them and so does my friends. Beauties they are; soaring through the skies. Flips and twists, it really gets to you. I am a dragon rider at the dragon school for the arts, known as dragonville middle school. I failed to get into the magnet program along with five other friends. I am Alex, and my friends are Cat, Chris, Caleb, Adam, Lauren. We ride and train dragons as well as learn math, and other normal things. We failed to get into the magnet program even though we are geniuses. Instead of getting the you got accepted or not, we got a strange letter…


5. Chapter 5

They searched my pockets and jacket. All they found was the paper that Zach had given me, a bunch of candy wrappers, an image of my favorite baseball team, a basketball bouncy ball, and a scrap of paper with this on it:



B_A_S_K_E_T_B_A_L_L_ I_S A_W_E_S_O_M_E______


“What’s this?” a fat guy who must weigh a thousand pounds asked in a gruff voice. I answer sweetly “A letter from my friend. We are both into basketball.” I was so sweet he fell for it. I had a message encoded into that, that was supposed to get to cat but she made me mad which she would pay for later. It really said:






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