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No one after all is perfect. I am not perfect nor is the world around me. But this, this causes life to be perfect. Dragons.
I ride them and so does my friends. Beauties they are; soaring through the skies. Flips and twists, it really gets to you. I am a dragon rider at the dragon school for the arts, known as dragonville middle school. I failed to get into the magnet program along with five other friends. I am Alex, and my friends are Cat, Chris, Caleb, Adam, Lauren. We ride and train dragons as well as learn math, and other normal things. We failed to get into the magnet program even though we are geniuses. Instead of getting the you got accepted or not, we got a strange letter…


3. Chapter 3


We rode upon a snow dragon when we went to the catching forest. This is where the school gets the dragons. I and my friends rode on a separate dragon than the other students. We had picked different dragons than everyone else so we had to go to another catching forest. Cat  had choose the green spitfire dragon, Caleb the blue fierce dragon, Chris the ice, Zach the bone dragon , and Chris the orange death dragon. Noah had come along too, with hopes for a silver dragon. ‘If I get a blue fierce dragon, it will be AWESOME!” Caleb yelled over the roar of the wind as the dragon landed.  We were each given a rope and a stick. ‘The stick will make your dragon sleepy and it will allow you to put the rope on its head, then you lead it back here” the instructor told us.

I started away from the group when Zach ran up to me with the paper and handed it to me. “So you can be the first to catch and tame the shadow dragon. I wish you best hopes. But there is one thing that I want in return; to accompany you when you catch the dragon!” I just said sure and let him come. We talked a little, and then came across wild magic horses. They were black with red eyes.  We mounted two of them and rode until we came across a swampy area. I dismounted and told Zach “hold him for me,” and Zach did.  A couple yards away were the shadow dragon. I threw the stick to the ground and slowly approached the dragon using the instructions. I came up behind it and grabbed its tail. I climbed till I got to the head. I tied the rope around the mouth and finally the dragon noticed me. “Calm down, I will not hurt you, I am a friend” I whimpered into the dragons ear. Then I hoped onto the shadow dragons back. I pulled on the rope and the dragon started towards Zach who started to pull the horses along and run.

We let the horses go and got Zach a bone dragon. We returned to the group and everyone else already had their dragons. I rode the shadow dragon into the clearing. Everyone gasped in wonder as I hopped of the back of the dragon. “Well down the instructor said. “Now we will load you unto your dragons and let you fly!” the instructor screamed. I was getting tired of this guy. He was constantly screaming and talking about war. Noah walked over to me and Zach. Blonde hair brown eyes and 1 inch taller than me. “Nice, I got silver. It’s cool that you caught a shadow dragon. Now you have to train it.” Noah said quietly.

 “Okay class hold the reins like this, and sit like this.” The teacher announced. Everyone got into the saddles, and took off on their sleepy dragons. As I was following the snow dragon I saw a red quake dragon come up alongside my dragon.  I saw that the dragon had peter mounted. Oh great just another time I have to deal with him again. “Hey, looks like you’re dragon is boring, I would not like riding that thing. It is so sad” peter yelled over top of the wind. I was glad Zach came over to the other side of my dragon when he did. ‘Will you punch him for me? That kid has gotten on my nerves the whole flight” Zach said in a normal tone. “Sure, why not!” I yelled at him as I flew very close to peters dragon. I then gave him a smack in the back and flew to remain by Zach again. ‘Is that good enough?” I ask hoping half that he will not say no. “Great!” he yells. I speed up to come beside cat and her spitfire dragon.
“Oh my! You have a shadow dragon! They are not at all docile!” cat jabbered on and on. “Yeah, pretty cool right “I say. I was tired after all the flying. Mr. Sphinx showed us our stable. I led my dragon into its stall, and onto his bed. The beds where made of soft rock so they wouldn’t be lit on fire. I shut the stable door behind me and went to get my backpack. After the ride home, cat came over to spend the night.

“That was the best first day of school I ever had!” cat shouted wildly while we were outside playing basketball. We passed a couple of times and practiced shooting, but that was about it. “I am tired I need a break” I told cat after 1 hour of playing in the heat. “I’m tired too” cat said horribly. We went inside to get a drink and play on the ipad. “I wonder what that is?” I thought to myself as I continued into the house after seeing a dragon’s shadow in the grass.

“Awesome! You have death worm! That is the most awesome game in the universe. Do you have the exploding tiger yet?” cat whispered. “You know you don’t have to whisper right?” I asked and stated. “But what if Syd hears?” “Then that’s her problem” I clearly inform Catherine.  “You’re the best sister I have ever known!” cat says mockingly. What’s that cat you are my sister? I think I know better. “What is that!” cat says staggering the sounds in her voice. “Your pronunciation of is, is wrong” I correct her “it is (ee-ss) not (hisssss)!” I shout a little higher than my average voice. I am getting tired of all the high voices I hear, but I am okay though when cats is high. Not too high and not to low, just the way I like it. Just a random thought that does not occur to me much is why people never say my name; Alex. I didn’t think there was something wrong with it. There is a shadow outside the window that has no object to make it. “Let’s go see what it is!” I say excitingly.  We run down the stairs to the front door, and I open it. Now I see exactly what the creature is; my shadow dragon! “How did he get out?” I say in wonder. “How am I supposed to know?” comes the reply. “How about you to get inside before you catch a cold?” a voice says from the front door. “Mom but it’s my dragon, he escaped!” I tell her. “Then lock him up out back!” my mother replies. “Okay!” I groan. ‘let’s get him out back before we catch a cold<” cat says weakly. We lug him out back and tie him to the fence with a rope. “I don’t think this is going to cut it?” cat ponders. “Ya don’t think?” I say and cat cracks up laughing. “You know what ruins a joke? When the explanation comes out! Because the point it the joke is to change the way you think about something!” cat shouts out wildly. I make a mental note to remind myself that cat shouts a lot. Especially random things. But everyone has something odd about them; Chris talks about numbers at odd times, I say odd facts about something related to the subject, cat and her shouts, Caleb and his war tanks, and  Zach and his well, he does not really have something odd about himself. We lock the dragon to the huge oak tree in the yard and walk inside. We play card games for what seems like eternity, until we finally fall asleep.

    The next day was Tuesday and we rode the dragon to school, with the shadow dragon on his tail. I am scolded by the substitute for taking my dragon home with me. “You naughty child! How could you disobey the rules, you took your dragon home! You shall be punished! You will ride the sunset mourning dragon. This beast will be stuck in its stable until you can handle having such a beast; this beast is a wild and untamable one. It cannot be trained so I don’t see why your teacher let you catch it in the first place!” she scolded me. I am annoyed that this teacher does not let us speak or move. If we scratch our face she smacks our hand and there is nothing we can do about it! She will not let cat pet her dragon much less sneeze! “Today we will name our dragons; but you there you will not name your dragon as it already has a name. Bumble is its name, and the shadow dragon will never be named!” she ordered. I was so mad it was not at all funny. I was not allowed to even name the shadow dragon, this means war! I know that Caleb would agree to help me get my dragon back, and so would cat; we are best friends! Caleb would love to get back at the teacher; I can see fire in his eyes. His neck tightened and he held a roar of disagreement back.  One thing that me he and cat have learned: do not mess with adults. Sometimes they think that they know everything, but when that happens, we should just let them make fools of themselves then laugh at the dumb mistakes they make later. None knows everything, that is for sure. After class we had lunch break. I sat with cat and Caleb and we devised a plan. “So, we will sneak out to the stables during lunch tomorrow. Then cat will go distract the new teacher with a question about how dragons can fly, and then I will unlock the stable door and Alex can go get the dragon and its tack,” Caleb said hurriedly as the teacher from the dragon class came into the cafeteria. ‘Okay students, I just wanted to tell you that the dragon riding championships will be in February, and that the training will start so that in December we can have the qualifying round. Dragons that you did not catch cannot be in the championship. If the dragon has been ridden and trained the dragon is not acceptable. Thank you” the teacher boomed in her squeaky voice. “Also my name is Mrs. Flabberkat, but you can call me ma’am.” She walked out of the cafeteria with a shiny gold whip in hand. “What’s up her nose? Is there something wrong with my ponytail? I didn’t know that her pants are too small!” cat whispered in my ear. I was about to say something especially nasty when the crack of a whip was heard behind me. “In my office now you three. We need to discuss a few things.” A worried expression could be seen on my face. Cat could now be seen with a shocked face and Caleb with a stressed face. I was so afraid.

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