Alex's tales!

Okay this is going to be any story (that I have on my flashdrive) of my best friend (and best writer known) Alex. So this may be bits and pieces but I beg you to read it. After all my friend is a good writer, and you might learn some war fair or vocabulary from my cunning Slytherin pal.


2. Scarlett Raven Train


Little Scorpius hugged Scarlett really hard. “I’ll miss you! What if I get into hufflepuff?” Scorpius started to bite his fingernails. “You will not be in hufflepuff.” Scarlett spoke kindly. Scorpius looked happy. He went over and hugged Draco. “Go and sit next to Severus, he will tell you everything.” Draco let go of Scorpius as he started to board the train.” Let’s find Bellatrix.” Scarlett and Draco walked away. “Where is Bellatrix?” Draco asked Scarlett thoughtfully. “I have no clue.”

“James potter!” harry potter yelled to his oldest. James looked horrified, and now Scarlett could see why. “I found Bellatrix!” Scarlett said quickly racing off to say goodbye. Bellatrix was sitting next to James on the train. “James, why didn’t you tell us you had a friend in slytherin?” harry said leaning on the train next to the window.” I didn’t tell you because I was afraid that you would be mad.” James looked ashamed.” Bellatrix! We couldn’t find you to say goodbye.” Scarlett said as she weaved her way through the crowd of people. “Bye mom, bye dad!” waved Bellatrix as the train started to roll away.

Ten minutes later:

“HI dad! You know you left me in the car right?” shadow said from the back seat of the truck. “Oh Shadow.” Scarlett said as she slapped her head to her forehead. “ you know, I recall a very famous someone not getting on the train in my second year. Are you trying to copy harry potter?’’ Draco asked with a smile.

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