Over dosn't meen over forever (one direction)

When Jazmine left town to go to university leaving everyone behind except her baby brother and ant she thought she could get away from her past life she thought she could have a fresh start. What happens when her ex comes into town, what happens when he wants her back, what happens when her life long dream can become a reality? Most importantly what happens when her ex Zayn Malik will stop at nothing to get her back.


2. Seeing him again

 Author's note: I need to people to play Harry's and Niall's girlfriends if you want to comment you name, hair colour, eye colour, any other important details and why you should play the girlfriend and also maybe Liam's girlfriend or I might just use Danielle let me know what I should do.


I sit in my university dorm room working on an assignment when my room mate Katy comes in. "Hey Jaz can you be out of the room tonight my new boyfriend is coming over" "Ya sure whatever just make sure he's gone when I get back so not to late cause I've got an early class tomorrow." I tell her kinda pissed, it's not that I don't like her boyfriend or her well she's not the greatest but I handle her and I've never met the boyfriend. I just don't like having couples in my face all the time or anytime really, it might have to do with the fact that I'm still not over my last boyfriend and our breakup. She looks at me and speaks "C'mon you broke up with Zayn like three years ago get over it and YOU broke up with him" "I know but I didn't want to but everything got to complicated" Me and my childhood best friend dated 11th grade, 12th, and after we graduated for a bit but he auditioned for the X-Factor and made it in then got put it a band and they got pretty far but things got to complicated during, the distance, the him being kinda famous, I also got a lot of hate for being his girlfriend and I just couldn't handle it. We stayed friends but his band One Direction got pretty famous and we lost touch I haven't talked to him in like two, three years. I took my laptop and some books do to some studying and work on an assignment while I'm forced out of my room. I make my way to the little café on campus and get back to work.

(10:30 that night)

I save my work and shut my laptop before heading up to my room hoping Katy's boyfriend is gone. I unlock the door and that's when see him... the guy that broke my heart without even trying... the guy that left me for fame and fortune... the guy I hoped never to see again... the love of my life... Zayn Malik. As I see him it all flows back to my mind, the laughter, the jokes, the fun times but also all the tears, heartache and heartbreak bring tears to my eyes and I run out of the room. I go into the stairs and collapse on the ground sopping, just when I thought I was done with him here he is, just when I thought I was done wasting tears on him here he is and bringing it all back. I see the door open and a pair of feet coming towards me, he sits beside me on the ground and wraps his arms around me as I cry into his shoulder like I had done after my first heartbreak in high school. "I'm sorry Jaz I really am" I look at him "why are you apologizing?" "Because I left you all alone, I broke my promise that I'd always be there for you, listen how about we catch up tomorrow?" "Sure Zayn how about lunch at the café on campus that have great food" "It's a deal say 11:30?" I agree and he walks me back to my room after hugging me one last time he leaves and I head straight so my room, put my earbuds in and bury myself in blankets while I start texting my best friend Eleanor.

To El: Guess who I saw today?

From El: I'm a shit guesser so who?

To El: Zayn he's dating my roommate I guess cause she told me her new boyfriend was gonna be over so I left like usual and when I came back he was there and they were talking like they've known each other for a while.

From El: What'd you do?

To El: I ran out of there and started crying on the stairs but he followed me and we talked and it was good were gonna have lunch tomorrow to catch up.

From El: I have early classes tomorrow so talk to you later and sorry if you need me text me or call me

To El: Thanks but I'm good g'night

With that I put my phone away and went to sleep preparing myself to see him.

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