Over dosn't meen over forever (one direction)

When Jazmine left town to go to university leaving everyone behind except her baby brother and ant she thought she could get away from her past life she thought she could have a fresh start. What happens when her ex comes into town, what happens when he wants her back, what happens when her life long dream can become a reality? Most importantly what happens when her ex Zayn Malik will stop at nothing to get her back.


1. Prologue

Author's note: I'd just like to say that yes the grades in school are not actual grades in England but it's a lot simpler to do this since this is the way it is so to clear in the 5th grade they are 10 years old and in the gym in high school they are in 11th grade so 16/17. Also I'm trying to use british vocabulary so I use stuff I hear the boys say a lot or on TV or something so if they don't actually say this stuff sorry.


(Jazmine's P.O.V)

I sit on the stump crying, nobody likes me, nobody cares about me all thoughts I think everyday. I may only be in 5th grade but I have no friends, my parents and brothers hate me they don't even notice I don't come home from school till past dark. Sometimes I wish I was born into a different family or a different  world, in a different city instead of bradford or something. It may sound weird but I've never actually been happy, never had friends nothing normal people have in there lives. I look around the forests where I come everyday when it's all too hard and I just need to let it go and cry. The trees are all the same nothing special about this place expect the little bride over the river about a foot form my stump. I've always loved that bridge, I don't know what about it but it's special to me don't ask why. As I'm lost in thought I get hit in the chest with a football and as that happens a boy about my age with raven black hair flat on his forehead. "Hi sorry about that can I have my ball back?" The kid asks, I sniffle back the tears to answer him "Yeah h-he-here you go" I hand him the ball. "What's wrong?" "Nothing I'm fine" I tell him. "People who are fine don't cry in the woods I'm Zayn Malik by the way, your are?" I look at him and answer "I know who you are we've been in the same class since our first year of school but I get it people don't notice me or bother remembering me so I'm Jazmine" "Sorry Jazmine that I don't remember you I mean I have a horrid memory, so why are you cryi... oh that's why you think people don't care about you or something right... don't answer I'll show you some care I'll just go bring this ball back to my mates then you and I can hang out k?k I'll be right back" With that he leaves I expect him to not come back cause that's what I'm used to but believe it or not I see that black hair come through the trees and he's back.

(6 years later)

I sit in our high school gyms waiting for our principle to start the assembly. I look beside me at my best friend of like 6 years Zayn. "Hey Jaz you wanna hang out after class" I look at him and those beautiful brown eyes and that black hair that has barely changed since we were kids "Sure our spot?" He nods, our spot is this forest behind our houses since we are neighbours it's also where we met one day when I was trying to hide from the world all those years ago. Since then things have gotten better sure my family still doesn't give a fuck about me and I barely have friends but my grades are pretty good and since Zayn and I became best friends he's always there for me and yes if you're wondering I do have a giant crush on Zayn I have for as long as I can remember but look at him how can you not. While lost in thought I noticed that the principle was on the stage talking well more like words were coming out of his mouth but nobody listened or cared. I looked beside me and saw that Zayn was gone just as that I heard some new voice on the mic and yes it was Zayn's oh god what is he doing. "Hi can I get everybody's attention... thank you so for those who don't know I'm Zayn Malik and I wanted to do this someway that there was no way she would say no so a big way so here goes. Jazmine since that first day I introduced myself I acted like I didn't know you but it was just cause I was too shy to admit that I had a huge crush on you and I still do you here goes nothing and yes I know that I'll get detention maybe a suspension for this but I'll gladly take it so Jazmine will you go out with me?" The whole school looks at me since we were sitting in the back;all waiting for an answer from me even the teachers and principle.

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