But now it's us. A Harmione story.

Harmione! After Hogwarts Harry and Hermione get together when they realise they love each other more than Ginny and Ron.

My first fan fiction so please font be too mean.


1. Reunited

It had been nearly three years since we all left  Hogwarts. We all still remember the lives lost in that battle, none more so than Ron. He's been a shell of a man since he lost his brother. We moved I together you see and all he does is sit and look at photos or watch quiddich on the new magical sports channel. I'm beginning to resent him for it. I know he can't help being upset but I wish he'd try and keep busy or talk to me.

   "Ronald, I'm going to the cinema to see the new Brooms and Boggarts film. Harry sent me and owl saying he will be going. Do you want to join us?" I call from the door as I put my scarf and hat on. Looking into the sitting room, I see him wave his arm from his chair and make dome kind of grunt. "Well..." I sigh reluctantly "I guess I will see you when I get home then." 

Shutting the door behind me, I head towards to cinema to meet Harry. A cold winter breeze blows over me and I close my eyes, remembering the feeling of it my first year at Hogwarts. When I open my eyes again I see a familiar face infront of me. That same messy black hair and round glasses. "Harry!" I shout happily and give him a hug. He is so wArm on this cold day that I forget for a moment to let go. "How have you been?" 

"Not too bad. Work keeps my mind of Ginny but I don't think of her much these days anyway. And you?" He looks behind me curiously "No Ron?" 

My smile drops as he says his name. "No. He's sat at home as usual. He's not well Harry. I really thought he'd come today to see you, especially after all this time." My voice fades out as I try not to cry. Harry puts his arm round me and suggests we head in and talk after. He can tell I need a break from worrying. So I follow him in and we take our seats.


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