But now it's us. A Harmione story.

Harmione! After Hogwarts Harry and Hermione get together when they realise they love each other more than Ginny and Ron.

My first fan fiction so please font be too mean.


2. Post film anger

After the credits roll I get out of my seat and head into the lobby with Harry close behind. We both turn our mobiles back on and check them. Harry has no missed calls and one text from Neville to say he and Luna are having a party that weekend. I have the same text and another one, from Ron


Have gone to mums.

will be home in two days.

love Ron x


Suddenly my body fills with anger. I don't even know why, but it just feels like I want to scream. 

"He's gone to stay round his mother's." tears fill my eyes. "He didn't even bother checking with me. Or asking if I want to go." Harry holds me  to his chest and lets me cry. I can't believe that he is doing this again. Every few months he vanishes without any notice and doesn't say why. He says days and they turn into a week or two weeks without him letting me know. I cry harder, remembering the worry I've felt the past few times. 

When Harry eventually calms me down, he holds me at arms length and looks me in the eyes. "Stay at mine tonight? I have plenty of butter beer and some stronger stuff if you really need. But honestly Hermione, I don't want you to be alone when you're upset like this."

i wipe the tears from my eyes and nod slowly. He stops a taxi and we both climb in and head to his flat.

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