Young Justice Fanfic

"Young Justice" is a lot like "teen titans". But in many ways they are different. Here is my fanfic for this show. Based on season 1, strictly "Young Justice", not that and "Young Justice: Invasion". so yeah! enjoy :)


1. Beach Day

M'Gann led me out of Mount Jutice. I could tell by the blinding light that now peeked in through the cracks in my hand that was covering my eyes. We were now standing on a beach, the warm sand moving between my toes.

"Okay, you can now open your eyes!" she squealed with delight. I uncovered my eyes and openned them to a grand sight of the beach in Happy Harbour. The green skinned, 16 year old girl was standing there in her yellow bikini, her ginger hair tied up into a really messy bun on the top of her head.

"M'Gann! This is wonderful! Except for the fact that.... I'm not wearing a bathing suit." I said as I started laughing. M'Gann joined in.

"Duh, M'Gann! We have to wear bathing suits to go into the water! C'mon Elody! Artemis is still changing and getting stuff together, and the boys, who knows!? We'll just have to wait for them. They'll show up, eventually." We walked back together until we got to our own sections. The girls slept on one side of the HQ and the boys on the other. As soon as I got into my room, I tore it apart looking for that one bikini I owned. I'm not a big fan of swimming and I've had a really bad experience with the liquid, so I think I'm just going to read, and hopefully not burn.

I found it, and was deperately trying to put it on when someone knocked on my door.

"Changing at the moment, please leave a message after the beep. BEEP!" I said as I frantically tried to finish.

"Hey Elody. It's M'Gann. Swing by the kitchen when your done to help Artemis and I with sandwiches."

"No problem!!" I called out to M'Gann. "Almost done." I got my sun screen, towel, hat and a couple of audio books to listen to. Yup, I'm dyslexic. I guess that's what happens when you get the super powers and what not. Shoving them all in my knapsack, I made a quick run for the door.

"Stupid me!" I whispered to myself, facepalming. I turned around to get my sundress. Grabbing it, I made a run for the kitchen.

"There you are!" Artemis said as she and M'Gann were preparing food to eat on the beach. "I thought you were going to be a no-show."

"I just couldn't find my sundress, that's all." I answered as I slipped it on. It was a really pale blue one, that- apparently, really made my hazel eyes stand out. My mid-back length, light brown hair fell down my back in a bunch of curls as I put in a headband to secure it into place. "So, what type of sandwiches are we making?" I asked.

"Varieties. We asked the boys, and we are making our own."M'Gann responded.

"Alrightie, so it's pretty much... order sandwiches and you get that amount. That's cool, I guess."

"Start packing the cooler, will you?" Artemis asked.

"Yeah, sure. What types of drinks?" I asked the both of them as I started filling the cooler up with ice and nearly frozen water bottles.

"Well, I'm fine with water, however Wally's gonna want something like root beer." M'Gann said, answering my question. "Right, Artemis?"

"For the last time! WALLY AND I AREN'T DATING!!!!" Artemis screamed almost at the top of her lungs.

"Okay, I'll put in some rootbeer for Wally. And some juice for Robin." I said trying to break the silence of touching a sore subject.

"Alright, and we are finished!" Artemis said excitedly a couple of minutes later.

"Now, let's get this food out to the guys, they'll probably be starving." I said jokingly.


After walking for about three minutes, we were almost at the cave entrance/exit that faced the beach. Wally appeared next to Artemis.

"Hey, babe. How many sandwiches did you make me?" he asked in a seductive way.

"Four, and I am NOT your 'babe'." Artemis replied harshly. I stifled a laugh. He gave me a sideways glance and after a heartbeat he was standing next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Honestly, Wally. Please get off." I told him. He looked slightly offended. "If you don't, you loose the root beer that's in the cooler." I mocked him. "Want one?" I asked as I grabbed the almost frozen rootbeer out of the cooler and threw it towards where the guys had set up the Barbeque and their towels. And Wally was gone in a flash. Well, obviously. He is, after all, Kid Flash.

"Hey, Ladies!" Robin called out to us after we moved a little closer. "Gonna join us or what?"

"What." Artemis said as if it answered Robin's question. He now wore a puzzled look upon his face. "Sandwich-wise, what you ordered is there. And-- Wally, Robin, there are no extra sandwiches. The meat for the barbeque is in the cooler that M'Gann has and Helena has the drinks. There's water, rootbeer and juice."

"Awesome!" Wally exclaimed.

"Sweet!" Robin said excitedly.

"Just great." Conner said with mostly sarcasm in his voice. Kaldor playfully punched Conner in the shoulder and he started to laugh.

"The party has OFFICIALLY started!" Wally said in a british accent and hit the button on the radio.

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