Escape Harry Styles AU

"Nobody can stop us, we've got our backs against the ocean and it's just us against the world."

Devil, Angel and Cupid.

2 completely different people from 2 different worlds will eventually meet.

Harry and Violet are complete opposites, but they have one thing in common, which is struggling. They both struggle to survive on a daily basis.

When they both meet, they quickly became friends. But where is the fun in the relationship without cupid? When cupid decides to join in the relationship, he twists it around into a game; a game of love and escape.

"I dream of escape but never try."


8. Chapter 7.

Chapter 7.




“Is that your little boyfriend?” Chase said in a mocking tone.


“Fuck off, mate.” Harry plainly said.


Chase ignored him and looked back at me, he smirked and lifted his arms again, I closed my eyes ready for the impact.








I opened my eyes to see Harry gripping Chase’s arms from behind.


“Let go!” Chase said sternly.


“Fuck. Off.” Harry replied slowly.


“Why would I listen to a wimp?”


Now, that’ not true, Harry isn’t a wimp, he looks very scary, I mean tattoos, huge muscles, fierce green eyes, total opposite of a wimp. Actually, he’s a criminal. Just saying.


“Bro, I’m giving you a chance to leave.”


Chase stood up, which made Harry let go of his arms. I sighed in relief since Chase made a good decision to lea-


“Why don’t you leave!” Chase said while pushing Harry’s chest.


Harry’s eyebrows furrowed and his face changed into an angry one.


“That’s it!” Harry said in a frustrated tone.


Harry pushed Chase’s chest so hard that Chase’s head hit the wall. Chase groaned and stood up straight. He positioned himself in a defense position while Harry was chuckling.


“Go on, punch me.” Harry smirked.


Chase punched Harry, but Harry blocked it by grabbing his knuckles and twisting his whole arm, making Chase fall to the ground.


Harry lets go of his arm and stood there silently, waiting for Chase to stand up again. When Chase stood up, he immediately swung his arms again on Harry, but failed once again because Harry ducked and straight away punched Chase on the stomach, which again, made Chase fall to the ground.


“Stand up! Wimp!” Harry shouted.


It was totally silent until Harry threw his head back and laughed.




Chase took advantage of this and he quickly stood up and punched Harry straight in the jaw. He then stopped laughing and looked at Chase straight in the eye.


“Thanks. I really needed that.” He smirked evilly.


Without spending a second, Harry charged at Chase. Chase fell to the ground while Harry was on top of him, he then started punching Chase’s face;


Left, right, left, right, left, right.


I couldn’t see Harry doing this to Chase anymore, so I tried standing up, but failed. I tried again, but failed again. Chase has beaten me up badly and I can’t stand up. Wait, maybe if I-


“Harry! Stop it! You’re going to kill him!” I screeched.


Thankfully, Harry listened to me and he stopped torturing Chase with his punches.


“You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.” Harry Spat.


“Leave, before I change my mind.”


Chase slowly stood up, failing in the first try.


“Harry, help him! Call 911 or something!”


“Nah, he’s good.” Harry looked back at him and Chase met his gaze, which made him stand up faster and he limped outside the alley.


I tried standing up again, this time, I succeeded, but I felt so weak, and my brain is pounding. I tried talking but, my legs suddenly wobbled and I fell down. I shut my eyes, ready for my face hitting the ground, but it never came. I peeled my eyes open and apparently, Harry reacted fast and he caught me.


“Uh, why are you here?” I suddenly blurted out.


“You’re not going to thank me for saving your life?” He chuckled.


“Uh, yeah thank you. I Guess.” I said awkwardly.


He let go off me and helped me stand up. I tried regaining my balance, but I can’t seem to stand up straight.


“Okay you know what.”


Harry’s back then faced my direction and he bent his knees a little.


“Jump on my back.”


“What? Why?”


“We’re not going to spend the night in this alley.”


“Yeah, but I don’t get why you won’t just call the ambulance?”


“Nah, too risky. They’ll know who I am. Plus, you’re just a bit bruised up. I can fix that.” He chuckled.


“A bit? I’m very bruised up.” I rolled my eyes.


“You talk too much, just get on my back.”




I jumped on his back and he started walking down the street with his hood up and his sunglasses on. I wonder how he can see when the sky’s dark.




When we reached my house, I tried getting off Harry’s back, but he leaned forward so I couldn’t get off his back.


“Harry, let go.”


“No. I’m bringing you upstairs.”


“Harry no. I’m not letting some stranger into my house.”


“Fine. Whatever.” Harry let me go without warning me, which made me lose my balance. I fell to the ground and let out a whimper.




He chuckled and walked away.


Wow, jerk.

I limped to my door and I dug in my pocket to find the key to my house. Once I got my key, I insert it to the hole and twisted it.


I entered my house and it was totally silent, my parents are probably out then. I went up the stairs slowly and entered my room. Once I reached my room, I plopped down the bed. I stared at the ceiling, at last, peace and quiet. But my phone-ringing cut off my peace and quiet time, I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen, it was from the unknown number, AKA Harry. I sighed and clicked on the message.


“Need help cleaning your bruises? ;)




I rolled my eyes and ignored his texts again. A sigh escaped my lips and I closed my eyes. Why does my life have to be like this?


“I don’t really get why you always ignore my text messages.” Someone chuckled from inside my room.





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