Escape Harry Styles AU

"Nobody can stop us, we've got our backs against the ocean and it's just us against the world."

Devil, Angel and Cupid.

2 completely different people from 2 different worlds will eventually meet.

Harry and Violet are complete opposites, but they have one thing in common, which is struggling. They both struggle to survive on a daily basis.

When they both meet, they quickly became friends. But where is the fun in the relationship without cupid? When cupid decides to join in the relationship, he twists it around into a game; a game of love and escape.

"I dream of escape but never try."


6. Chapter 5.

Chapter 5.






“Sorry for bothering your night. There is nothing suspicious here. Goodnight.” The man said and he left the door.


I could hear the footsteps down the stairs and the door closing. Wow, he didn’t find Harry in there.


Wait where did Harry go?


I walked quietly to my bed and reached underneath for a bat. I’ll just hit him with the bat and then it’ll probably make him unconscious and I could drag him to the police station or something. Okay, here goes nothing.


I fast-walked to my closet, one hand holding the bat and the other holding the closet’s knob.








I opened the closet and quickly swing the bat to the left and right, but I didn’t hear or feel anything being hit by the bat. I quickly switched on the light on the right side of the closet but didn’t see anyone in there. I walked further inside my closet but I didn’t find anything.


Suddenly, the closet door closed and the lights turned off. Oh shit.


I ran towards the closet door but failed because I bumped into someone’s hard chest. Harry.


Without thinking, I lifted the bat and swung it on him, but it stopped when Harry’s hands grabbed the bat and threw it behind me making a crash noise.


He chuckled and somehow flipped us, so I was the one being pushed against the door and he was trapping me with both of his hands and his torso. Wow, this is an awkward position.


“Switch on the lights please.” I whimpered.




He plainly replied.

“Why not?”


“You know, you’re a really good girl.”


I kept quiet and looked forward, avoiding his gaze even though the lights were off and it’s really dark.


“You didn’t say anything to the cops about me. That’s a good girl.” He chuckled.


“What do you want from me?” I asked him.




It was totally silent until I felt his hand slipping under my shirt. I gasped and pushed him away, but he didn’t budge. So, I lifted me knee and kneed him in the crotch, which made him grunt and fall into the ground. Ha, déjà vu.


I used this as an advantage and opened the closet door and went to my bed. I lifted the bed covers and hid inside. Wow, that was a stupid move. I kept quiet hoping he’ll just leave.


It was totally silent for 5 minutes and I seriously don’t know what the hell is happening. So I went out of the covers and sat right up. I looked around and Harry isn’t here. Where is he?


I looked around until my eyes caught something on the nightstand on the left side. I crawled to the nightstand and I found a note. I opened the little piece of paper and it read;


“Playing hide and seek ey? Well, I can’t play with you right now babe, but I’ll see you soon (;





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