Escape Harry Styles AU

"Nobody can stop us, we've got our backs against the ocean and it's just us against the world."

Devil, Angel and Cupid.

2 completely different people from 2 different worlds will eventually meet.

Harry and Violet are complete opposites, but they have one thing in common, which is struggling. They both struggle to survive on a daily basis.

When they both meet, they quickly became friends. But where is the fun in the relationship without cupid? When cupid decides to join in the relationship, he twists it around into a game; a game of love and escape.

"I dream of escape but never try."


2. Chapter 1.



“Oi! Bitch!”


 I tried blocking the harsh names being called to me and kept walking to my first session.


I tried speed walking but that didn’t do any good because my hair got yanked and I got pushed up against the lockers.


“When I call you, don’t fucking ignore me!”


“S-Sorry Chase.” I stuttered.


He smirked and next thing I knew, his hand came in contact with my cheek and I fell down.


I said nothing because I was used to all this bullying. I’ve been bullied for years and no one seems to give a damn about me. Chase has always been my bully; he started bullying me back in the 9th grade. He asked me to be his girlfriend, but I refused to because I didn’t like him. And the next day was the day the bullying started.


When chase was done beating me up and calling me harsh names, I was curled up on the floor with tears spilling from my eyes. My stomach hurts from the kicking he gave me and my face hurts from all the slapping he did.


I tried standing up but failed to. I was already late for class and there is no one in the hallways. The class is only a few meters away from me while the clinic was further away. I groaned and decided on going to my classroom.


After a few attempt on trying to stand up, I succeeded and limped to my first session. English.


When I reached the classroom’s door, I pushed it open to find everybody staring at me. Great.


“Miss Violet Parker, Why are you late? And why do you look like you’ve just been beaten up?”


That’s because I’ve been beaten up you ignorant little shit.


I looked to back of the classroom to find Chase smirking.


“Um- I, I fell down on the way here.”


“Fell down?”


“Y- Yeah.”


“Well, be careful next time. Now, go sit in the back of the class, in front of Mr. Chase Maddox’s table.”


I mentally sighed and limped to the back of the classroom. When I set my things on the table, I sat down and tried listening to the teacher.


“Class, please read the handout I gave yesterday and answer all the question in the back of the page.”


I took the handout out and began reading. I tried calming down and just tried to ignore my surroundings.


But that didn’t work; Chase started pulling my hair, which caused me to wince. I tried ignoring him and focus on my reading, or the teacher might scold me.


I thought that Chase would stop bothering me if I ignored him, but guess not. He’s now throwing crumpled papers at my head. I’m beginning to be so pissed at him. Can’t he stop bothering me for one day?


I turned around in my seat; “Could you please stop bothering me? I’m trying to study here!” I whispered harshly.


Chase was about to say something but was cut when Mr. Alex started walking towards us.


“Miss Parker and Mr. Maddox. Detention after school.”


“What? But he was the one who started pulling on my hair and-“


“I don’t want to hear your excuses. You and Mr. Maddox both have detention after school and that’s final.”


I groaned and went back to my work.




When school ended, I slowly walked to my English classroom to attend my detention session.


I sat down and took my book out. I love reading.


2 minutes later, Mr. Alex entered the room and sat down on desk.


I wonder where Chase is.


Suddenly, the door opened to reveal Chase.


He sat down beside me and took his phone out.

“You guys will be having detention until 4pm. I’m going to lock this classroom and later unlock it at 4. Understood?”


Oh please no, why would you want to lock me up with this physco. I don’t want to die. Oh God.


“Yes Sir.” Chase smirked.


After Mr. Alex went out and lock the classroom, Alex turned to me and smirked evilly.


“Hey, Violet.”


I tried ignoring him and went back to my reading.


Chase suddenly got up from his seat and stood beside me. He growled and literally grabbed my book and threw it across the classroom. I gasped and stayed still. I didn’t look up; I looked down on my desk.


“Look at me.” Chase said sternly.


I said nothing and continued to stare down at my table.


Chase then grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked it down, causing my head to tilt upwards and my eyes to look at his face.


“Wh- what do you want?” I whispered


“Shut up.”


Before I could say anything else, he grabbed my arm and yanked me upwards, which caused me to stand up. His eyes flickered to the back of the classroom and back to me. He smirked and when I wanted to push him away, he pushed me to the back of the classroom and made my back hit the wall. My head came in contact with the hard wall and I winced.


“Get away from me!” I screamed.


 “What the fuck did you just say?” He growled.


I kept quiet and stared into his eyes.


“Answer me!”


He kneed me in the stomach, and me made me fall to the ground. I tried standing up but he grabbed my neck dragged me up. He made me stand up, that’s good, but what’s bad is that, he’s choking me. He was holding my neck and I couldn’t breath.


My hands flew to his arm and I tried pulling his grasp on my neck. He chuckled deeply and stared into my brown eyes.


He then lets go of my neck, and I widened my eyes and slumped to the ground. I’m having a hard time breathing and I’m having a massive headache. Chase bent down in front of me and chuckled. I feel like I could pass out any second now.


“Why are you doing this?”


I whispered.


But before I could hear his answer, I blacked out. 

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