Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


13. we meet again

Hannahs POV

"Ow" Niall pouted as i pulled a bit of glass out of his arm, "Sorry" i said biting my lip.

Yet again i was stuck cleaning up all the injury's, i looked threw the first aid box and found some cleaning wipes quickly wiping the bit of blood.

Then i grabbed some bandages and wrapped it around his arm, "er thanks for stopping the glass" i smiled as i finished tying the bandage up.

"Its fine" he smiled and i smiled back, I looked to Harry and brought the first aid box over to him, it was just him left now but there weren't any bandages left over.

"Liam are there anymore bandages" i asked, he looked to who i was cleaning up, Harry then grunted, "just leave him to bleed" he shrugged, "now now Liam play nice" Louis laughed.

He rolled his eyes and groaned, "follow me" he answered and i followed him into the kitchen, he started searching through some draws and i just stood there awkwardly.

"So whats up with you and Harry, Niall said you both just came bursting through his door a few days ago" Liam asked.

"What" i asked confused, he turned around and leaned against the counter folding his arms, a smirk plastered on his face.

I suddenly realised what he meant, "ew no nothing happened, hes a dick i didn't even want to be here" i said quickly scrunching up my noise by the thought of me and that dick. Although im not saying hes not hot, i would consider him if he wasn't such an ignorant dick, what am i saying No i would never consider him.

Liam chuckled and looked down at his feet for a minute, "you got that right, he is a dick" he laughed looking back up and i smiled.

I didn't really know what to think of Liam, he seemed a nice guy but then theres another side to him that dosent seem to nice at all.

"Here" he said and threw me a pack of bandages, "Thanks" i smiled and turned around walking back to the lounge but before i made it to the door i felt a tug on my wrist and turned to see Liam.

"Also just wondering your not with any of the boys are you" he asked, i shook my head and his smile grew wider.

"That's good news" he said his voice sounding almost playful, i didn't know what to say, i just stood them opening and closing my mouth a few times.

He chuckled and walked past me and into the lounge, what was that?

I shook it off and walked into the lounge quickly cleaning up Harrys cuts and wrapping a bandage around his hand, surprisingly Niall had more cuts than him, considering most of the glasses were aimed at him it was quite surprising, he only had a largish cut on his hand, oh well.

"Got some bits sorted out" Liam said and i looked to see a ruck sack hanging over one shoulder.

"Alright well its a long journey back lets get going" Niall said standing up and we all walked out and two the car, Niall and Louis got in the front and Zayn, Liam and Harry got in the back.

"Where am i going to sit" i asked, "my laps free" Zayn smirked, "where am i going to sit" i repeated glaring at Zayn as he chuckled.

"Zayn move up" Harry answered, and he shuffled up to leave the smallest gap in history for me to sit.

"Really ill be squished like hell" i frowned, "again my laps free" Zayn smirked, "fuck off" i said simply and just rolled my eyes squishing into the small pathetic excuse of a seat.

I closed the door and i felt like i couldn't breath i was squished against the door and the handle was digging into my leg and on the other side i was squished against Zayn, but i was trying to keep to the door as close as possible.

"I like being this close" Zayn smirked wrapping an arm around my shoulder, i knocked it off and Harry hit the back of Zayns head.

"Aye" Zayn groaned, "Knock it off Malik" Harry said rolling his eyes and i sighed, this is going to be an extremely long journey.

I plugged my ear phones in and rested my head against the window closing my eyes just enjoying the music.

"Doll we are here" Zayn yelled, "i can hear you" i groaned rubbing my ear, "sorry" he chuckled, i looked outside the window to my house.

"So we agreed im done you will leave me alone now yes" i asked, "yes your done" Harry answered.

"Thank God" i muttered under my breath and climbed out, ouch my leg had a cramp, "unless you don't want me to leave you alone" Harry yelled grinning before i slammed the door and ignored him and just walking to the front door of my house.

I quickly checked the time half 9 my mums not home until another half hour well that's good, i opened the door and just before walking in, turned to see the blue sports car had sped up the road already, good riddance.

I walked in closing my door and just dropped onto my sofa, that was hard work, at least im done now.

*The next day*

"Hannah wake up come on im going to be late for work" i heard my mum groan as her hand grasped my arm shaking me repeatedly.

"What" i groaned, "where is all the shopping you bought on Monday" she asked, shit, i forgot about the shopping, i dropped it when i was attacked my those guys, i couldn't tell my mum that.

"I....err....erm" i mutter, "I left them at the shop" i said quickly, "agh Hannah" she groaned, "well we need some food, so theres some money on the side in my room, be safe love you" she said and kissed my head before walked out and soon i heard the front door open and close.

I sighed heavily and threw back the covers and sat up and scrunched up my eyes, why did my mum have to open the curtains.

I lazily got out of bed and dragged my feet over to my wardrobe, i pulled out a while and blue stripy top and some tiny blue shorts.

It was actually quite a nice day, the sun was shinning brightly but i added some thin tights as well, i grabbed some navy converse and toped off my look with a gold chain and some cold bangles.

I quickly threw my hair into a messy pony tail and grabbed my phone, i grabbed the money from my mums room then walked down stairs and out the door.

The hot beams of the sun touched my skin and i smiled at the warm summer like feeling, after about 15 minutes i reached the supermarket.

Entering the goody ill i fancied some crisps, i looked at the many crisps and frowned, what to choose, what to choose.

"Hardest decision of your life" i heard that low raspy familiar voice chuckle, i turned around to see that smug smile.

"Agh" i groaned, "well hello to you too" he chuckled and i glared at him, "what are you doing here" i asked, "getting some bits for the boys" he smirked, "leave me alone Harry" i said and turned walking back up the ill.

"Not so fast gorgeous" he chuckled following me, "Harry" i snapped turning and glaring at him.

"Must be fate seeing each other again" he grinned, "coincident" i snapped turning and walking to the till to pay, Harry still following.

"You promised you would leave me alone so leave me alone" i snapped raising my voice a bit.

"Keep your fucking voice down" he growled, i swallowed the lump in my throat and quickly turned around and paid for all my things.

I hurried out of the supermarket and onto the street, "want a lift home" he asked still following me.

"I can walk" i spat, "didn't work out very well last time" he smirked, "I'll take my chances" i sneered and began to walk up the street.

Suddenly the sun disappeared and a dark cloud covered the sky, i picked up my speed, i wanted to get home before it started rain- to late.

The rain flew for the sky and in a matter of seconds i was drenched, "you've got to fucking be kidding me" i screamed at the sky.

I heard a laugh and turned around to see a car with the window rolled down and a laughing Harry inside.

"Fuck you" i yelled and stomped my way up the road, "wand a ride now" i heard him ask as he strolled at about 5mph up the road along the side of me.

"With you NO" i snapped, "get in" he ordered but i just ignored him, "Get in now" he yelled with a tad of anger in his voice, i swallowed and opened his door climbing in.

I placed the bags down at my feet and looked up, he smirked then sped up the street making me fly right back into my seat.

5 minutes later he had pulled up outside my house, "thanks" i mumbled, but before i could step out of the car he grabbed my wrist.

"I'll see you soon babe" he smirked, i scoffed and grabbed my bags slamming his door shut and walked to my door.

Ignorant brat!



hope you likes it, will update soon and plzzzz comment what you think i love your guys opinions and ideas it helps xxx

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