Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


32. trashed house

Hannahs POV

"Ju-just hold on Zayn" i stuttered, my hands trembled as i reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone.

It was struggle to even make the call but eventually i managed. I pulled the phone up to my ear and listened.

It took four rings before he answered, "Angel where are you" he said it a panic and from the nosy back ground i presumed he was still in the boxing ring.

"I-i im outside wi-with Zayn hes h-hurt" i sobbed, "where abouts" Zayn let out a hiss of pain and i began to panic more.

"At the back entrance, pl-please come quick" i sobbed, i couldn't even look at Zayn, i felt guilty in a way.

"Hold on angel" he said quickly before hanging up, "Zayn" i whispered and he smiled slightly but i could tell he was faking, it seamed to pain him just to smile.

"Hay" he muttered and i looked down at him, "im fine doll" he mumbled, "don't worry" he whispered.

"Its my thought" i sobbed but he shook his head, "no its not" he whispered.

I felt his hand cover mine and he gave it a light squeeze, "you were fighting because of me" i cried.

"No that was one of the reasons it wasn't all that" he mumbled and i frowned, "why what else was there" i questioned.

"Not now" he murmured, i wasn't going to argue, how could I, he was hurt and i didn't need to add to it.

I held his hand softly and sobbed quietly whilst Zayn tried to reassure me he was fine but we both knew he isn't.

It seamed like hours until Harry came flying through the back door with Louis and Niall, "Angel!" he called in a panic.

"Harry" his head snapped my way and in a blink of an eye he was neck to me, his arms wrapped around me but his eyes stayed focused on Zayn.

Niall and Louis were by us in seconds as well, "Zayn" they both said shocked starring at him.

A few beats of silence passed as everyone just starred at the broken boy taking it in.

"Come on mate we need to get out of here, Chase called the cops" Niall said quickly as him and Louis hooked an arm under each of Zayns arms and lifted him up.

He lot out a throaty groan wincing as they pulled him up, Harry stood up taking me with him, whilst my face was stuffed into his shirt as i tried to hold  back tears.

"Angel" he murmured kissing my head, i couldn't speak my words had been caught in my throat allowing nothing but deep heavy breaths.

My mind was racing, i was scared to death what was to happen next, knowing Steve and his lot, they would class the fight at Rixon winning and would hurt Harry.

And what about Zayn, what was to happen to him, hes in so much pain and......

I looked around suddenly realising Liam wasn't here, "wh-wheres Liam" i stuttered looking up to Harrys liquid green eyes.

He glanced to the building then to the boys, "i didn't see him" Louis said as they stopped in their tracts, "i think hes still in there" Niall said a nervous glance at the building.

We all starred at Harry as if asking what to do but he shook his head, "we need to get out of here, the cops are coming he can deal with himself" Harry growled and pushed me to carry on walking.

"Harry" Niall warned, "this better not be about you too" Harry starred blankly at him then continued to walk.

"Come on the cars round the corner"

I starred at him as he walked, was he leaving Liam because they didn't get a long, was that it.

"Harry" i whispered, his dark eyes glanced down to me, my lip quivered as i looked to him, "we cant leave him" my voice was barley heard, i felt as if the small whisk of wind had blown my voice away, it seamed like it.

His face hardened and the small lines on his forehead creased up, "yes we can" he spat, his words were harsh causing a sting in my chest.

I looked down at my feet, which quickened their pace every few seconds from Harrys forceful pushes.

We reached the car only to hear the sound out sirens, "quick get in" Harry ordered, Louis and Niall were careful as they placed Zayn in the car then climbed in themselves.

Harry climbed in the driver seat as i climbed in the passenger, before i had a chance to even close my door, the engine roared making an ear screeching sound before taking off.

"Harry" I seamed to scream as i yanked the door closed, fear filled me as i struggled for my seat belt quickly clipping it in.

He raced out of the car park just as the sight of red and blue lights met the eye, swerving out of the car park Harry raced up the street.

I sighed seeing all the police cars enter the car park, none had come after us, we were safe but of course i jinxed myself seeing one of the very last ones swerve our way.

"Shit" Harry mumbled, "Hold on angel" he muttered flicking his eyes to me for a second.

I swallowed the lump in my throat sinking into my seat, i grasped the handle bar tightly above my head and braced myself for the worst.

Harry pushed his foot on the pedal causing me to fly back into my seat, a small gasp disappearing from my lips.

Harry made a sharp left causing me to knock into the door, a small yelp released from my lips.

The police car still chased after us, managing to make the left turn, Harry groaned glancing to the review mirror to see the cop still hot on our tails.

He made another sharp turn, this time almost causing me to be on his lap if it wasn't for the seat belt, i was gripping the handle bar for dear life at this point.

The cop missed the turn but quickly reversed making his way up again but we had managed to catch an advantage the police car was too far away, we could escape easily.

Harry made a few more quick turns before we entered a main road, he joined the many cars as a slower speed now, blending in.

I let out a sigh of relief, letting go of the handle bar, "well that was the quickest escape we have ever made" Niall chuckled from the back, making the others chuckle and me frown.

How many times had they ran from police, by Nialls words it was clear it wasn't the first time, which made me wonder had Harry or any of the boys ever been in prison.

My thoughts were distracted by a low heavy groan from Zayn, "we need to get you cleaned up Malik" Louis chuckled, "not to nice being the one beaten up is it" Louis laughed loudly referring to the time i first met him when he had been beaten like hell.

He had heeled from then only a few bruises left over and a small scar on his slower lip, "shut up" Zayn groaned in pain.

"We will go to mine, Nialls first aid kit is running low" Harry chuckled, i frowned not quite understanding until i thought about it a bit more.

The many times i had to clean up the boys cuts and bruises were always at Nialls, we must have been on a shortage of badges and that by now.

I soon recognized the familiar street of Harrys house, black heart, i hated it here, i had only been there once but once was enough.

It made my hands tremble and the pit of my stomach feel funny, i didn't like it one bit.

Harry pulled up outside his house and we all climbed out, straight away the attention of a few were drawn to us, four figures a bit up the street lurked in the shadows.

Their hoods were pulled up keeping them hidden from view but i could feel the mischief and dark ways of them still.

I gulped starring at them, they seamed to be looking at me as well, a smirk plastered on their faces, it was only Harrys arm wrapping around me that pulled me out of my trance.

Harry sent a sharp glare towards the four which instantly made them cower away, "come on angel" he mumbled giving my neck a light kiss for them to see, to show them i was his and only his.

He linked his fingers between mine and tugged me up the small path to his house, he frowned seeing the door a jar open.

He lightly pushed it open to revile the hall, my hand flew to my mouth as i let out a slight gasp, it was trashed.

Glass covered the floor and the different pictures up on his walls were lying on the floor, most broken and smashed.

He took a step in, glass crunching beneath his shoes as he walked  further in, i followed carefully trying to treed in  places where there wasn't as much glass.

i followed him to the living room which was also trashed, the TV had been smashed, the sofas were flipped over everything laid across the floor and the kitchen that joined up was just the same.

I looked to Harry and his facile expression was blank, showing no emotion what so ever.

Harrys POV

I starred at the mess of my home motionless, it was all trashed everything, I felt Hannah's stare as i looked to her.

Tears still shimmered in her eyes making my heart ach, i hated seeing her cry, she whispered my name making me sigh.

I had no clue had done this, well i knew who would of done this but i didn't know which one, Bradley might of after i ran from him before, Steve might of, Rixon, Zak, Jason, Barry, Dean...... there were too many to chose form.

I let out a frustrated groan ruffling a hand through my curls, "fucking hell" i cursed.

I felt a small hand cover mine which i hadn't notice was now in a tight fist, i looked to Hannah and her big brown eyes starred deeply into mine.

"Wh-who did this" she stuttered, her lip quivered slight. I pulled her into my arms hugged her body and resting my head on top of hers, "i don't no" i muttered "but there going to pay" i growled.

Niall and Louis had only just managed to get Zayn in the house and i heard Niall ask what happened, i shrugged squeezing Hannah's handl, fuck this.

I walked though the lounge over to the sofa and groaned before flipping it back so it was upright.

The boys walked in putting Zayn on the sofa then helped me with the other, may as well start to try and tidy it a bit.

I glanced at Zayn then to Hannah, "angel go get the first aid kit from the kitchen" she nodded and walked over the mess towards the kitchen.

I sighed moving the broken coffee table over to the side, this was going to be a lot of work.


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