Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


33. Stay with me

Hannahs POV

I hissed in pain pulling my hand back which now had a small trickle of blood flowing down it.

"Angel" Harry muttered in annoyance, striding his way over, "i told you not to bother with the glass, i will do that" he muttered carefully lifting my hand to look at the injury, he twisted it around, examining each and every part of my hand.

"Harry honestly im fine, i can help-" i was cut of by his soft pink lips, a small and gentle kiss, he pulled away a smirk plastered on his face beautiful face.

"In other words shut up" he chuckled lightly causing my eyes to roll beneath my long lashes.

He led us over to the sink running my hand under the cool liquid, watching as the blood washed away until only a small scratch.

"There" he mumbled lifting it up to his pink lips, "all better" he finished pressing them to the now painless scratch.

I rolled my eyes leaning up and kissing his pump lips, "thanks Prince Charming" I winked, "prince charming" he questioned raising an eye brows causing the lines on his forehead to crease.

I shrugged my shoulders causing him to chuckle, "come on angel" he tugged at my hand gently pulling me into the living room and onto the sofa.

The place had been cleaned up now and what I mean by cleaned up is you could walk across the floor. 

We hade moved everything broken and damaged into one corner keeping it out of the way and brushed all the broken glass and china into another.

There were still odd bits of glass everywhere but it was reasonable, I had also cleaned up Zayn earlier, he's still in pain but is all bandaged up.

"Alright we better head back to mine now then" Niall said standing up and wiping his dirty hands on his crease less trousers.

Louis helped Zayn as they stood up as well but Harry made no move, nor let me, "Go on, you go, we will stay here" Harry answered, i looked his way pulling my face into a frown, i couldn't stay here, i needed to go home.

"You sure Styles" Niall asked looking unsure around all the smashed windows and easy break in entry's.

"Doesn't look all that safe" he muttered under his breath, "you think anyone would dare to come in whilst im home" Harry asked raising an eye brow making Niall chuckle shaking his head.

"Point proven see you soon Styles" Niall said before they walked out, waving a quick bye to me before.

It was true, Harry was well know around here, his reputation keeping everyone is place, it would take a fool to come here whilst he was home, there were only few that didn't fear him.

I shuffled my way around on his lap looking up into his big bold green eyes, he took this as a chance to attack my already sore and bruised neck from the many other times he has had his way, leaving a trail of kisses from my collar bone to behind my ear.

My sweet spot.

"I need to go home Harry" i sighed, he shook his head burying his head deeper into my neck as he kissed at the skin.

"Why" his lips vibrated against my skin causing a soft moan to be realised, i let out another deep sigh looking down.

"I didn't tell my mum that i stayed with you last night, i haven't even checked my phone yet" i sighed, "shes going to be worried sick and soon enough shes going to try and keep me away from you".

"Keep me away from you" Harry chuckled pulling away from my neck, "she did with my last boyfriend" i muttered squeezing my eyes shut, forget him Hannah, forget him.

"You honestly think she could keep me from you angel" he laughed making me smile, "yes" i teased leaning up giving his lips a peck.

"Really" he grinned, i let out a shriek as he knocked me back onto the sofa wasting no time to climb over on top.

"Nah i don't think so" he smirked making me giggle, his lips grazed mine teasingly making me groan.

A low raspy laugh was given before we met in a sweet but passionate kiss.

My hands found their way into his gorgeous locks of curls, twisting my fingers in between them, which i knew he loved.

Mean while his hands wrested either side of my head, hovering his body only a few inches above me so he wasn't able to squish me.

My teeth tugged at his lower lip aching for more of his affection, I felt his smile form at my actions soon tearing his lips from mine.

Before i could protest, his lips attached to my neck, sending a vibe of pleasure though out my body.

He could do the littlest things and they would already be driving me crazy, i let out a strident moan feeling the remarkableness of my sweet spot connected to Harry's tender lips. 

I craved his touch, I wanted more of him, for him to hold me close to his body and kiss me.

I let out a shaky breath barley managing to give voice of his name, he knew exactly what i wanted and he knew exactly how to do it but he loved to add his teasing.

Supporting his weight on one arm he used the other to gently trace the reviled skin of my hip bone, driving me insane.

He caught hold of the thin material of my top and swiftly pulled it off over my head, I couldn't help but giggle, grinning out his name.

"Stop I need to go home" i chewed on my lower swelled lip, enjoying the small nips and kisses at my skin.

"After" he let out a small throaty groan trailing his hands down to my thighs, he gave them a light squeeze before lifting me up into his embrace.

I let out a small quick gasp not expecting his actions. He wasted no time in making his way to the bedroom.

Realising me onto the mattress he sprawled across me back to my lips, his curls tickled as he dipped his head down back to my neck.

The other side this time making sure he had evened it up before returning to my awaiting lips.

His tongue slivered its way into my mouth, exploring each and every part of my inner mouth, he had never done this before, it was new and exciting but mostly left me with a lust and desire for him even more.

One hand stayed tangled in his curls whilst the other cupped the back of his neck pulling him closer, words could not describe the desire and cravings i had for him right now, best of all, he knew it.

After having his way with my mouth, he sat up slightly lifting his t-shirt from his perfectly flexed body, i couldn't help but let a hand run across his gorgeous abs that made my heart flutter.

His dimples appeared as a wide grin tangled within his face. As his delicate hands moved in such an elegant way towards the button of my jeans.

He purposely applied a little pressure on my crotch area as he popped the button open and zip, slowly taking his time to pull the denim down my long legs.

I let out a soft moan feeling his lips attach to the inner of my thigh, his green orbs watched my face at all times, enjoying each and every moan i produced.

He was taking his time and it was driving me crazy, "Harry" i breathed shakily, desperate for more affection.

He let out a hushing sound causing his hot steamy breath to blow against my skin erupting another moan from my slightly parted lips.

He smiled turning his head to the side giving the inner of my thigh a long gentle kiss.

I closed my eyes in satisfaction feeling as if time had stopped just waiting for him to finish his soft simple gestures that drove me crazy.

It felt as if a primrose path had soaked up every inch of me feeling everything with a luxury taste of sweetness, burying itself in the deepest pits of despair, lifting my lowest points to the high.

A whimper escaped my mouth, feeling the small amount of pressure, across my thigh as Harry sucked harshly against the smooth skin, leaving a fresh purple sore mark.

He repeated the action on the other thigh, resulting with the same sore mark, leaving my legs to lightly ache.

He met level with my eyes once again, his pink tongue poked from his mouth slivering its way around his soft pink lips, in a seductive manner.

My heart pounded heavily in my chest starring at the gorgeous boys action above me, whilst my mind raced.

I took the opportunity to unbuckle at his belt, desperately trying to the pry the material that kept our skin apart, away.

His deep voice chuckled whilst shaking his head, causing his curls to bounce about everywhere.

"Slow down angel" he hummed, his pearly white teeth were on show, whilst he watched me suffer from beneath him.

Obeying him, i calmly undid the buckle to his bet and jeans in a slow action, he aloud me to pull them down, whilst he kicked them off at his ankles.

He pressed his lips once more against mine, making my heart flutter, I felt his hand run underneath me across my lower back until it came to my bra strap.

He fumbled with it, finally managing to release it, before taking the finally step of pulling it up, his hot breath tickled my ear.

"You know" he muttered allowing his teeth to tug slightly at my ear loath causing an unexpected moan to be realised, whilst one of his hands dipped slightly into the lace of my black panties "blacks my favourite colour".

And with that the material of both my bra and panties was ripped from my skin leaving me completely bare and vulnerable.

I let out a gasp curling myself away into a small ball, from Harrys lustful stare.

It didn't take long before his large strong arms gripped my elbows pulling me back into my original place.

"Don't hide" his tone was soft and supportive, giving me a small push of encouragement.

I allowed him to have his way, tearing my arms from my chest, where i had tried to cover it.

He starred down at me in admiration for a few seconds before dipping his head once again down to my neck.

"Your so beautiful" he whispered, causing the small hairs of my back to stand up.

I let out a soft moan feeling the astonishment of his lips across my neck and his crotch which had been pressed to mine, both at the same time.

I squeezed my eyes shut, breathing out his head, "please" i begged feeling more weak than ever.

His lips parted into a smile, knowing he was driving me insane. The thin material that kept our lower regents apart was pulled down his long legs by my trembling hands, until like the jeans, they were kicked off.

My chest rose and fell quickly as his green eyes starred into mine for longer than expected.

I wasn't aware of what he wanted until i realised, he was waiting for my reassurance, not wanting to harm or scare me in any way possible.

A smile tugged onto my lips as i sneaked my hands behind to his back, feeling the tensed muscles that curved around my fingers.

I whispered his name, causing his green orbs to glance away, "im yours".

His eyes seamed to glisten in the light as a smile formed his face, I inhaled deeply feeling the sudden push inside.

He let out a sharp breath attaching his lips to mine once more, fixing his palms either side of my head, a whimper escaped my mouth feeling the sensation of him fully inside of me. 

He let out a muffled grunt before gently rolling his hips, a cry of pain was realised from my lips as i squeezed my eyes shut tightly at the unbearable pain.

He reassured me once again that it would get better and with that, it did.

Frequent moans fell from my parted lips as i felt the indescribable pleasure he was producing, words could not tell the amount of satisfaction and sensation he was giving me.

"Oh God" I breathed heavily, i fisted the sheets feeling my body arch into him, causing a low grunt to be realised, "Harry".

I hadn't realised that, i was now screaming, he thrusted himself heavily into me increasing every inch of pleasure ten times better.

My hands flew to his strong muscular shoulders, squeezing them, gradually my nails sank in as well.

"Jesus Christ Harry!" i screaming feeling myself on the edge, it wasn't going to take much for my climax at the rate he was going.

I let out a deep gasp feeling myself let go, Harry let out a grunt as his thrusts got sloppier and sloppier from his ultimate high.

Finally stopping, his body collapsed next to mine, my chest rose and fell at a rapid rate as i panted heavily.

Catching my breath my head cocked to the side, Harry was grinning down at me whilst his body rolled onto its side, resting his head on his elbow.

"You sure you need to go home" he grinned half expecting me to say no, i let out a giggle nodding, "yes i do" i stated.

His eye brows knitted together in a frown, as i quickly pulled my underwear back on, "your joking" he growled.

"Nope" i shrugged, "Angel" he muttered ignorantly, i giggled grabbing my jeans, my t-shirt was still downstairs.

"Come on" he begged climbing out of bed, "just stay the night" he begged but i shook my head, as much as i wanted too, i couldn't, i needed to go home.

"No but if you behave i might let you stay round mind" i laughed causing a hopeful expression across his face.

He walked over giving my lips a small gentle kiss before grabbing his boxers and jeans pulling them on.

I crossed over to his hall, and walked into the lounge picking up my t-shirt.

I pulled it over my head, then quickly pulled my jeans on, Harry walked out with his t-shirt half on.

"We wouldn't of had to get dressed again if you just stayed here" he muttered in a hushed tone, "whatever Styles" i giggled pulling my shoes on.

He slipped his on and grabbed his keys, "come on brat" he grumbled, "Brat!".

He smirked walking out of the door, i quickly scrambled after him, "brat" i repeated.

He winked nodding, "yes brat" he answered, "im not a brat" i snapped, i had to keep the giggle i wanted to realise so badly in.

I was trying to seam mad but Harry could read right through me, "just get in the car Brat" he chuckled to himself.

"No for that im walking" i huffed continuing my way up the small drive way and onto the street, "you sure that's a good idea" Harry called chuckling.

I instantly knew it wasn't, seeing the same four guys in hoodies across the street in the ally, my heart raced starring at them for a moment but i continued to walk.

"Suit yourself" Harry shrugged, "oh that's nice, not even going to try and stop your girlfriend" i yelled back making him laugh.

"What ever the lady wants" he called, i couldn't keep the smile from my face though, i had made it four houses down when i felt a tug on my elbow.

I turned to see Harry, his hands shoved into his pockets, i raised an eye brow causing him to chuckle, "so....i don't want you getting yourself into any trouble" he shrugged.

"Sure Styles" i giggled leaning up and giving his lips a long passionate kiss, he smiled as we pulled away, linking our hands.

"Come on angel" he smiled walking us back to the car, once we in he began to drive, blasting the music full volume.

I couldn't help but giggle, as he began to sink along to Jessie J, Sexy Lady, he had an amazing voice.

Finally pulling up out side my house, i swung the door open stepping out as Harry did the same.

It was half 9, half an hour away from my fuming mother coming home, i sighed heavily opening the large crooked door but once again it got stuck.

After Harry successfully, opened it without a struggle we headed up to my bedroom.

I sighed pulling my jumper off over my head, "ready for round 2 already" his deep voice chuckled, echoing around the room.

I felt too hands place on my waist giving me a light squeeze, "No im already tired out from round one, im changing into my pyjamas" i giggled causing his to roll his eyes.

Shucking off his t-shirt, he fell backwards onto my bed, resting his hands behind his bed watching me change.

"Stop" i mumbled feeling uncomfortable from his wondering eyes, "what" he chuckled, a wide grin spreading across his face.

"Watching" i mumbled holding my pyjama top up, covering myself, his curls bounced about as he shook his head laughing.

"Angel, we had sex minutes ago, im sure you can handle getting changed in front of me" he laughed causing my heart to ache and my cheeks to redden.

I quickly pulled my top on, turning my back to him. I could hear the soft chuckle escaping his lips then a tut.

"No angel wear this" he said throwing his shirt to me, I groaned quickly clawing my pyjama top off and lifting his shirt on.

I pulled my jeans down and sighed walking over to the beautiful boy before me, my body dropped onto the bed besides him letting a deep sigh escape my lips.

I snuggled into him resting my head on his immaculate chest, "my mums going to kill me" I mumbled burying my head into the crook of his neck.

He let out a chuckle wrapping his arms tightly around me and giving my head a light kiss, "no she wont, i wont let her" he mumbled sweetly.

I sighed once more closing my eyes, he had no idea.  


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