Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


30. ready

Hannahs POV

I tugged at the sleeves of my navy hoodie, pulling them down to cover my hands, heating them up.

It had a more icy chill around theses areas, a clear sign that i wasn't very welcome but still i trailed every so slightly behind the 5 boys as they walked towards the very same old and broken building, i had been to 2 weeks ago.

My body shivered feeling a gush of wind and hoped it would be warmer inside.

Harry turned his head back taking a glimpse at me and stoped for a few seconds allowing the boys to carry on ahead and me to catch up. He linked his fingers in mine and pulled me against his warm body.

He kissed my head and hugged my body as we walked towards the doors. I inhaled a deep breath not wanting to ever step foot in the building again but i had too.

"Don't worry" Harry muttered in my ear giving in a light kiss, "your fine" he let out a chuckle as we stepped through the door. The boys had already hurried up ahead to get Zayn ready, where as me and Harry took our time.

Once again i could hear the curses and cheers and yelling as we edged closer to the packed room, finally Harry opened the heavy door to revile all the large and bulky men yelling and cheering so loud it felt like my ear drums had burst.

Harrys arm was protectively around my waist as the attention of a few who heard the door open turned to us.

Once again i felt uncomfortable as greedy eyes turned to me, some winked and one guy licked his lips.

I shuddered into Harry and he sent a warning glare to one guy who had taken a few steps towards me.

He wasted no time in pulling me through the crowd of men, trying to get to the door across the room where the boys were.

I shrieked as i felt someone's hand grasp my wrist and in seconds i was out of Harrys grip but not for long.

Before the guy could say anything, Harrys fist had come into contact with the guys cheek causing a crunch. I winced at the sound and the guy fell back letting out a low moan rubbing his now bruised cheek.

Quite a few peoples attention was caught by this but it wasn't that big of a deal considering we were at a boxing place.

"Don't touch her" Harry growled before wrapping his arm around my waist again, tighter this time.

He forced our way through the crowd until we got to the door, we stepped in to see Zayn already training, as well as the boys there was 2 other guys.

One was too focused on holding the boxing bag for Zayn who was hitting it fiercely and the other turned to Harry and I.

"Harry" he asked, a flash of panic crossing his face, "don't worry your fine Connor" Niall said.

I looked up at Harry and frowned, his eyes was sharp starring into the guys eyes, Connor i think, like he was going to pounce any moment and straggle him to death.

Connor let out a nervous laugh and smiled slight at Harry, "er...hay" he said in a quite tone, well he had surely upset Harry in the past.

I tugged at Harrys hand causing his fixed stare to break as he looked down at me, ignoring Connor he stepped forward and gave my lips a longish lingering kiss.

I looked at him puzzled and he chuckled, "what" he muttered giving my lips another kiss, "i cant give my girlfriend a kiss".

I shrugged and smiled as he kissed my noise and led me over to one of the weight machines.

He sat on the seat made for it and pulled me down, so i was sitting in between his legs.

"What are we doing" i questioned and Harry shrugged kissing at my neck a bit, "waiting for Zayn to box, it will start in about 15 minutes" he said and i felt myself shiver.

I wasn't to keen on boxing, i didn't like it and i hated when people got hurt which is all the time in boxing.

After a few minutes, i heard the door open and my attention turned that way, i let out a small gasp as my eyes locked with the guy who snatched me, Zak.

Harry stood up immediately pulling me up as well, he stepped forward in front of me shielding my body behind his.

"What" Harry growled, i could see Zak step in and a grinning Rixon and Steve follow.

"Just came to say a friendly hello" Zak chuckled and Liam scoffed, "friendly" he mumbled glaring at the three.

"Relax Payne" Steve smirked stepping forward, "no need to get our hands dirty plenty of time for that in the ring".

His smile was sickening and his words were simple but they twisted with my mind causing me to shudder which caught Zak's attention.

"Oh your here" he said, his smirk widening, "didn't see you there baby" he smirked and began to walk over, like Harry wasn't even there.

Which was a mistake considering the tight grasp Harry had already around his neck, Zak gagged clawing at Harrys hand who stood amused watching him struggle.

"Harry" Steve warned but seamed to find this amusing as well, Steve was the guy who only cared for himself. He wouldn't care if Harry killed Zak right now, the only thing he would care about is if he was next.

I could see the panic in Zak's eyes as he struggled to find a breath, i tensed starring at the panicking boy.

No matter how much he had probably deserved what he was getting, i couldn't let Harry continue, Zak looked almost younger than me, despite his towering size.

He was too young to be involved in all of this and it wasn't fair for him to get hurt over something that wasn't his fight.

"Harry" i whispered stepping forward, i placed a hand on his shoulder and tugged at it, "please stop".

He turned his head my way with a confused look, "stop" i repeated and his jaw hardened before he sighed letting Zak go, he dropped to the floor gagging and holding his throat.

I was surprised that Harry had released him so quickly, when i asked.

"Theres a good boy Styles" Rixon laughed from the back, Harry snapped his head that way and glared, "watch your mouth or you will be next and i don't think i will stop this time" he growled.

He was getting worked up which was never good, i curled my fingers into the back of his shirt and leaned up on my toes giving the back of his neck a small kiss.

It seamed to calm him down a bit, "any way be ready in ten Malik, see you soon" Steve smirked and spun around walking out.

"Come on Zak" he yelled, like he was calling his dog or something, Zak pulled himself up from the ground rubbing his neck.

Before he turned and walked out, his eyes met mine, they weren't full of hatred or anything like that.

They were in a way, soft and innocent and unlike how they were before, a greyish colour.

They now revelled there true colour, they were a baby blue, crystal clear and it took all the dark sides away from him.

He looked like he was almost thanking me, through his eyes, after another harsh call from Steve he turned around and walked out slamming the door behind him.

I really don't understand half of these people.



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