Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


67. Liam dont...

Hannahs POV

"You ready angel" Harry called softly walking into the bedroom, I smiled half heartedly and took a hold of his hand. We were off to visit the boys. A week had passed since the whole Brett-Damon thing. Harry and I were as good as ever which was strange. I thought we would be at our worst but Harry refuses to let me go, even for just a little while so that we could perhaps take a small break, get our heads wrapped around everything's that happened.

He tugged on my hand leading me to the front door and out and into the car. We hadn't seen much of the boys this week at all. The day after the boys left, Niall had popped round whilst Harry went out to speak to Liam. I hadn't know at the time where he was going. I was terrified when Niall told me where he had gone too, terrified they would start a fight and they wouldn't stop until one of them was down for good and if it was that case, it's obvious who would of won. Liam had a bullet wound for gods sake. I suppose if anything, at least I knew Harry would be ok but there was still always a small part of me that ached for Liam... That he would be ok too. 

Meanwhile the entire day, Niall had been dropping subtle hints of wanting to know what had happened between Harry and I and once I had told him that we were fine. He couldn't of looked happier. It seamed that it was incredibly important to Niall that me and Harry were together, I think it's because he hasn't ever seen Harry happy in a relationship before and I find it sweet that he's cares so much for his friends happiness. Later that day when Harry returned, he didn't look roughened up nor even a hair out of place. He looked calm and I was happy leaving it at that.

The car journey was as it always is, fifth teen to twenty minutes full of music and small talk. We never speak much in the car. Arriving at Nialls set of flats, we master the many flights of stairs before knocking on door number 389. Niall opens up with half a Twix chocolate bar shoved into his mouth. He waves his hand and jogs backwards, holding the door for us. I thank him on my way in and take in the surroundings, the place is a wreck. Clothes, half empty pizza boxes and take away bags scatter the tables, chairs and floor of the lounge. The connecting kitchen is the same but with more rubbish across the counter top, the sink has a mountain of dirty dishes and glasses and the bins overloaded so much, the lids come off and theres an overall stench of beer. The last time id been in Nialls flat, it was messy but no where as much as this.

"What the hell happened here" I ask, starring at the unbelievable mess. Niall simply shrugs in a 'what can you do' way and finishes the Twix bar he was eating, "theres four guys living here, what do you expect". I look to him in disgust and he simply pouts, giving an innocent smile.

"Tad ridiculous mate" Harry comments, shifting an empty pizza box to the side with his foot. Niall lets out yet another pouts behind him towards, Louis, who sits on one sofa with his feet up watching something on the tv and Zayn who shuffles around the kitchen, searching for a clean glass.

"Blame them" he huffs stubbornly, I stifle a laugh and shake my head, "you're adorable". He only grins and makes his way back to the sofa.

After not even half an hour of sitting in the middle of everything, I finally explode. I end up yelling at Niall and the rest of them about the mess and begin to tidy it up myself, ignoring Harry's constant attempts and protests to make me sit down.

"You're so stubborn" he mutters, running a hand through his curls. I gleam and inch towards him, standing on my toes, I lean in planting a quick peck on his cheek, holding on to his shirt. He shakes his head, causing his curls to bounce about widely and before I can step away, his arms loop around my waist pulling me more into him. A dangerous smirk crosses his face and seconds before his lips touch mine, we hear a sort of snort and Liam appears, leaning against the bedroom door frame, arms crossed, smirk on.

Harry dosent even need to turn to know who it is, he simply grunts and closes the distance between us, pressing his lips against mine hard.

Since being shot, the boys pitied him and aloud him to stay with Niall, considering he had no where else to go. Everyone was unsure with him. They didn't know whether to believe him or not. I certainly didn't. Liam had straight out told me his plan, bullshit about Brett being there. He wanted us to trust him and so that's exactly what im not going to do and I know for a fact Harry dosent trust him and if I wont, he especially wont. But theres always that little nagging, annoying part of my brain that then considers that Brett did shoot him. Liam told us that Brett had somehow found out, that he was only using him and that's why he shot him. It does add up, I suppose, but it would take a fool to straight up trust Liam. And im not a fool. He drugged and kidnapped me. How could I trust him... Even if I wanted too. I still don't know what happened between him and Harry, but im certain it had something to do with him kissing me and that's exactly what Harry's doing now. Proving that im his.

As Harry continues to take my breath away, I can feel the burning stare of Liam as he watches carefully how Harry chooses to show that hes the alpha here. I end up rolling my eyes and much to Harry's displeasure, pull away from his suffocating kiss. Im left heavy breathing for a moment, whilst Harry's hard eyes stare into mine with a mixture of anger and annoyance. He was showing off to Liam and I stopped it. I meet his eyes with a tender smile and cup the nape of his neck, pulling him down so I don't have to stand on my toes to reach him.

"Im yours" I say loud and clear for everyone to here, I ignore Liam's scoff and Niall's awe and give him one last kiss. This time, the kiss is full of love and passion and when we pull away, he cups my cheeks keeping our face's so close, our noses are touching, I let out a small giggle and he simply smiles a toothy grin.

"I love you" my stomach feels with butterflies because of his words and I repeat his words back to him, ending up in one more sweet kiss before I push him away and begin to clean Niall's apartment once again. Liam had disappeared back into the bedroom long before Harry and I had pulled apart and he had been in there ever since. It took me little over an hour and a half to clean and Im happy with that time. In the meantime, the boys had set up the xbox in the lounge and Zayn and Harry were now playing an intense game of fifa, Niall rooting for Harry and Louis rooting for Zayn.

"Fuck" Zayn groaned whilst Harry cheered after scoring a goal, I roll my eyes at the bunch of idiot kids in front of me and skip towards the sofa. I plant myself in Harry's lap and immediately he's shuffling about, moving his arms around me so he can hold the controller and peering above my head to see the screen. Boy's and their bloody games.

"Babe" he moans, struggling, neither wanting me to be there nor go, I smile to myself and nuzzle my nose into his neck. As soon as I plant my lips against his neck, he curses and squeeze's his hold on me a little tighter whilst still continuing to focus on the game.

"Hannah" he hisses as my kisses begin to travel up his neck and behind his ear, which I know drives him crazy. "Fuck" he shouts when Zayn manages to tackle the ball from him whilst momentarily being distracted by my kisses. "Yeesssss" Zayn cheers, managing to score, "keep doing whatever the fuck your doing doll" Zayn shouts throwing a fist into the air, Louis soon copying the action.

Harry lets out a growl and in seconds, pauses the games, places one arm under my legs and the other under my arm and lifts me, throwing me onto Niall. I shriek landing on his lap and immediately Niall's cheeks redden. "Play with him" Harry snaps unpausing the game. Less than ten seconds later, Harry realises his words and quickly scrambles to pause the game and lift me from Niall and back onto his lap. A moment later and we all burst into laughter. It takes a long time before we all manage to contain our laughter and the boys continue with their game whilst I get up to use the bathroom.

Too get to Niall's bathroom, you had to walk through his bedroom, where i suddenly remembered that Liam was in there resting. I groan and sigh at the same time and straight up open the door and walk in. I see Liam and immediately wish I had knocked first. He sits on the end of the bed, shirt off, thrown to the floor and had unwrapped the bandage from his wound and was pouring alcohol onto it. His face was a mixture of pure agony and pain and it was still bleeding heavily. He hissed in pain but hearing me gasp, suddenly, he looked up meeting my eyes.

"What are you doing" I gasp hurrying over to help. I place a hand just above where the bullet hole was and study it carefully, it looked like its getting worse.

"I have to keep it from getting infected" he mutters and takes a swing of the vodka he was using on it, taking several gulps. How can he drink pure vodka like that? I take the bottle from his hands before he can drink anymore and send a glare his way. Getting drunk isn't going to help him much either.

"But I can't get it inside because im sitting up" he shrugs half heartedly.

"Why didn't you ask for help then genius" I roll my eyes, taking the cloth besides him and gently dabbing some of the blood away. He winces and a tiny part of my heart aches for him, getting shot much hurt a hell of a lot. We cant even take him to a hospital because they'll of course ask who shot him and get the police involved and the boys obviously need to stay away from the police with all that they've done.

"I was going too but when I came out, you and lover boy didn't look like you were going to be very open to helping out" he rolls his eyes, reaching for the bottle again but I snatch it back.

"Niall, Louis and Zayn were still an option" I snap,

"well, you two pissed me off, OK" he snaps back, equally as fiery and loud. I'm surprised not any of the boys have heard us, we are being sort of loud. Then again, the door is closed and I can hear there game of fifa, even in here, that's how loud it is. Its not all that surprising in the end.

"Why! What the hells your problem?"

"Don't you get it!" he barks, suddenly, springing from his seat and taking a step forward, now standing towering above me. His arms are down by his sides, his hands slowly curling into balls of fists but Im not afraid, thinking about everything Liam's ever done, hes never actually physically hurt me and I don't think he ever would. His usual dark, ocean, blue eyes stare into mine hard as if they're starring right through me but a moment later they shift too a lighter shade of blue and his entire frame relaxes as the familiar grin falls onto his face. He takes one more final small step so that we're so close, I can feel his hot breath fanning over my face. As I go to take a step back, one of his large hands rests on the small of my back and pulls me into him. I gasp as my hands fly to his bare chest, trying to keep some sort of distance between us, whilst his other hand also now rests on the small of my back, keeping me trapped in his embrace.


"I like you" he cuts me off.

His hands slide to my waste and he gives me a gentle squeeze whilst his eyes stay glued to mine waiting for some kind of reaction. I stiffen suddenly, unable to form words for several moments before I cough slightly, straightening up and give his chest a slight pat, nervously meeting his eyes.

"And I like you took Liam but you make it a little hard sometimes-"

"Don't play dumb babe" he chuckles, stroking a loose piece of hair behind my ear and leans down so that his mouths directly next to the opposite ear.

"I like you a little more this way, than that way" he whispers and faintly presses his lips to my neck so that they barely graze the skin. I let out a small gasp and shake my head.

"Liam don't-" my words are caught in my throat as I'm suddenly thrown back. My back hits the wall and Liam's pressed up against me in no time. He presses his lips to my neck once again but harder this time, one of his hands holds onto my waist whilst the other rests above my head and his entire body is pressed up against mine, trapping me in place.

"LIAM-" I go too scream but he cuts me off when his lips hit mine, hes rough and seams like he's ready to start stripping me of my clothes right here and now. Harry and I had somehow managed too stay strong throughout everything and I wasn't about to jeopardise that now. I refuse to return his kiss and suddenly, i'm aware that my hands are free and with everything I have, I place my hands on his chest and shove him. He stumbles backwards slightly, not expecting that and then winces. He groans loudly, having to use Niall's desk to keep himself up. Im confused until I notice my hands covered in a crimson coloured liquid. Blood.

"Oh my God" I gasp, "Liam I'm so sorry" I cry, hurrying towards him and helping him sit back down on the bed. When I shoved him, I had pressed one hand right on top of the wound. He squeezes his eyes shut in pain and shakes his head.

"No... Im sorry" he struggles, gasping from the pain. After several moments, of just sitting there, he finally sighs.


"Just forget it Liam" I quickly say, interrupting him. "Lets just... Get you cleaned up" I nod telling myself more than him. He meets my eyes, his still filled with pain and nods. He allows me to lay him down flat on his back and poor the alcohol into the wound. He lets out a last longing groan and sucks in a breath as I carefully wrap a new bandage around him. Once I'm done, not another word is said between us. I simply slip out of the door, forgetting all about needing to use the bathroom. On my way back to the boys, Harry immediately stands seeing me.

"You we're took a while" he says meeting me half way, grabbing hold of both my hands. I push every last thing that had just happened to the back of my mind and put on the best fake smile I can master.

"I helped Liam redo his bandage" I decided on telling him... At least its part of the truth. His eyes immediately shift to the door and turn a dark shade of green.

"Harry" I say softly, cupping his cheek with one hand. His eyes advert back to mine and hes nods.

"OK then" he breaths. I know his insides are probably boiling at this moment but he knows that Liam would need help with something like that and he also knows that if I saw he needed help, I would help him... Which I did.

He nods and leans in kissing my lips softly and that's that. Nothing else matters. I keep everything that just happened buried at the back of my mind and leave it there. But still of course, a tiny part of my brain keeps nagging me.

Liam likes you.





*Hits self with hammer 1847472847820238 times*




Im a bad person. Im sorry.

Im not making any promises because last time I promised, I didn't follow through with it and I understand if you don't really want to read this story anymore because of how long it takes me to update but im going to try and update more frequently. I was going to just stop writing this but then I read some of your comments and its really sweet how some of you are still really supportive even after 4 months of not updating and I'm grateful so im going to try. I made sure to make this chapter a bit longer because the others haven't been very long lately and I hoped you liked this chapter. Please do tell your opinions, I'll always reply to you and thank you so much if your still supporting me.

I. Will. Update. Soon.

Thank you xx


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