Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


44. Its him

Hannah's POV

"he wants......her.........I don't know.........just do as your told..........ok......." I desperately tried to listen but couldn't quite hear everything.

I sigh giving up and made my way back over to the small bed.

I had know clue where I was, Liam just dumped me in this room and I've been locked in since.

I try to listen through the walls but it's no use, I only pick up bits and pieces which make no sense altogether.

It's useless.

The room itself is simple, a small singal bed in one corner and a tall lamp in the other.

That's it.

No windows, nothing else.

The walls are a dull grey colour and the floor is made up of a dark shade of grey concrete, which makes it seam darker than it already is.

The lamp flickers ever now and again and soon enough it's going to blow and I will be left in complete darkness, great.

I sigh once more leaning against the head rest of the bed, I wince whilst gently rubbing my wrists.

Liam had untied the ropes but it still felt like they were on, my wrists and ankles killed.

You could see the freshly red marks of the ropes that carved into my arms and it hurt like hell.

I wondered if Harry was actual coming, how would he be able to find me, I don't even know where I am.

I jump slightly when the door swings open and immediately climb further back on the bed away from the door.

Seeing them familiar brown orbs, I feel my insides begin to boil, "you bastard" I shout causing him to grin.

"That's a nice hello" he smirks and laughs loudly and my eyes shift to the door which is now wide open.

I could make a run for it, he's not directly in the way, I just have to duck under his arms and I can get out. It's worth a shot.

And with that I quickly jump off the bed diving for the door, "woah woah woah" liam laughs.

I don't even make it past him, his arms wrap around my waist keeping my back pinned to his chest.

"Agh get off of me!" I yell struggling to free myself from his grip. "That wasn't very smart" he chuckles and a small gasp escapes my lips.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood high as his breath brushed my skin tickling.

"Wh-what are you do-doing" I stutter closing my eyes and relaxing slightly.

I knew I wasn't going to get out of Liam's grip, just the same as any of the boys. "Getting a little pay back" he mumbles.

Once I feel his lips press against the back of my ear I immediately begin to fight him again.

"LIAM!" I yell and his loud chuckle irritates me, "mmm you are too beautiful you know" he smiles and rests his chin on my shoulder.

I try so desperately to get away but I know it's useless, he's in control.

"Why thank you, now let go of me" I remark sarcastically. "Hmm....I'll make you a deal, let me fuck you and sure I'll let you go" he asks.

"Your disgusting" I snap which only makes him laugh, "your choice" he shrugs and in one steady movement, once agin my feet are swooped from the ground and I'm thrown over his shoulder.

"LIAM" I scream and begin to pound my fists against his back which I wasn't able to do last time due to the ropes.

He laughs a little more before carrying me out of the room.

I don't even take in my surroundings I'm too busy pounding at his back, "I can't believe you" I yell.

"Ditto" he smirks and suddenly I'm swing back over his shoulder and placed on the floor.

Immediately I try to make a run for it but am blocked off my two large men.


With Liam I had a small small small chance, with these guys, they would likely squish me if I tried to run at all.

"He wants to speak to her" one of the men tells Liam.

The man has short brown hair attached to his chubby face, blue eyes and an extremely large body.

Where as the other, wins by height, he's extremely tall, bald headed with tattoos that smother him.

"I know that's where I'm taken her" Liam spits, he dosent seem like he likes them much either.

"She can walk" the tall one answers, "I'll go in with her" liam mutters, "No" the other answers strictly.

"He wants to see her alone" he tells him, I glance too liam confused who's face seams to have the slightest look of worry in his eyes.

He glances my way and our eyes meet for a split second before he swallows and nods.

"Through there" one of the men answers pointing towards a door besides me.

He has a rather deep and intimidating voice. I swallow myself before slowly walking toward the door.

I take a last nervous glance towards Liam who seams to be starring at me before pushing the door open and walking in.

The room is dark and extremely large and seams empty with no furniture at all or anything.

I gulp, slowly make my way further and further in until I hear the door close.

I find my throat has turned dry and I struggle to speak, "hello" I squeak into the echoed room.

The silence kills and I find myself cringing, the atmosphere dosent feel right.

A cold chill prickles my arms and the darkness of each corner never seams to end.

"Is anyone there" I ask unsure, I'm not afraid of the dark but right now all I can think about is running back out of that door into the litton room.

My heavy breathing was all that could be heard but I knew I wasn't alone.

When suddenly it hit me and I felt as if someone had just punched me pushing all the air from my lungs.

He was here, it was him.

"Damon" I cry closing my eyes, it took a moment before his golden voice spoke.

"Hey baby".

My body spun to the sound of his voice and there he stood, looking as good as ever.

My heart had stopped.

Just like every single time I see him, it stops, I nearly can't breath and my mind goes crazy.

His piercing blue eyes score into mine, making me weak in my knees.

"Told you id be back" he whispers and his pearly white teeth appear as he smiles lightly.

My hole body has turned cold, I'm surprised im not blue in the lips but my vocal cords once again are lost.

It's a struggle to speak. "D-Damon" I squeak once more.

My minds isn't able to accept the fact he's here and back and every time I see him it feels as if I've gone into shock.

Yeck I am in shock.

I squeeze my eyes shut and wonder if when I open them he will still be there. And he is.

He's back, he came back.

He lets out a soft chuckle as I continue to stare at him, not being able to process that he's here still yet.

"Are you going to do this every time I see you" he asks sweetly stepping forward and sliding his hands into mien.

I gasp as my eyes flicker down to them, his touch alone starts the familiar butterfly's.

He grins and leans forward resting his head against mine, "your here" I ask, "I'm here".

I close my eyes once more then blink them open and my heart feels with warmth.

"Damon" I cry and just like before I can't help bit wrap my arms tightly around his neck.

I burry my head deeply into the warmth of his neck and just breath in his scent.

A mixture of aftershave and pine, as usual.

His strong arms wrap around my petit waste dragging me closer until no more space can fit in between us.

"I've missed you too much" he chuckled, having the voice of an angel.

"I've missed you too" I whisper as a small tear slivers down my cheek, "So much".

He smiles finally pulling back but keeping his arms around my waist.

"I'm sorry for the way you got here" he whispers kissing my head which made my heart melt.

"I don't care" I mutter closing my eyes as he tugs a loose strand of hair behind my ear with his beautiful hands.

"Now" he grins in a playful voice. A wild grin floats across his face as he leans in stealing my lips.

Firework irrupt in my stomach and I smile lightly into the kiss.

My hands tug on his messy hair, something that he loves and he lets out a small grunting noise from it.

His tongue slivers into my mouth, exploring all over again.

Once we finally pull away I'm lost for breath. "Mmm" he smirks and attacks my neck whilst I still pant slightly for breath.

"God I missed this" he mutters leaving a trail of sloppy kisses all the way down to my collar bone and back up where he begins to suck causing a mix of moans and whimpers to be realised from my mouth.

I smile to myself enjoying every single part of it until an image comes to my head.

An image that makes me immediately regret this and my heart to throb.


"Er.....Damon" I whisper squeezing my eyes shut, "mmm" he mutters continuing to kiss up and down my neck with the occasional nip.

"I.....erm....well....." I stutter not knowing what to say it, "what" he asks finally pulling away and looking into my eyes.

"It's just...." I mumble looking down, it's silent for a moment before I feel a hard squeeze.

"Ohh" he mutters, "I forgot" he rolls his eyes then gives me a stern look, oh god.

"You have a boyfriend" he finishes through gritted teeth.

I look down feeling almost ashamed, which is what he wants me to feel and it's working.

"Then what am I doing" he asks suddenly throwing his arms back away from me and taking 3 steps back.

"I can't kiss you" he frowns, "you replaced me, moved on, so I can't just come crawling back in can I now" he ask giving me a hard and angry tone.

"It fact why I am I even here, you know what I'll go, and this time I won't ever come back" he yells angrily.

And begins to walk past me to the door.


I cry running in front of him and placing my hands on his chest to stop him.

"No please, please don't leave me, I'm sorry, I love you, don't go I ca.....i can-" I can't even finish my sentence because i had burst into tears half way through it.

"Hey now"

He whispers softly tilting my chin up to face him, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I sob terrified to loose him.

I couldn't, I just couldn't.

"It ok" he smiles wrapping his strong arms around my broken body once more.

"I forgive you" he whispers.

I nod but still can't keep the so many tears from falling, "it alright baby" he smiles.

"I left you, you deserved to move on" he whispers, "but I'm back now and I promise I'll win your heart back" he answers in a calmed voice.

"You already have my heart" I whisper and he smiles, "and you have mine" he whispers back.


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