Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


53. Horrible sport

Hannahs POV

I returned from the bathroom, after drying my hair and back into Harry's room, where i jumped slightly shocked seeing another in there.

"Niall" I groan seeing the familiar blue eyes as he spins around, a cheeky smile apearing on his peach coloured lips.

I frown and look to his hands of which he holds two peices of material in them,

"Should i ask" he smirks and my eyes widen realising he was holding the underwear that Harry had previously ripped from my body tearing them into two.

"Niall" I snap feeling heat rise to my cheeks. I snatch them back and hurry past hiding them in the draws, a full on blush dipping into my cheeks.

His loud chuckle causes me to send a glare his way but I cant help but join him in laughter,

"eh... Harrys an eager one" he jokes which makes me roll my eyes.

"Whatever irish boy, lets go" i grin and follow him into the lounge joining the rest of the boys.

"What took you so long" Harry mumbles standing up and running his eyes over my body, "i only sent you to fetch her".

His eyes narrow on Niall and i catch on slightly,

"Harry, its been 5 minutes, im sure we could'nt fuck in that amount of time" i roll my eyes.

"Yeah... and i think i might leave that up to you anyway Styles" Niall grins and i slap the back of his head, feeling my cheeks flush once again.

"Huh" Harry frowns looking between us and i roll my eyes, "i said i would be out in 5 anyway, why did you send Niall literally 5 steps just to tell me to come in" i frown.

"Change of plans were going out, Zayns got a match" he says and i groan, "cant i just stay here" i beg not feeling in the mood to go out.

"Dont you want to see me fight doll" Zayn pouts smirking.

"Not particulary no" I smile sweetly but glare at the same time, "and stop calling me doll, im not a toy" i snap which only makes him chuckle.

"I love her" he grins looking to Louis as they snicker quietly.

Harry gives him a hard stare before turning to me, "no angel, to many people know where i live an too many people know your here" he mumbles nudging his nose against my cheek and sliding it down until he meets my lips in a small kiss.

I sigh and shrug, "fine let me get changed".  He nods and gives my cheek a soft kiss before allowing me to head back to the bedroom.

All i do is change out of Harry's shorts and into a pair of light blue skinny jeans keeping my black vest top on.

I unplug my phone sliding it into my back pocket and take a piece of gum from Harry's packet on the desk, sliding it into my mouth before walking back out.

Harry places a hand on the small of my back guiding me out of the door and towards his car.

"Dibs shotgun" Louis yells running past me and climbs into the front passenger seat of Harry's car.

"Get out Tomlinson" Harry says giving him a hard stare, "i dibs'ed it" he yells, "I dont care" Harry snaps and i can see hes ready to drag Louis out of the car by the throat if he has to.

"Its fine i'll get in the back" i say but Harry shakes his head, "No". "You'll get in the front, out Louis" Harry says sternly.

"Harry" I laugh, "seriously stop getting yourself worked up, i'll get in the back" I say opening the back door and sliding in.

He mutters something that i dont quite catch before getting into the drivers seat.

Zayn's in with Niall in his car. I sit patiently playing on my phone until Harry tells us we are here.

I look up to the same dirty old abandoned building and sigh, i hated this place. It is filled with all the disgusting men and it suddenly accures to me that i probably should have of changed my vest.

It was a tight fitted one with that kinds of stretchy material that folds around you body perfectly it reviled just enough cleavage to please Harry but certainly enough to completely full fill the men in there.

Immediately i found myself pulling the material up at the top trying to hide as much skin as possible.

Once Harry opened my door, I quickly climbed out and mounded myself into him. He chuckled lightly and kissed my head, "you look hot" he mumbles in my ear, "i dont like it".

Way to make me feel so much better about walking into a room filled with all these men.

We cross the deserted car park and towards the building, where once again we take the long walk down the halls, the sound of the thriving men already echoing around us.

I gasp jumping into Harry as i see a door slam open only a few meters away and two guys hurled out by a much larger guy dressed in black pants and a black polo.

"Get out of here" the larger guy roars as the two guys stumble, one tripping over his own to feet and landing on the floor.

They seamed drunk.

Obviously they had caused a bit of a racket or something and had been thrown out.

"Yeah well fuck you too" the guy standing shouts then his attention leads to us, his eyes land on each of the boys studying them all, spending a few more seconds on Zayn, probably recognising him from boxing.

Then they land on me.

A wiry smile appears on his lips and his dark, dark, dark, blue eyes fill with lust.

"Mmm and whats your name baby" he smirks stumbling over, bad mistake.

Hes already on the floor and ive already shrieked seeing blood pour from his noise. "Now" Harry mutters and the soul of his shoe is soon pressed to the guys neck.

"Harry" i cry stepping forward but Niall takes a hold of my hand pulling me back into his chest, "just let him get on with it" he mumbles in my ear.

I hesitate before nodding and listening to what Harry says to the guy. "Im really not in the mood for anyone hitting on my girlfriend" he pauses pressing his foot a little harder into the guys neck.

Hes cheeks have turned a bright red and i can see hes struggling for breath. "So i suggest, you spread the word and get out of my sight before i give you something to cry about" Harry spat harshly but deep inside, theres still the sense of calmness in his voice.

As soon as he lifts his foot from the guys throat, he scrambles to his feet looking to Harry in fear for a second before grabbing his friend from the floor and disappearing around the corner.

Harry takes a hold of my hand and just like that we continue our way to the room of crowded men. 

I enclose myself around Harry hiding behind him, before he pushes the door open, Niall stays tight on my back as we push our way through to the familiar training room of where i had first met Zayn.

"Your fucking late" is the first thing i hear as we enter the room, "blame Styles and his little protective act" Zayn rolls his eyes looking to the guy i had seen train him also when i first met him. 

Max......was it, i couldnt remember.

"Well get your fucking shorts and gloves on and start punching that bag" he shouts referring to the punching bad hanging from the ceiling.

Zayn sends him a nasty glare and i can tell hes biting back everything he would like to shout back but its his boss.... if you like, he cant.

"Styles work on your timing" Max rolls his eyes looking to Harry, "whatever Bastlock" Harry grins back walking over leaving me.

"Wait there a second angel" he says before following Max into another room. 


Thanks Harry.

I see Louis walk over to one of the muscle machines mucking about and Niall walk over to the weights, fooling about.

My eyes travel back to Zayn gasping when seeing him. "What are you doing" I snap, "getting changed what dose it look like im doing doll" he smirks standing up straight and folding his arms starring at me.

He stood in his unbuckled jeans with no shirt and God did he have abbs. As much as i find him an uptight, vein, prick. I cant dare say he dosent have an attractive body, or isnt attractive in total. 

Although all the boys are attractive and only of who I know of, Harry and Zayn. They both most defiantly have beautiful packs of abbs.

But im pretty sure the rest of the boys do, im distracted from my thoughts seeing Zayn take off his jeans.

I should be looking away. Look the fuck away Hannah!

The entire time, Zayn has the biggest grin on his face as he pulls on appear of white training shorts on leaving his chest bare.

"Like what you see" he smirks, yes, "no". He chuckles shaking his head, "close your mouth doll you'll catch flys" he jokes which causes me to roll my eyes walking over to Niall, bored with Zayn now.

"Look at my muscles Hannah" Niall smirks flexing his arms, "shut up irsh boy" i roll my eyes giggling. 

Out of all the boys, despite Harry, i loved Niall the most, hes was so adorable and funny.

Dont get me wrong, all the boys had their dark side, even Niall but Niall's barely ever showed. 

In fact, i hadnt seen Niall's dark side to be honest, and neither Louis's really and even though he can be a prick, i hadnt really seen Zayn ever get too angry either.

I guess it was only Harry and Liam.


Oh God. 

I had just about stopped worrying and stressing over him but of course I had to find a way to get him back in my head, of course i did. 

I was only distracted from my thoughts once hearing the three boys argue.

"Dont try and show off Horan, theres no muscle there, this is what the ladies like" Zayn smirks pointing to thumbs to his abbs.

"Ive got abbs" Niall barked back and quickly pulled his shirt over his head.

I looked to his chest and my eyes widen, jeeze. I knew in fact, Niall would have abbs but God, not onces like these, they were use and so toned and flexed. Like Harry's.

Ok, so im confirmed now i know, Zayn, Niall and Harry all have huge abbs.

"Ladies ladies please, put the fat away, lay your eyes on these beauties" Louis joins in and lifts his polo shirt up slightly reviling yet another amazing pack of abbs.

"Am I in a strip club or something" i say and hear the chuckles echo the room, "you can be" Zayn smirks and i roll my eyes.

"Who do you think has the best body Hannah" Louis grins and I look between the three boys, "Due to the fact im in relationship, im going to go ahead and say Harry has the best abbs" I smile and just on cue Harry walks in.

"Dont know what were talking about but i like the sound of it" Harry smirks walking over to my and cupping my cheeks, leaving a long and passionate kiss on my lips.

"She thinks mine are best secretly" I hear Louis say which only makes me laugh, Harry turns around and frowns seeing all the boys, 2 shirtless and one lifting his shirt.

"What happened" he frowns, "nothing baby, nothing" i laugh hugging his waste tightly.

"Zayn! What did i fucking tell you" Max shouts also walking in, Zayn lets out a loud roar before swing his arm and hitting the punching bag with a hell load of force. Then continues to beat the bag throwing punch after punch until i become dizzy just by watching.

I hated boxing, its a horrible sport.


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