Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


54. Have to try

 Hannah's POV

I gently bite down on half my lower lip, mentally praying that Zayn was to be ok, the guy he was fighting was huge!
I didn't know who he was but I knew he could probably do some damage.
"C-can't I just wait in the car" I stutter turning to Harry with pleading eyes, "in a place like this" Harry scoffs and I sigh knowing that's a big 'no'.
I can't even think straight from the amount of noise. There's a betting guy at the other side of the room and even guys on our side that were no where near him were screaming bets.
And to my surprise, the odds were in favour of Zayn, apparently most people were betting on Zayn to win.....which is good. But I had a feeling he would take quite a few heavy knocks before that 
"You ok" Harry mumbles pressing his lips to the back of my eyes, I sweating and panicking and I'm guessing he could tell.
"Yeah..... I'll be ok" I say and inhale a deep breath. I'll be fine, I'll be fine, I repeat in my head trying to calm my nerves down a bit.
Harry stands directly behind me and I'm deeply buried into his chest whist his arms stay securely around my waste keeping me away from all the disgusting filthy animals in this place.
Niall stood to our right and Louis on the left, so they had basically set up a barrier keeping me safe and sound in the middle.
Zayn and the guy sit in there corners glaring at each other whilst their coaches, Max for Zayn, tell them constructive criticism and flaws of each enemy.
I hear a loud bell go off and the match begins, all I see is Zayn and the guy both stand but I've turned around burying my head is the crook of Harry's neck before I can see anymore.
I don't particularly want to watch the match but neither do I want to miss it, so I rely on another of my senses, sound.
I listen. Ever so carefully. To every little sound, focusing on one persons voice at a time so I don't just hear a racket of screaming and shouts.
"Damn it" I hear that familiar Irish accent and immediately I whip around, heart pounding at 100mph as I stare towards the ring.
The ref has called it tearing the larger guy away from Zayn who was on his knees coughing up a bit of blood.
I gasp covering my mouth as I stare at him. The ref says something to him before he heaves his self up ready for the next round.
My eyes are focused on his face, and I can't stop starring at the blood that slowly drops down his chin running from his mouth.
And that was it.
I was gonna me sick.
I quickly pushed past Harry tumbling through the crowd until I reach the exit to the halls, I could hear Harry shouting my name but I couldn't waste any time, I needed to find the toilets or a bucket or something.
My eyes light up slightly seeing the janitors closet, I'm quick to open the surprisingly unlocked door and heave myself in.
Seeing a bucket on the floor, I don't think before dropping to my knees and let it all. I hold the bucket with to hands and continuously vomit over and over and over again feeling like it would never stop.
I can hear Harry now once again and know he's in the hall, I can't even take a second to call for him before I can't stop, it just keeps coming and coming like the vial thing it is.
Suddenly hearing the door swing open, in seconds I feel Harry's large hands swoop up all my hair from my face and another slide under my waste allowing me to sit between his knees as I continue to vomit.
He whispers soft and smoothing things until I finally stop, feeling as if I had just puked up every liquid and solid in my body.
I sniff slightly once done and turn into his chest clawing at the material of his shirt trying to burry my head deeper and deeper inside of him.
"It's ok angel" he whispers softly stroking my head, "it's all done now" he says pulling me close.
"What the hell happened there" I hear Louis voice and Harry speaks for me, "she's just not feeling too good".
"Go back in and watch Zayn, I think I'll keep her out here" he mumbles to Louis who nods and hurries off.
I sigh resting the side of my head against his chest and just stare at the stone wall in front of me, "I'm sorry just the blood and-" "don't say sorry" he cuts me off.
"It isn't you're thought" he chuckles lightly trying to lighten up the mood which works slightly.
I smile to myself and continue to just sit on the floor hugging him tightly, "I love you" I mumble, " I love you too" he whispers.
"Im sorry, I didn't just hear what I think I heard, did I" an Irish accent laughs and immediately Harry's off the ground forcing me up with him also.
He grinds his teeth stepping out of the closet keeping me behind him at all time.
And there stands Greg, leaning against the wall, arms crossed, a cigaret poking from his pale lips.
His stone cold eyes creep their way to me, a smirk lacing across his face before they return to Harry.
"Harry Styles, in love, since when" he smirked, "she must be really good in bed for that purpose" he grins. Soon enough like every other guy that suggests or says anything about me, he has a bloody noise.
"Nice arm" he smirks holding his hand to his noise then looking to the blood on his hand. "Stay the duck away from her" Harry seethes curling his fists ready to punch him once again.
"I intend to Styles, don't act as if I'm not a smart guy, oh believe me, I know you're not the guy to pick a fight with" he says wiping the remaining blood from his noise onto his sleeve.
"But...." He smirks, "you might want to be careful, don't want to develop any..........weaknesses" he grins his eyes attaching to me.
"She's not a weakness if you can't get to her and believe me, I'll make sure of that" Harry spat holding my hand tightly whilst I remain quiet in the back just starring over his shoulder.
"Alright then" he shrugs, "anyway, where my baby bro" he smiles, "stop trying to chase after him, Niall doesn't want to fucking see you" he barks and Greg holds up his hands in defence.
"Get out of here" Harry growls angrily, "ok ok calm yourself, I'm going but believe me when I say I will be back" he smirks before turning around and walking up the long hall.
"Bye Styles" he laughs walking with a steady pace not seeming to give a fuck that Harry could easily take him straight out at this point.
He stops in his tracks for a moment and turns his head starring towards me, "bye beautiful, I'll see you in particular soon as well" he smirks before strolling back up the hall until he disappeared from sight.
I starred after him for a few seconds still slightly shocked before I turned to Harry who was shaking in anger, I quickly turn him so he's facing me and give him a long gentle kiss hoping it could calm him before he did something rational.
I smile gently pulling away and remove a curl from his eyes tucking it behind his ear, "stay calm" I whisper and he lets out aloud frustrated groan.
I'm about to speak but distracted when the doors leading to the ring room are slammed open and all the shouting guys pile out.
Immediately Harry pushes me back into the closet keeping me safe behind him and frowns watching all the guys hurry out, "what's happening" I frown.
"I don't know" Harry mutters then sees Niall and Louis who mange to fight there way into closet with us.
"Zayn won" Louis says, "and the guys that bet on Kieron aren't to happy" Niall says, "a fight broke out lose and fucking Bryan called the cops" Louis finishes off.
"We need to get out" Harry says and grabs my hand firmly, "Zayn went out the back, he's already at the cars but we need to go now" Niall barked.
"Stay close" Harry says as he suddenly pushes his way into the crowded halls of loads of guys panicking and shouting.
I was pushed and shoved all over the place but kept a firm grip on Harry's hand as he pushed through the crowd. I shriek being hauled back by a guy trying to get in front of us.
"Hannah" Harry shouts and starts trying to make his way back to me but he's got the crowd against him pushing him to go the other way.
It was literally so packed, I felt like a penguin when moving but that's the thing, I wasn't moving. More and more I was getting shoved back from guys trying to get on front of me and soon enough I couldn't even see Harry anymore.
"Harry" I shout and gasp when I'm pushed through a door to my right into another hall, no no no no, I'll loose him for sure if I don't get out of here.
But now I was getting shoved forward, I let out a cry of pain feeling rough hands throw me from side to side as they try and barge their ways through.
Suddenly my feet are lifted from the ground and I realise someone had lifted me, "get away from me!" I scream kicking and punching everywhere.
No one was paying attention and to be honest I don't think anyone cared, I was carried whilst pushed through the crowd until finally there was an exit and we were out side.
As soon as we were out I kicked my foot backwards hitting the person right in the shin, immediately I was dropped to the floor and a low heavy groan was realised from the guy.
I scramble to my feet and turn around, eyes widening seeing the guy that was thrown out when we first entered the building, the one Harry punched. I could still see a bit of blood running from his noise.
"You little bitch" the guy spat and my first intention was to run, I ran.
I ran forward, not having a clue where I was going. "Hey" the guy shouts and I turn my head slightly seeing both guys we had seen earlier chase after me.
"HARRY" I scream whilst running as fast as my legs could carry me, which wasn't all that fast and I was certain the guys would be able to catch up to me sooner or later.
Right now all I prayed is that it was later. I ran and ran and ran shouting and calling Harry and all the boys name.
"Bitch!" One of the guys shouted, I could tell he was catching up...... Quickly
I'm suddenly in a street filled with both a mixture if shops and house.
I continue to run seeing a lane ahead of me, it's my best chance.
I gasp for breath feeling a crucifying pain in my sides from running, but I have to keep going. 
I reach the lane and almost skid over when turning but manage to keep my balance, running down the lane.
"No" I cry seeing a brick wall ahead, dead end, I couldn't climb that on my own.
I have to try.
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What will Hannah do? She's trapped!
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