Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


42. Greg?

Hannah's POV

I made my way back to the table but found only Harry, "where's Luke" I questioned, "he had to go" he shrugged.

"Really" i asked raising an eye brow, "yes" Harry chuckled pulling me down so I sat.

"Harry" I warned, "angel he did" "promise" I asked, "I promise" he replied.

I sighed heavily and nodded, "alright well let's get some food" I say and look to the menu.

*later at home*

I groaned for yet again, it went straight to voice mail, "hay Luke, it's me.......again. Just give me a call when you get this, thanks bye".

"Angel come on maybe he turned his phone off or something" Harry groaned from the sofa.

I sighed giving up and made my way over, he pulled me down onto his lap and I snuggled into him.

"I know I'm just.....worried" I muttered, "why" Harry scoffed, "because he's my friend Harry" I roll my eyes.

He scoffs and we watch TV for the next few hours.

It was getting close too 9 o'clock and I was just about dropping off when I heard 3 loud knocks on the door.

Harry sighed giving my head a kiss before moving me off of his lap and made his way to the door.

I listened in hearing the sound of an Irish accent but what came to my surprise was that it wasn't Niall's. But it sounded much like Niall.

Harry's POV

"Greg!" I asked shocked to see that familiar face but also sickened to see that face.

"Hey Styles" he smirked, "what do you want" I spat closing the door slightly so if he decided to make his way in I could slam it in his face.

He wasn't going anywhere near Hannah.

"I was wondering if you could tell me where my little brother is at these days" he asked leaning against my door farm and crossing his arms.

"As if" I scoffed, he should know better, I wouldn't tell him where Niall was if my life depended on it.

"Now now Hazza let's not get an attitude" he chuckled, "goodbye Greg" I rolled my eyes going to slam the door but his foot kept it in place.

"That's a bit rude now isn't it" his lips twitched up into a smirk making me growl, i had to hold myself back from pouncing on him at this moment.

"Look I don't even know where Niall is I haven't seen the boys since the thing with me and Liam happened so I don't know why your wasting your time here" I shrugged, it was too easy to lie now of days.

"Besides I wouldn't tell you anything if I did know where he was anyway" I spat this time.

"Well we all know that's not true" he smirked, "a little birdie told me that Brett may just be back in town" he grinned knowing how to get to me.

As much as I hated him, I forget how smart Greg truly is, he knows near enough everything and everyone. He's your best bet at finding someone or something. Heck he's even found Niall, well near enough.

I let my gritted teeth on show and curled my knuckles, "get out of here before I do it my fucking self" I yelled.

Neither him or I was able to get another word out before I heard her voice.

"Harry" she asked, I could here the confusion in her voice, "who's this" she asked and I felt her small hands eat on my back.

But I wouldn't turn around not for a second would I let him leave my sight, "go back to the lounge angel" I muttered through gritted teeth.

"Ahh so this is Hannah" Greg smirked peering over my shoulder at her. "Excuse me" she frowned, "do I know you or something" I couldn't care less of how he knew her but it worried me that in fact he knew her and I wanted him gone now a billion times more.

"It dosent matter now get lost" I spat, the smirk seamed to appear again and he shrugged, "fine" he answered and just like that turned around making his way up the porch.

I sighed in relief, that was easier than expected, "but one last thing" he said turning back. I knew it.

"You called her angel" he smirked and I felt my heart drop, don't, don't fucking do it.

"Interesting" he smirked, "you might want to ask him about that 'angel" he mocked looking to hannah.

She frowned looking to me for a few seconds before back to him, "just saying" he shrugged, a smirk still wide on his face.

With that, he left.

I sighed heavily turning back to hannah, "who was he" she asked, "Nialls brother" I murmured closing the door, wait Niall.

I rushed past Hannah too the kitchen and grabbed my phone dialling Nialls number.

"Pick up, pick up" I muttered to myself , "Harry" she yelled following me.

He finally picked up yawning, "hello" he asked, "Niall, Greg's here" I said quickly, "what" he asked.

"Greg's here and he's looking for you" I mumbled, I looked up to see Hannah just starring at me completely confused, "tell me your joking" he growled, "as if I would" i answered.

"Alright thanks for the warning" he muttered, "you ok" I asked, "fine, I'll see you tomorrow" he answered and I said quick ok and goodbye before hanging up.

"Mind explaining" she asked folding her arms over one and another and walking towards the counter besides me, leaning against it.

I sighed turning too her and grabbing her small waist and it was swift movement lifted her up on to the counter and rested between her legs.

"That was Nialls brother" she asked slightly shocked, "mhmm" i nodded, "so why were you so rude" She questioned, "angel he's not a good guy" I answered.

"I mean it, if you ever cross paths with him and I'm not there, which I highly doubt, but just incase, run" i told her, "Don't give it a second thought just run, run as fast as you can".

"He's dangerous angel and incredibly smart, he knows how to play with peoples heads, he's a psychopath" I told her cupping her red cheeks. "Do you understand" I asked sternly and she nodded slowly.

"Why, what has he done" she questioned, I let out a deep sigh and looked down to our hands intertwining the fingers. "I think that's for Niall to tell you".

She nodded understandingly and I smiled kissing her lips, "let's just get and early night, it's been a long day" I muttered not too much enjoying the first part with the unpleasant company of Luke.

I let go of her hand, lifting her from the counter and she followed as I made my way too the bedroom. "Harry" she stopped me, "mhmm" I hummed.

"What did he mean by you always calling me angel"

Hannah's POV

It had been bugging me since Nialls brother left, which I am still short of a name of.

"Nothing" he answered a little to quickly, he seamed to realise his mistake as well, when he repeated what he had said but a little slower, "nothing".

I frowned not believing him the runway but but I decided to let it go for tonight, I wanted to sleep as well, I was exhausted today and an early night will do me well.

*next morning*

As usual, I woke up in Harry's large muscularly arms, which I had got quite used too every morning since I left.

I sigh thinking about it, since I left. It had been a whole week and my mother hadn't even called or texts not even too see if I'm ok.

I thought she would have of called or texted by now, I guess she was truly mad.

I admit I miss her, I mean is my mother, when is this going to end, will this end?

I had no idea. But I need to just keep it off my mind, I'm happy with Harry right now, even if he is trouble and I care too much about him to just drop him because of my mother.

I don't care what she sese, Harry is a good guy......well she he wants to be.

I guess I just have a thing for bad boys, but who really cares.

I'm practically an adult, I'm near enough 18 and she has no right to just completely control my life.

I sighed once more and slip out of his arms, his t shirt hung loosely around my small frame as I walked out into the kitchen.

I loved wearing his shirts, they were so comfortable and smelt of him.

I smiled to myself before making a bowl of cereal, that's all there really was, and settling down on the sofa, switching on the tv.

It wasn't too long before Harry got himself up too, probably wondering where I had gotten off too. "Good morning beautiful" he smiled dropping onto the sofa himself and stealing the spoon from my hand scooping some of the cereal for him to eat.

I rolled my eyes snatching it back which only made him chuckle, "you need too do some shopping" I muttered. I could never quite picture Harry grocery shopping. He dosent seam like the type

"I'll get Niall to pick up some" that answers it, "can I go" I question, "too do what" he frowns, "too shop" I roll my eyes.

"if you really want too" he frowns not having the slightest clue why I would want to go food shopping, "I need a day to myself" I mutter, thinking about my mum.

I guess I was just kinda down today, "you ok" he asks pressing his lips to my jaw. "Mmm" I nod, he shrugs then once again steals my spoon taking another mouthful.

"You can shop when the boys get here" he mumbled and I nod, "what time" I ask.

"About 12" I look to the time to see its 10 to 11, so in about an hour and a half great.

I nod and continue to eat my cereal and watch tv until about half past I run up stairs too get ready.

I quickly shower and throw on some darkish blue skinny jeans and a tank, adding some black vans.

Harry is already in some sweats and a t shirt just putting his nikes on now.

He takes my hand once tying them up and leads us outside and into his car.

The journey is rather quick and soon enough we're outside the market. "Thanks, ill see you soon" i smile leaning across and kissing his lips, then climbing out.

"Call me when you want picking up" he called before i closed the door, i nodded and waved, watching him pull out and zoom up the street.

I smile to myself before making my way into the market. Due to the purpose of its a Saturday, its completely packed.

I sigh heavily before making my way into the crowd, ready to begin my shopping.


An hour and a half later and ive finally finished, food shopping takes way too long, i sigh before making my way out of the packed market and into the car park where i try calling Harry, but i have no reception.

I give up and begin to make my way to his, walking.

I could call him when i had signal, i knew he wouldn't like it but tuff shit, he needs to learn that i can still take care of myself.

10 minutes had passed when i felt a tap on my shoulder, i turned around and gasped, causing all the bags in my hands to drop.

"Liam" i gasp, "Hello beautiful" he smirks, i stare at him, my mouth slightly a gap.

His face was covered in cuts and bruises which also followed onto his arms which were reviled. They looked fresh and weren't bandaged up or anything.

"What happened" i gasp still in shock, "that is a very long story" he spits with such bitterness in his voice it scares me.

"but lucky for you, ive got plenty of time" and with that he grabs a hold of me, spinning me around.

I try to scream but its muffled by his hand, i kick and punch, trying to get out of his grip but its no use as he drags me back.

Harrys POV

"Fuck" I mutter hanging up and try calling once again, "shes not picking up" i say in frustration, "chill shes probably just got it on silent" Niall shrugs looking up from his phone.

"Aw i think Harry here is in love" Louis winks and i glare to him, "shut up" i mutter, "its only a girl" Zayn mutters.

"Go pick up some other chick" he shrugs grinning, "what so you can fuck her" i spit and he chuckles, "you know me too well" he smirks.

I groan getting sick of hearing that fucking voice mail, " i give up" i mutter rolling my eyes, "good now lets get down to business" Niall answers sitting up.

"What are we going to do about them" he questioned, "beat the shit out of them and let them learn there lesson" Zayn shrugs.

"That's your answer to everything Malik some of us aren't trained boxers you know" Jonny says. "Yeah we can tell" Zayn snickers earning a whack round the head from Jonny.

"Look this isn't some fucking joke, this involves Brett and if something involves him, im not up for having a laugh" I spit angrily.

"Yeah we don't either Harry, its not just you, we all hate him and i duno if you've noticed but hes not our only problem" Niall yells back.

"I mean do you know how much im fucking pissed, my brothers back in town if you haven't noticed and i need to take care of him too" he finishes getting angrier by the minute.

"Yeah ive got a bit of a problem with that too" Ryan answers rubbing the back of his neck, "lets just say Greg isn't too happy with me at the moment".

"So what do you say we do Styles" Max asks folding his arms and leaning against the wall, before i can even open my mouth, my phone begins to ring.

Im quick to pull it out of my pocket seeing Hannahs name pop up, i amswer quickly, "hello angel" i ask.

"Sorry Haz shes a bit busy at the moment" i hear that familiar voice, i feel my jaw tighten as i hear his voice.

"Where is she" i spit, "now that would be no fun would it" he chuckles, "what do you want" i spit.

"Now heres where is gets a little fun"



so this is big chapter we reached 65 likes x thanks xx

it wasn't quite how i had planned it too go because i kinda changed it half way through so the ending was a little shit soz x

but still hope you liked it and its long enough x

i will updated soon and next big chapter is at 70 likes only 2 away coz were at 68 thanks so much xxx

will update soon comment what u think x


So whats Liam doing with Hannah?

What were all the cuts and bruises from on his face?

Nialls brother has appeared Greg, what do we think of him?

Whos on the phone?

What will happen next?



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