Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


34. Emotional reck

Hannah's POV

A light flashed through the window indicating my mother was home, to confirm I heard the croak of the old wooden door swing open then slam shut.

A sigh realised from my lips, I wasn't in the mood for arguing, I was tired. I was still warn out from the event taken place with Harry earlier, I must admit, he knew what he was doing and he knew how to do it.

I wrapped my arms tighter around his waist closing my eyes for a few seconds. 

Several times I had thought of the solution of maybe shoving Harry's large figure into my tiny cramped wardrobe hoping he was smaller than met the eye.

Or even hiding him under my bed, that would be a little more realistic, but I couldn't say the last time I hovered under there, the dust would be horrendous and I would be too embarrassed to let Harry see that.

All just to keep him hidden from my mother. I know she is going to be mad but Harry being here is just going to make her madder and it ten times worst.

I sighed sitting up and swinging my legs other the side of the bed, Harry's eyes narrowed as he pulled his weight up onto his elbows.

"promise you will stay here" I begged, he starred at me in silence for a few moments before nodding slowly.

I smiled leaning down and giving him a small peck before I was on my way and down the croaky steps.

I scrunched up my face as each step made a loud annoying squeeze, making in obvious i was here.

I wondered into the lounge seeing, my mothers coat laid neatly on the back of the sofa as usual when she got home, but no sign of my mother.

Hearing the racket that our kettle made, noted that she was in the kitchen.

I peered in through the door to see her. Her back was to me whilst her arms stretched out leaning on the counter, her head was slightly dipped like she was deep in thought.

I tipped toed myself in, feeling the cold tile floors against my bare feet, "do i even need to ask" i froze in my spot.

Starring at the back of her head, the question itself seamed to drag out, leaving a disturbing silence.

She turned her way around in a swift but slow movement, whilst her hazel eyes in graved into mine.

I gave a noticeable swallow before opening my mouth, it quivered open for a few seconds before i drew it shut.

I needed to think about what i was going to say, my mother could pick up anything and use it against me and normally, ended in success.

"Im 17" i said at last, "Im not a child anymore mum and you need to realise that".

My voice was calm, i didn't want this to end up like our usual arguments, shouting and yelling, i wanted to take a different turn.

Maybe for once i could have a calm, civilised conversation with her, just once. 

Her lip curled every so slightly, as she peered at me with a hard stare, "Your still a child" she said in a rather relaxed voice but i could detect the bitterness in her tone.


Every single argument ive ever had with my mother, this is the one question she will refuse to answer.

Why? Why am i still a 'child' ?, what makes me a 'child' ?, How do i grow out of being a 'child' ?

"It dosent matter why-" "No mum" i interrupted standing myself up straight and twisted my body around so it completely faced her.

"Why?" i asked once again, "What kind of 17 year old isn't aloud to have a boyfriend, or even a friend that's a boy" she opened her mouth to speak but i knew exactly where she was heading.

"The only reason you except Matt is because your friends with his mother" i snapped.

She seamed slightly startled by my words, not sure how to reply, but soon over came that.

Her fuming eyes seamed to be starring right at my t-shirt, i could practically see smoke coming off of her, that's how furious she seamed at that moment.

"Hes here isn't she" she snapped in a harsh tone, a shaky breath was realised as i quickly dropped my head glancing down at my shirt,I forgot i was wearing, his shirt.

"So what if he is, hes my boyfriend" i snapped back, she shook her head violently muttering no repeatedly under her breath.

"No" she said finally, her voice low and threatening, "you live under my roof and if you don't want to obey 'my' rules, You Can Get Out Of My HOUSE" she ended screaming the last part.

I gasped lightly starring at her in utter shock, but soon i found myself already heading to my room to pack, "fine" i spat running up my stairs.

I could feel the salty tears roll down my cheeks, as i sobbed climbing the stairs as fast as i could.

My vision was so blurred my tears, i hadn't noticed Harry who was stood at the top of the stairs, on his way down to me.

I clashed into him almost loosing my balance and falling straight back down the stairs but his strong arms caught a hold on me, keeping me in his protective grip.

He didn't get a word out before i pushed past him straight into my room.

Grabbing my duffle bag and a few other bags, i just began to throw things in.

I scoping my clothes up into one big pile shoving them in, all my books, DVDs, shoes, anything that was mine.

Harry stood at the door, not saying a thing, just watching my reckless figure blow up.

I seamed to cry harder as i violently shoved everything in, not giving in a second thought.

It was only when i came to the small frames on my desk, full of different pictures.

Some were of me and Matt when we were younger, Louisa and I, and lastly some of me and my mum and the last, me, my mum and my dad.

That's what made me break down completely, i sobbed hysterically into my knees, not being able to keep the tears back.

Soon i felt strong arms wrap around me and Harrys soft voice hush me, whispering calming words but i couldn't stop, i just couldn't.

"Angel" he murmured giving my temple a light kiss, "where am i going to go" I sobbed feeling myself slowly fall to pieces.

I felt the vibration as he chuckled lightly, "with me of course" he answered sweetly.

"I c-cant" i sniffed, "of course you can" he chuckled kissing my head once more, i didn't bothered to argue anymore just cried into him for a while.

After how ever many minutes, i finally pulled away from his hold, i blinked twice starring into his gorgeous green eyes before leaning in and kissing him passionately.

All this over one boy, one charming handsome boy named Harry Styles, pulling away i watched a smile spread onto his face.

I wasn't too sure of how i felt but i knew i was falling more and more for this boy at every minute that passed.

Knocking into reality, i slowly stood myself up, Harry made his way up as well watching for my next move.

I let out a sniff as i picked up one of my bags, ready to go, Harry lifted the duffle bag, as it was the heaviest swinging into over his shoulder.

He gave me a half smile kissing my noise, "ready" he mumbled playing with the silver chain around my neck.

I nodded squeezing my eyes shut, he took a hold of my hand giving it a light squeeze before i wobbled my way over to the door, Harry following hand in hand.

I took my time walking down the stairs in no rush what so ever, i needed to be strong, i needed to walk out of that door.

There is no doubt about it, i love my mother. But at the moment i cant say i...... like her decisions and if it means staying else where for a while, i can do that.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs i glanced past the lounge into the kitchen, my mum was sitting on one of the stools leaning on the counter with her hands in her hair, looking more stressed than ever.

Hearing the creak of the stairs, she turned her head our way, i heard the small gasp that escaped her lips as her features became slightly pale, starring at me.

Her eyes seamed to flash to all the bags, then Harry and then to me again.

I swallowed the lump in my throat before continuing my pace to the front door.

Without saying a word, I left.



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