Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


28. Dont leave me again

Hannahs POV

I couldn't breath, it felt like my wind pipe had collapsed around itself suffocating me. His touch was soft, brushing against my cold cheek, as he slowly walked around me leaving a light kiss on my shoulder.

My heart beat rapidly in my chest and i squinted my eyes shut, the sound of Harry knocking and barging against the door echoed loudly through the over spaced garage, yet i couldn't hear him at all.

My heavy breath was the only thing i could hear and the small slaps of the ground as he walked around me.

"Damon" i breathed, i hadn't opened my eyes yet, i couoldnt, i was terrified, terrified of finally seeing his face after so long.

I felt his presences as he now stood in front of me, his hard but warm hands cupped my cheeks, immediately heating them up. 

I swallowed the lump in my throat keeping my eyes shut, "look at me baby" it felt like harmony to my ears, hearing that angelic voice that i loved.

But i couldn't look at him, i was afraid if i opened my eyes, he would disappear, i was afraid if this is just a dream and hes not hear.

"Hannah" he whispered making my heart melt, "open them" my heart seamed to pounce out of my chest as i slipped an eye open seeing that messy dark hair stick to that gorgeous face. His sharp blue eyes were soft but still keeping the dark side to them and a smile laced on his face, which only seamed to get bigger as i opened my eyes fully.

"Hay baby" he grinned, "Damon" i cried, before i knew my own actions, my arms had wrapped tightly around his neck, pulling him as close as possible as tears began to slip from my eyes.

"Is it really you" i sniffed into his neck, he chuckled slightly and nodded before humming quietly in my ear a tune i remember he used to hum me to sleep with.

His hands were placed firmly on my waist, holding me in place, my arms were tightly wrapped around his neck as i sobbed uncontrollably into his chest.

He hushed me and soon i felt his soft lips come into contact with my forehead. He pulled my arms from around his neck and held my hands softly, "i missed you too baby" he muttered resting his head against mine.

"HANNAH" I could hear Harry scream repeatedly, it was only now i remembered him and my heart skipped a beat slightly as i took a glance to the door.

"Now now baby, whos that" Damon asked raising an eye brow, his voice was playful which never meant anything good.

"He my.....boy-" "I thought i was your boyfriend" he growled in my ear before i could finish the sentence, i felt a nip at my neck and i whimpered slightly.

"You were" i whispered, "were" he repeated kissing up and down my neck which drove me insane.

He deliberately kissed at my sweet spot making me let out a small moan before i could answer.

"You left" it was barley heard, less than a whisper, "but im back" his raspy voice chuckled as he continued to kiss all over me. I missed his kisses, he knew how to drive my crazy and he teased like hell.

He wondered behind me and slowly snaked his arms around my waist, edging closer to my area which caused my body to tense.

He chuckled and his lips pressed against the back of my ear, i squeezed my eyes shut, stuttering out "where did you go".

I felt his smooth, freshly shaved chin dig into my shoulder as he sighed, "dose it matter" he muttered in a bored tone.

I could still feel tears soak my cheeks, i couldn't believe he was here, "you wree gone for 2 years" i sniffed quietly, "really" he chuckled.

"Didn't seam that long" he mumbled and began to kiss me again, he pulled down the arm of my shirt slightly, kissing the top of my shoulder.

"It did to me" i muttered and he chuckled, "you really did miss me" he smirked against my ear.

I nodded and he laughed, "your going to miss me more when i leave you now" he chuckled and i felt the sudden feel of panic.

"No" i cried twisting my way around so i was in his arms again, "don't" i begged, "don't leave me again" i cried hugging him tightly.

"Baby" he chuckled, "I'll be back soon" he muttered but i shook my head, "i don't want you to leave me, i love you" i sniffed, the words flew out of my mouth before i had realised what i had said.

He was silent for a moment, i slowly peaked from his chest too his face, a wild grin laid across it, "I love you to baby" he grinned looking down at me.

"And" he whispered, leaning down closer to my ear, "i cant wait to get into bed with you again" he smirked making my pause rise quickly.

I was silent which only made him chuckle, "close your eyes" he mumbled, i remembered the times when we would be sat in bed snuggling and he would have to go.

I would beg him to stay but he never could, he would tell me to close my eyes and count to ten and by the time i had he would have already been out of the door.

"No" i sniffed clutching his T-shirt, "Baby" he muttered and pried my hands off of his shirt, he held them softly and i felt more tears build up in my eyes.

"close your eyes" he said, his voice was soft but strict, i sniffed before obeying him and closing my eyes.

His hands squeezed my slightly when i suddenly felt his lips push against mine, it was like a firework being set off, i was shocked slightly not expecting it but it didn't take long for me to push myself fully against him.  

He was a tad ruff but still caring and when he pulled away i wanted so desperately to pull him back.

"Now" he muttered, "count to ten" i let out a silent cry and he repeated what he had said in a harsher tone.

I sniffed before barley squeaking out "one" i took a long pause before the next, "two".

"Keep going baby" he mumbled, he had let go of my hands but i could feel his breath as he spoke, "three" i sniffed.

"Four"......."five"......."six"....."That's it baby" I could tell he was still in front of me and i prayed that was were he would stay.

"seven"......"eight"......."go on" he called from a distance, i felt a sudden panic realising he was going.

I called out his name and went to open my eyes but was stopped by his harsh and angry voice, "don't open your eyes" he growled and i whimpered keeping them shut.

"Keep counting " he called, "nine" i cried feeling tears drain my cheeks, i couldn't say how long it took for me to have the courage to say the last but when i did, i was a mess.

"Ten" i sobbed uncontrollably and finally opened my eyes, the room was empty, no sign of him anywhere.

I felt my body crumble to the ground as i dropped to the floor crying into my palms.

Harry had been banging and yelling the whole time but i still hadn't paid any attention to him.

I herd a loud bang, louder than the others and my head snapped that way, the large steal door swung open and Harry appeared in sight, he had finally got it open.

His eyes darted across the room in search for me, when he finally spotted me, he couldn't have been any quicker over.

He slide down to his knees, which im sure would graze and wrapped his arms tightly around my small broken body, "angel" he sighed hugging me tightly.

My tears still flowed out of my red eyes and i couldn't speak, it was like my words had just got caught up in my throat.

I let out a sob causing Harry's arms to wrap even tighter around me, his chin rested on top of my head keeping me close and beneath him.

But his eyes were wide and focused, looking around the building uneasily, but i knew he was gone, Damon wouldn't stick around long enough for Harry to see him.

I squeezed my eyes shut and wrapped my fingers around the thin material of his t-shirt.

I felt a tang of guilt, i had just aloud my ex boyfriend to kiss me and i was sat crying over him whilst my boyfriend hugged me tightly. It wasn't fair.

"Come on angel" he whispered giving my head a light kiss before wrapping his strong arms around my arms and legs, lifting me up bride style.

I hid my head in the crook of his neck, wrapping my arms around his neck; he carried me out of the old dusty building after wrapping his coat around me. He hurried through the rain which had settled slightly and to his car.

He placed me in the passenger seat of the car and tucked his coat tighter around me before sliding in himself.

He pumped up the engine and began to drive, i didn't know where we were going neither was i really bothered at this moment.

I had managed to pull my knees to my chest, curling up on the seat as tears still flowed down my watery cheeks.

Harrys eyes were concentrated on the road but they flickered to me every few minutes. I could see the worry in them, but it didn't effect me, my mind was focused on Damon, which made guilt grow in the bottom of my stomach.

15 minutes had passed, when the car finally came to a stop, i looked up from my knees to see we were outside Niall's flats.

I closed my eyes again, feeling suddenly sleepy, Harry climbed out of the car and walked around getting me out.

He carried me into the building and i closed my eyes again, i was close to dropping off to sleep but i hadn't quite yet.

I could feel him walk and soon stop, then the impact of soothing going up, the elevator i presume. Soon he was walking again and moments later, in a struggle he managed to knock on a door.

Soon i heard an all to familiar Irish voice, "hay" he quirked, i could feel Harry step forward and hear a door close.

"Whats wrong with her" another voice questioned, Louis? "Tell you later" i could hear Harry say, his voice vibrated through me.

"You can take the back room" Niall called and Harry began to walk, a few moments later i felt a soft surface behind me.

I was placed on a bed, "Harry" i mumbled opening my eyes, "hay angel" he sighed kissing my head, he pulled off his shirt and sat down on the bed next to me.

He lifted up the covers and pulled them over us, i sniffed slightly and Harry wrapped his arms around me.

"shhh your safe" he muttered kissing my lips gently, i could feel tears build up again as i starred into his gorgeous green eyes that seamed to shine even in the darkness.

I knew i was safe and that's what made me so upset, Harry thought i was afraid but i wasn't, i was crying over my ex and that wasn't fair.

I snuggled closer into him and closed my eyes, i needed to get Damon out of my mind, it wasn't fair on Harry.

I could feel myself give away as i slowly slid into a deep sleep.

*Morning after*

I groaned waking up the beams of sunlight that sneaked their way past the curtains.

I slowly fluttered my eyes open adjusting to the light, i sat up a bit leaning on my elbows and took in my surroundings.

I knew i was in Niall's flat but i had never been in any of the rooms, the walls were painted white and a black tile floor. The huge king size bed where i sat took up the majority of the room, sat still in the middle.

A small desk was to my right and a built in closet next to that. It was practically empty other than that.

I noticed now, that i was alone in the room, the dipped in part of the mattress where Harry once laid was empty.

However, i could hear muffled voices behind the door that was to my left, one of them recognised to be Harry.

I sighed dropping back against the warm fluffed up pillow, my eyes were sore from the many tears i shared last night.

I noticed that i wasn't in my clothes that i had fallen asleep in last night, i was now in Harrys baggy shirt, he must have changed my clothes.

I was particularly bothered by it, its not like he hadn't seen me before. "Let me check on her" i heard Harry muttered, i closed my eyes again as i heard the door creak open.

"So you don't know who it was" I heard Liam question, following Harry in, Harry hushed him thinking i was still asleep and i felt the bed dip.

I was going to open my eyes but decided to listen in on the two, it wasn't likely they would normally have a conversation so it interested me to know what they were talking about.

"No" Harry muttered and i felt a warm hand touch my cheek, "So why didn't they take her, if it was Steve or Rixon or anyone they would have taken her" Liam asked confused, "But they just left".

"I know" Harry mumbled and a light kiss was given to my lips, "What happened, didn't you ask her, surely she saw who it was" Liam asked.

"She was broken" Harry growled, "how could you expect me to just interrogate her when she was like that" Harry growled.

"Well wake her now" Liam spat, "fuck off she needs to sleep" Harry snapped back. "Who gives one, wake her" Liam growled.

I could hear Harry scoff and push Liam out of the room, "i will later" he growled and closed the door.

Soon the bed dipped again and Harry climbed in, his strong arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer.

I left it a few minutes before i opened my eyes again, Harry half smiled seeing me, "morning angel" he muttered and leaned in giving me a slow and sloppy kiss.

As he pulled away i bit my lip, "are you ok" he muttered burying his head into the crook of my neck, he kissed the exposed skin above his shirt i was wearing and i had to hold in the moan i wanted to realise so badly.

I nodded slightly and he sighed pulling away, a few beats of silence passed before he spoke up.

"What happened angel?"


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