Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


38. date?

Hannah's POV

"So what are we going to do" Zayn muttered frustratedly, the boys had come round earlier and were discussing 'things' I'm not involved in.

But I couldn't care less to be honest, I had been sat in Harry's room after we had breakfast for the rest of the day just watching movies.

It was only now I had come out, only too the kitchen to grab a drink and food but I could hear them in the lounge.

"I don't know, we will figure something out" Harry murmured in his low and strangely attractive voice.

I sighed opening the fridge not even bothering to listen in on what they were saying. Nothing good I presume.

Obviously the opening of the fridge was quite loud considering it caught the attention of all of them. They all turned looking through the door that led to the huge black and white kitchen.

"Angel" Harry murmured and stood up, he walking in and soon I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist from behind.

"You ok" he asked giving my ear a light kiss, I nodded giving him a small smile, "yeah". He smiled giving my lips a small peck.

"I'm hungry" I complained causing a low raspy chuckle to be realised from his soft pump lips.

He grinned rolling his eyes, "top cupboard" he whispered kissing my ear once again. I frowned walking over and opening the cupboard.

It was filled with crisps, biscuits and all snacky things. A grin spread across my face and my eyes immediately lit up seeing pop tarts.

I stood on my tip toes and stretched out my arm trying to reach them on the top shelf. After completely failing, I huffed turning back to an amused looking Harry.

"Could you help please" I groaned seeing that annoying smirk plastered on his lips. He chuckled making his way over.

I smiled turning back and starring up at the delight. Pop tarts were my all time favourite, they are delicious.

A rather large gasp was realised as my feet suddenly left the ground. Instead of just taking the pop tarts down himself, like I had inspected, instead Harry had wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me up.

"Come on angel, I'm not doing this all day" he chuckled from beneath me. I felt my cheeks redden as I quickly grabbed the pop tarts, Harry chuckled placing me down on the counter and planting himself between my legs.

"There" he mumbled and leaned in, I couldn't help but feel butterflies as his lips touched mine sending me into a trance.

My hands tangled in his hair, twisting his curls between my fingers whilst his rested on my hips dragging me closer.

I clamped my legs around his waste keeping him close and his tongue licked my lips begging for entrance.

Allowing him, out tongues fought for dominance until we were interrupted by a cough, not fully guarantied to who won, but I'm positive Harry would have won.

He turned his head annoyed to the boys, "what" he muttered harshly, "do you want us to leave" Louis smirked, "shut up Tomlinson" Harry rolled his eyes turning back to me.

"Go get back in bed, I'll be in later" he promised resting his head against mine, I nodded and he smirked.

Leaning in, he gave one last kiss to my lips before lifting me off of the counter. I leaned up pecking his lips before making my way back to the bedroom along with the pop tarts.

Yeah you could cook pop tarts but I liked them cold.

*2 hours later*

I was half way through the movie 'Step up' when Harry came in looking as tired as ever. "Hay angel" he yawned dropping himself down on the bed next to me.

"Hi" I answered too into the film to look away, Harry let out a deep sigh shuffling down the bed a bit.

I frowned watching as his head lined up with my stomach, he lifted the thin material of his shirt up so my stomach was reviled and laid his head down on it.

His curls tickled my bare skin and I couldn't help but laugh, "what are you doing" I giggled looking down at him. "Your comfortable" he murmured closing his eyes. I rolled my and gently ran my hand through his hair repeatedly.

It was now 5 o'clock, he had been talking to the boys for over 4 hours, I now understood why he was so tired.

We just laid there watching the rest if the movie until my phone ran. I reached over to my phone on the bedside table and answered with a hello.

Harry's head turned so he was looking at me, watching me speak. "Hannah" I recognised the voice "hay Luke" I grinned. Harry frowned sitting up a bit, he shuffled his way up so he was inline with me and tried to listen in on who was speaking.

I waved him away which only made him edge closer, "why weren't you at work today, are you trying to get sacked" he yelled.

Work! Shit

I forgot, "oh crap I forgot" I panicked, "well lucky for you, you have an amazing friend who covered for you" he laughed and I sighed in relief. "Thanks Lukey" i grinned, this seamed to spread the confusion across Harry's face even further.

"Who are you talking to" he frowned, I 'shhh'ed him which seamed to annoy him.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow" he asked, "who is he ?" Harry continued making 'he' stand out, implying he wasn't happy, I was on the phone to another guy.

I scold at him then answered Luke, "yeah I can go out with you tomorrow" "What" Harry snapped obviously not happy.

"Great...erm who's that in the back ground" Luke frowned, "just my boyfriend" I answered, "ignore him"

"boyfriend" he seamed to choke on his own words, "yeah" I answered. "It's not that douche that sent you to tears is it" he growled acting like a protective brother.

"Shut up Luke, I'll see you tomorrow, meet me at the shopping mall" I said rolling my eyes, "awe what nooooo I hate the mall" he wined, "tuff luck byeeeee" I grinned, "bye".

I smiled to myself ending to the call only to be faced by a very annoyed Harry, "who was that" he growled, I rolled my eyes knowing he would get mad, "just my friend".

"Friend" he asked and I nodded, "stop being so jealous, you know I'm yours" I laughed leaning in and placing a lingering kiss on his lips, "I'm not jealous" he mutter, "yeah ok" I laughed.

I rolled over so I was on top of him and kissed him, he grinned into the kiss tugging down his shorts I had been wearing. "Harry" I mumbled, "it's cold don't even think about trying to get my clothes off" I laughed rolling my eyes. Which only made him groan.

"Fine" he muttered returning to my lips, he gave me a small kiss before jumping up. "Come on angel, get changed" he grinned, "hmm" I frowned, "where are we going".

"To a restaurant" he murmured pulling on some jeans, "what, like a date" I questioned my hopes rising.

He chuckled pulling on a white shirt and doing up the buttons. "Yeah" he grinned and I felt myself blush. "You don't really seam like the kinda of guy that......." I trailed off looking down.

"What" he asked walking over taking my hands and pulling me up so I was standing. "Don't seam like the kind of guy that.....goes on dates" he smirked and I looked down shyly.

He chuckled cupping my chin and lifting it up, "I don't really" he whispered in my ear, "but with you" he grinned and I felt my cheeks redden and he chuckled leaving a kiss to my lips.

"Where something fancy" he smirked before walking out still doing up his buttons on his shirt. I bit my lip nervously and smiled, I was full of excitement, I had never been on a date with Harry and it just excited me.

I grinned grabbing my duffle bag of clothes, I had managed to get almost all of my clothes but still not all, I was kinda in a rush to get out of the house so...

But I had the majority of my clothes. After Going through the mess, I finally found something.

It was a small dress, it was a cream colour with a big black bow around the waist, black straps and the hem was black. It came mid thigh length and was one of my favourite dresses. I had forgotten about it.

I grinned quickly changing my undergarments and slipping the dress on. I wasn't too sure where Harry had gone off to but I didn't really care at the moment, I was too busy getting ready.

I did my make up, not to much but enough to be noticed and curled my hair. By the time I had finished near enough and was down to just finding a pair if shoes, Harry walked in.

His lips parted into a wild grin seeing me, "you look beautiful angel" he smiled walking over and placing two hands on my waste. I smiled looking back at him which only made me smile wider.

He was dressed and ready in his jeans, a white shirt buttoned near enough to the top leaving a few open and a navy blazer. He looked extremely handsome!

"You don't look to had yourself" I grinned returning to my bag trying to find a decent pair of shoes, I only pretty much had converse. They're all I wear really.

Finally finding a pair of black pumps with a small white bow, I gave up, "that will do" I shrugged dropping them to the ground and slipping them on.

Harry grinned taking my hand, "ready" he grinned, I bit my lower lip and nodded nervously. I wondered what Harry would have picked for a date, I knew we were eating but where?

I grabbed my phone and smiled as he pulled us to the door and out. I released his hand climbing into the car as he did the same and started the engine.

The journey was only about 10 minutes, escalating quickly, finally pulling up outside a fancy looking restaurant, I had never been here before.

My eyes glistened starring at the beautifully litton building, I hadn't even noticed Harry who had gotten out of the car and was now holding my door open for me.

I smiled taking his hand and stepping out, "where are we" i questioned dazzled by what a lovely restaurant it was, and i hadn't even been inside yet.

"Other side of town, i came here when i was a kid and just thought you would like it" Harry shrugged wrapping an arm around my waste as we walked towards the entrance.

"Its looks amazing" i smiled, the restaurant wasn't laid out like a normal restaurant, it was litton up by small fairy lights. It had a well laid out garden at the front with a small fountain in the middle.

Harry smiled shaking his head as we reached the entrance and opened the door for me, i thanked him stepping, him following.

Almost instantly a waiter walked over, he was tall with flicky brown hair and ocean blue eyes, his white shirt and blue tie hugged his body tightly, looking like it had been ironed whilst he was still wearing it and his deep voice greeted us politely with a 'hello'.

"How may i help you" he asked his eyes seamed to travel from me to Harry, and his smile widened turning more into a grin rather than a smile.

"Table for two" Harry answered, there was a slight edge to his voice which i couldn't figure out, but i just shrugged it off.

"Certainly" he answered grinning and began to lead us to a table. It was neatly laid out right in front of the huge wall window, with a view of a lake a little further up.

My lips parted slightly, amazed, this just kept on getting better, we both sat down and the waiter asked for drinks. "Just water please" i answered and he nodded then turned to Harry, "im fine" he spoke starring at him.

The waiter nodded and disappeared, finally Harry turned to me, "do you know him or something" i questioned, "No" Harry said shaking his head.

I frowned confused but once again shrugged it off, i was going to enjoy tonight. I had a pretty rough few weeks and now it was in time to enjoy it.

Looking through the menu, i felt my mouth water, it all looked so appetising, i had know clue what i was to pick.

"What you having" i asked popping my menu down for a moment, his eyes glanced to mine for a second, then his shoulders shrugged.

"I don't know angel but i will be right back" he said quickly putting his menu down and standing up.

"Where are you going" i questioned, he took a moment to answer, "bathroom" and with that he turned around making his way across the restaurant and around a corner.

I sighed heavily seeing the sign for the bathroom the complete opposite way to what he had gone. He was lying to me....again.

I sighed once again lifting my menu too decide on what to get, but the excitement and enthusiasm had gone, i now felt rather miserable.

20 minutes had passed and i had enough, Harry hadn't come back yet, so i was going to find him. I stood from my chair tucking it in after and made my way across the room in the same direction Harry had gone.

It lead me to a small hallway with a few doors, passing one, i could see it was the kitchen, loads of people running around trying to cook all the food and stressing out.

The second led back out into the main dinning area and the other doors were mostly closed but i could see one at the end open the tiniest bit.

The familiar angry tone of Harrys voice could be heard and i sighed walking over, i opened the door to find Harry and the same waiter that had served us.

Harrys hands curled balls of his shirt into his fist pushing him up against the wall whilst he tried to pry Harrys hands away.

"Come on Harry, we're buds aren't we" the waiter guy joked smirking at Harry, "i would hardly call us that" he spat angrily. "Harry" i sighed, now finding this sight not all that shocking, his head wiped around and a flash of panic crossed his face, "angel" he asked dropping the waiter and turning fully to face me.

"Typical" i muttered turning back around and quickly making my way back and out of the restaurant. I couldn't believe him!

"Angel" he yelled following me out, i ignored him stomping up the beautiful garden.

"Angel stop" he muttered grabbing my arm causing me to be yanked back and into his arms, which i quickly pulled myself away from, "why" i asked.

"Why stop, i mean whats the point of going back in there and just sitting waiting for you for another 20 minutes, whilst you chat away with someone you supposedly don't know" i said harshly.

He starred at me for a moment, not reviling any emotions at all, just a fixed stare.

"You know, I thought that you had generally just wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant and have dinner but no, coming here wasn't about me, you just needed to talk with someone" i sighed feeling my heart ache.

Ok its stupid to get worked up about, but i was really looking forward to this date and it turns out it wasn't even one.

"Angel come on" he mumbled taking my hand, he still refuses to say sorry dosent he.

"I was looking forward to this Harry" i sighed heavily looking down at my feet, he didn't say anything but cup my chin lifting it up.

He starred into my eyes for a moment before leaning in and kissing me passionately, i couldn't help it, my arms wrapped around his neck hugging him tightly.

Finally pulling away he wrested his head against mine, "come on" he whispered taking a hold of my hand and leading me to the right.

"Where are we going" i questioned, "you will see" he mumbled kissing my hand.

I sighed trusting him, he led us through a few trees until we stood directly in front of the lake, my breath hitched at the beautiful sight and couldn't keep the small smile from my face.

"Wow" I mumbled under my breath, "this is...." I couldn't even find the words to explain it.

"Well come on then" Harry grinned, I turned around to find him undoing the buttons on his shirt, he had already kicked of his shoes and socks and blazer.

"What" I starred at him blankly, "take your dress of" he smirked, I shook my head and frowned. "I've only got my underwear on Harry, you didn't tell me we were going swimming" I answered.

"Yes so have I angel, come on know ones around" he smirked chucking off his shirt then pulling his jeans down his legs.

I watched him walk to the water making his way in, "you coming or not angel" he grinned, I sighed and quickly lifted the dress from my body.

Harry laughed as I squirmed being in the open half naked and ran into the water and into his arms. "Little shy are we" he teased smirking.

I buried my head in his chest causing a low chuckle to be realised from his lips. "Come on" he whispered dragging me further out so the water came up to out necks.

"Harry no further" I begged, truth be told, I wasn't a very good swimmer, well truthfully I couldn't swim, I liked to stand were my feet touched the ground. And it seamed Harry had read my mind.

"You can swim can you" he smirked and I felt my cheeks flush causing him to laugh, "hold on" he whispered. His large hands wrapped around my small ones lifting them around his neck.

Then they travelled down to my legs, gently wrapping them around his waist, so I was completely relying on him to keep me up.

He grinned slowly walking back in the water getting deeper and deeper, "Harry" I cried squeezing my legs and arms tighter around him, I was scarred truthfully.

"It's alright angel, I've got you" he mumbled kissing my ear. I closed my eyes until he stopped, it was extremely quite, only our breathing could be heard and the small splashes of water when we moved, it was peaceful and relaxing.

Harry rested his head against mine, a small smile forming on his lips. "See, told you, your safe with me" he grinned and I smiled lightly, ok he could fuck up but he still made it all worth it.

He kissed my lips gently causing butterfly's through out my entire body.

"For the record" he muttered against my lips, "I did come here to speak to Charlie" I'm guessing Charlie is the waiter.

"But I wanted to take you to the restaurant first" my heart stopped, "I didn't no he worked there but I couldn't help myself when I saw him" I pulled away starring him in the eyes.

"You generally wanted to take me out" I questioned and he nodded. I sighed tucking my head in the crook of his neck, "I'm sorry" I whispered.

"What for" he chuckled kissing my head, "snapping at you" I mumbled, he chuckled shaking his head, "you don't need to say sorry angel" he whispered, "besides its only fair that you don't say sorry if I don't" he chuckled.


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