Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


27. Damon!

Hannahs POV

I could hear the soft faint snores and feel the quick rise and fall of his chest, my head was placed firmly on his chest listening to the beat of his heart.

I couldn't sleep any more, i was to awake, just thinking. This was ridiculous i was angry with him but i had just melted into him. I sighed snuggling closer into him, i could feel the heat of his body vibrate though me.

It was a nice feeling, the only thing that destroyed it was the thought of back to Starbucks, where i had seen him and.......that girl.

It caused my eyes to water, i needed to speak with him about it, there was no point crying and ignoring him, that would solve nothing.

I still wasn't sure how i had ended up here either, i remember falling asleep at Scott's, not to mention the beating Harry had given him moments before.

But it was blackness from there, i presumed Harry had taken me here, i wasn't completely sure but i believe i was in a hotel from the lay out of the room and a room service menu on the old oak desk.

I heard a buzz and realised it had came from my phone that sat on the bed side table by the bed.

I sighed and slowly lifted myself off of him, i gently climbed off of him then tip toed over to my phone.

I picked it up to see a text from an unknown number? I frowned opening it up.

Unknown: Hay baby x ;)

I frowned starring at it not sure whether to reply or not.

Hannah: Who is this??

Unknown: you know

they replied almost instantly making my eye brows knit together, 'you know' who the hell is that.

Hannah: Who are you?

Unknown: Tonight. Go to the old industrial state, across town. Then you will find out who i am. I'll see you soon.

What the hell, who was this, i frowned harder and texted back but they didn't reply, i was sat on the bed just waiting but it didn't seam like they ever would text back.

"Who are you texting" i heard a raspy voice question, i jumped slightly snapping my head his way.

To see Harry, he wasn't laying down anymore, he was sat up now, hunched over.

He ruffled a hand through his messy curls as he watched my every move.

"No one" i muttered looking down, "angel" he grunted lazily standing up and making his way over to me.

He took the phone from my hand opening up the text, i didn't object, there was no point he would look anyway.

His eye brows raised as he went through the text causing the wrinkles on his forehead to grow bigger.

"No one" he repeated, his voice was harsh making me look down, "when did you get them".

I looked up at him and shrugged, "a few minutes ago" i mumbled still not looking at him. I heard him sigh and he passed the phone back, "Your not going" he muttered and i frowned.

I wasn't planning too but how dare he, he wasn't in charge of me, i could go if i really wanted to.

"That's not up to you" i snapped making him roll his eyes, "not now angel" he muttered making my insides boil.

"Not now" i repeated angrily, "angel-" "stop calling me that, just stop" i snapped making him sigh, i was standing up now and i hadn't even realised the tears that had built up in my eyes incredibly quickly.

"In fact just stop everything" i cried, sniffing slightly, "stop pretending i never saw you with that girl and stop pretending you care about me".

I couldn't help but let a tear roll down my cheek at that, i wished he had  cared, he stood motionless in front of me, waiting for me to finish my little out break.

I starred at the floor for a moment in silence, only the sound of my sniffing and both of our breathing was heard. I felt pathetic, this was pathetic.

I heard a deep sigh and soon two feet were stood in front of mine, i felt his hands cup my cheeks and lift them up so i was looking into his eyes.

"Look angel" he sighed heavily, "im impulsive ok" he muttered, "you got mad at me so i got mad at you" he mumbled taking his hand from my face and down to my hands, where he held them softly.

"Im stupid when im mad because i normal end up doing something that i regret which i did" he mumbled leaning down so his head rested against mine.

A couple beats of silence passed before he spoke up again, "i do care", i could feel my heart beat rapidly in my chest as the words let his parted lips, giving me a feeling of reassurance.

My eyes were wide, starring into his green ones that starred right back until they flickered to my lips.

He slowly leaned in, edging closer to my lips. I wanted to kiss him but i found myself turning my head just before he could kiss my lips. Causing him to come into contact with my cheek.

He closed his eyes and sighed, giving the side o my head a light but long kiss.

"Lets go angel" he mumbled giving my hands a light squeeze before taking two steps back, away from me and turning around.

I starred at the back of him and sighed, why are things so complicated with him.

I put my shoes on and we left the now confirmed hotel we were in, his black BMW was parked closely by in sight.

I sighed and we reached it climbing in, i didn't take my eyes off of the ground once, i didnt know what to say and if i looked at him it would have started a conversation.

I chewed my lip and closed the car door strapping myself in, the car was frosted and the chill made my arms prickle.

I shivered slightly making Harrys head cock my way, he sighed before shucking off his jumper and passing it over to me.

"Here" he muttered, i hesitated to take it but found my fingers curling around the soft warm fabric.

He gave me a light smile before pumping up the engine and pressing his foot against the pedal.

As we pulled out of the hotels parking lot, i pulled on the oversized jumper. Immediately my skin heated up and i couldn't help but inhale a small amount of his scent in the jumper.

It smelt good.

I mumbled a thank you and he nodded whilst driving, soon he pulled up outside my house making me sigh once again.

I hadn't told my mum where i was staying, well i didnt really know where i was staying last night, i just feel asleep and ended up in the hotel.

Since i had fallen asleep again in Harrys arms earlier, it now happened to be 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at least my mum wasn't home.

Saying that, i frowned seeing my mums car in the drive way, "Huh" i frowned quickly climbing out.

Harry followed after me as i quickly hurried up the drive way, just as i was about to put the key in the lock, the door opened, reviling my furious mother.

"Mum" i frowned, "Hannah" she yelled and i blinked clueless at her, "where have you been ive been freaking worrid sick, i had to phone up Paul to tell him i wasn't coming into work because my daughter had gone missing" she snapped, her red cheeks looking like they were boiling.

Her glare drifted passed me, her lips parted ever so slightly into a snarl as they landed on Harry.

"Who is this" the words left her mouth in a harsh but calmer tone, her eyes were locked on Harry, giving him the biggest glare she could.

"Ehem" i coughed and they slowly drifted back to me, "mum this is Harry my....." i drifted off not quite sure what to say.

I mean, i no we haven't broken up but with everything going on, i think we are.

"Her boyfriend" Harry stepped forward holding out his hand for my mother to shake, i snapped my head his way glaring slightly making him only smile.

My mum starred at his hand for a moment before slowly shaking it, much like the time with Zayn. She pulled her hand back and starred at him for a moment in silence before looking to me.

"Hannah you didnt tell me you had a boyfriend" her eyes were sending daggers my way causing me to look down at my feet.

I felt Harrys presences as he took a step closer to me, his hand brushed across mine, causing a static of electricity to rush through my body.

I bit my lip glancing at his hand that hung centimetres from mine, "she didnt, oh well it is lovely to meet you now" Harry smiled, i frowned looking up at him.

He was acting almost like a gentleman, he could pass for one, his charming smile laced across his cheeks and his big liquid green eyes dazzled in the dim lighting.

Why was he being so polite all of a sudden, my mum nodded to him raising an eye brow, still not pleased.

"And she was with you last night" she snarled, obvious that she believed we had crashed at his or something fucking endlessly all night.

"Yes mother i was with him last night, i went to a party and fell asleep, so Harry was kind enough to take me to a hotel" i snapped defensively.

I wasn't quite to sure why i was defending him, i was angry with him still at this point but i couldn't help but continue as my mum began to speak.

"And no before you ask, we did not sleep in the same bed, Harry took the couch letting me have the bed" i snapped making her glare at me.

I could feel my heart thumping in my chest from the anger and frustration she had caused me and in a heart beat, Harrys hand was laced into mine.

I felt a small gasp realised from my lips and i took a quick glance at our hands then to his face.

He smiled softly making my heart melt but my eyes were soon back on my mother, "very well" she muttered, "it was.......nice to meet you" she struggled, finally spitting out the words to Harry.

My eyes were lit in furry, half mad, half embarrassed at the way my mum was treating Harry. 

"Come in when you are ready Hannah" she stated making it clear she didnt want Harry in the house nor me to stay out here with him to long.

She wiped around walking back into the house in anger and i groaned in frustration.

I felt a tight squeeze on my hand and i was quick to turn around looking to Harry, he sighed taking a step closer.

He lifted his hand up to my cheek cupping it then spoke, "Can i kiss you before i leave" he muttered leaning in slightly which just made me turn my head the other way.

"Angel" he groaned in frustration, i looked up at him in shame, "you cheated-" i started but he cut me off.

"Angel i already told you im impulsive" he muttered, "but it dosent solve anything Harry" i sighed stepping back away from his touch.

"Yes ok you say your impulsive but what dose that help, what happens next time we get into a fight, is this going to happen again" i cried looking down to my feet for a moment.

I heard a deep sigh and once again his hands cupped my cheeks, "you cant stay mad at me forever" he muttered starring into my eyes.

His eyes were a lighter shade of green, they weren't dark like they usually were, they were softer.

My breath hitched as he slowly began to lean in, i didnt pull away this time, i wanted to kiss him now, its stupid that it had only been a day but i already missed him.

His lips barely grazed mine before i heard the annoying call of my mother telling me to come inside.

I groaned loudly and Harry let out a light chuckle, "I'll come round tomorrow when your mums gone" he grinned.

I tried my hardest to keep a poker face but i couldn't help but let out a small giggle, i nodded and he smiled, "bye angel" he said with a light kiss on my noise before walking over to his car.

I guess this means ive sorta forgiven him, how dose he do it, he makes me weak.

I half smiled as he climbed in his car and soon raced up the street, i sighed heavily and headed in to my obnoxious mother. 

Her tall thin figure was sat on the couch, her back was up straight whilst one knee sat over the other and her hands wrested on top of her knees.

She was waiting for me. I sighed and walked in "mum-" "don't" she snapped cutting me off, she calmed herself down before speaking again.

"Sit down" I followed her orders sitting down on the same couch as her but on the other end.

A few beats of silence passed before she spoke again, "boyfriend" the words seamed to struggle to leave her lips, sticking to her tongue.

I chewed my lip slightly, i know what your thinking, im freaking 17 years old, its natural to have a boyfriend but not with me.

My mum hates the idea of me having a boyfriend and not like, shes over protective, well a little like that.

Im surprised about Jack Billy and Damon, they were miracles, but now ive had my chances, she allowed Jack and Billy and just about aloud Damon.

But it was my third strike, now she was even stricter on boyfriends, which dosent make any sense but oh well.

I know she didnt like Harry, well she wouldn't like any boy i called my boyfriend, but Harry in general, looked a bit of a trouble maker.

Yes no doubt about it, he is, but i care for him and i cant help it.

"Mum im sorry i didnt tell you ok but you would just fre-" again she cut me off.

"Freak out" she snapped, "Yes i will bloody freak out have you seen the state of that boy, he looks exactly the same as Damon" she yelled.

I knew what she meant by looks like Damon, not in actual looks like hair and eyes, they were the opposite of that.

Damon had dark brown straight hair and Harry had light brown curly hair, as well as Damon's eyes were blue and Harry's were green.

 But she meant the features almost, both of them were muscular and buff, both of there eyes had a dark side towards them and just in general, they both looked trouble, not to mention dangerous.

"Don't you understand hes just hurt you like Damon, and you will be sobbing and a mess when he dose" she snapped.

"Hes not going to hurt m-" i was about to snap back but stopped mid sentence, he had already hurt me.

I felt a stinging pain in my chest, realising my mothers words were true but i still couldn't leave without a fight.

My gut told me to defend him, even after he had hurt me, he explained to me what had happened. And even though it was a stupid excuses, i had forgiven him.

"Hes a good guy" i yelled, i had realised we were both standing now, shooting things back and forward at each other.

I now realised my words were at the same time a complete lie but also the complete truth. 

Harry was a bad guy but he was also a good guy, yes he got in fights, he gets into so much trouble and is beyond dangerous.

But he also had a good side, which i have had glimpse at, every now and then the caring and sweet side of him comes out. So it was half the truth.

"He sure looks like one" she yelled, "Don't judge a book by its cover" i snapped making her roll her eyes.

"Done be so childish" she muttered, "don't be so rude" i snapped back causing her to glare.

"Im calling work, im going in for the rest of the day" she muttered under her breath, God i hate her some times.

She walked out making me roll my eyes, i quickly hurried to the stairs and soon into my room.

I dropped onto my bed and sighed, my life is so messed up, i laid there in silence for a moment and sighed once more as i heard my phone beep.

I pulled it from out of my pocket to see a text from unknown.

Unknown: Around 9 Baby, see you soon ;)

I read, the old industry state, who the hell would want to meat there, and who the hell was this.

I sighed and decided to have a shower and get out of the clothes i had been wearing since last night.

By the time i had washed my hair and everything, time had made its way to 6 o'clock.  I sighed walking into my room, the anonymous text had been playing on my mind.

I had been debating weaver or not to go, my curiosity was taking over me, i wanted to find out who it was texting.

I knew it was ridiculous, no doubt its probably Steve or someone who Harry has got his hands dirty with but i didnt care.

I wanted to find out who it was and what they wanted. I decided to just watch TV for now, i climbed into bed and turned my TV on.


I couldn't stop glancing at the clock, i groaned giving up and just climbed out of bed.

I quickly changed into some clothes and grabbed my phone jogging down stairs.

The suspense and my curiosity was killing me, i was heading to the industry state and crazy as it was but i couldn't help it.

My mum would be home in an hour, i should be back by then but i didnt care anymore, i was to mad at her.

I grabbed my hoodie wrapping around my small fragile body before leaving the house.

The industry was about a 25 minute walk but i didnt have any other choice really. I sighed feeling the brush of the wind against my skin.

It was dark and i kept telling myself to turn back now, this was stupid, for 1 being out at night when all the druggy's and trouble makers are about and 2 whoever this is they are probably just want to lead me into a trap or something like that.

But still, i carried on walking at a quick paste, i wanted to hurry up and get there.

I avoided allys and dark corners of the street just about managing to keep myself hidden away from anyone walking by.

Finally i could see the industry state in sight, the buildings were run down, broken and abandoned, the government owned them now but they had no use for them.

So they just sat there, away from the small town, the windows were smashed and it was dirty as hell.

I sighed walking closer to it, lucky for me the rain had started to pick up yay.......not.

It was only spitting at the moment though so it was ok i guess, i pulled my hood over my head anyway.

I walked through the gates and starred at all the huge buildings in front of me, well yeah they told me to come here but where about here.

The actual root area of this place is about half a mile long, how the fuck am i meant to find someone in all of this.

I sighed heavily and walked towards one of the huge garage like building, i walked through the small gap of the two buildings and groaned as the rain picked up a bit.

"Hello" i called out, my voice echoed ever so slightly, i listened but nothing was to be heard.

"Great" i muttered under my breath, i hope i hadn't come out all this way to find no one.

"Hello" i called louder once more and sighed louder as i once again heard nothing.

I felt my body become stiff as i suddenly heard a racket, i frowned and walked further up until i came to a parting in between the 4 buildings.

What way, i heard another racket to my right and hesitated before slowly walking that way, i chewed my lip not being able to see 3 metres ahead from the darkness.

There were odd lamps on the street that lit the small path ways between the buildings a little but i was behind the building now so it blocked out the majority of the light.

I could feel my heart beat quickly in my chest as i took one step at a time slowly and once again called out. "Whos there" i yelled this time, i could just about hear the faint splashes of the puddles were someone was walking.

The rain still fell easily which didnt help neither the darkness.

Suddenly i felt two hands wrap around my waist pulling me back into there chest, i screamed loudly and kicked at them in panic.

"Angel" a familiar voice groaned, i wiped myself around, still in his embrace, to come face to face with Harry.

"Harry" i yelled starring at his face which was mostly covered by his wet fringe which had flopped over.

His eyes were narrowed starring down at me, "what are you doing here" he frowned and i bit my lip.

"I told you not to come" he groaned and tugged on my hand pulling me closer to one of the buildings where the roof that overlapped the walls shielded us from the rain.

I looked at him innocently and he sighed, "come on" he muttered taking my hand, i felt a bolt of energy at his touch and i sighed.

"Where are we going" he stayed silent for a moment before answering, "I was trying to find who ever the fuck texted you" he growled, not so much at me but at who had texted me.

"And im not letting you walk home on your own neither am i leaving hear till i find them so come on" he said and pulled me through the small path between the buildings.

His hand was wrapped tightly around mine the whole time keeping me close, i could tell he was itching to wrap it around my waist but didnt want to push it.  

We wondered down each and every path, Harry's eyes were sharp looking for any movement what so ever, it had been 10 minutes of just walking around in the rain and i was shivering.

"Harry" i groaned pulling my hand from his and wrapping my arms around my shaking body, he snapped his head my way then slowly turned his body my way as well.

"Im freezing theres no one here can i just go" i sighed and he shook his head.

"Im not letting you walk back at night and-" he cut himself off when suddenly we heard a loud bang from inside the building besides us.

I jumped slightly back into Harry, away from the building as his arms wrapped protectively around me.

I could feel his breath on my ear as he slowly leaned down, "stay here angel" he muttered giving the side of my head a light kiss before slowly walking ahead to the back entrance of the building.

"Harry" i whisper/yelled praying he would stay, he continued to walk up, quite far until he reached the back door.

He cursed seeing a chain wrapped around the handles and started to jiggle them, trying to loosen them.

I sighed heavily and rocked back on my heels, i was freezing, the rain had soaked through my hoodie now and was soaking my clothes gradually.

I let out a pitch full scream only to be muzzled by a hand covering my mouth and another wrapped around my stomach keeping my arms pinned to my sides, as someone lifted me up.

I tried to kick at them but i couldn't, they dragged me back, not letting Harry notice, i tried desperately to scream his name only to come out muffled by the persons hand.

I panicked as i heard the sound of a door creak open but relieved to hear Harry's voice.

"Theres no way im getting through them chains ang-" he cut off seeing me and suddenly sprinted towards me.

He yelled my name making the person practically throw me inside of the building, before Harry could reach me the door had slammed shut and the guy wrapped several chains around it. 

I panicked and went to stand up only to let out a pain of cry as my leg collapsed beneath me, i think i landed on it, it hurt like hell.

I looked around spotting another door across the huge empty room and tried my hardest to crawl towards it, i hadn't made it close before i felt to arms lock around my waist heaving me up.

I cried loudly, clawing at there hands, "get away from me" i screamed, i could hear the banging of Harrys fist as he desperately tried to knock the steal door open.

"Harry" i yelled, putting up as much as a fight as i could, i managed to get a lucky elbow to the persons ribs causing them to moan in pain.

I couldn't breath when i heard his voice. I felt as if every bone in my body had became stiff, loosing control, i stopped fighting, my arms fell to my side as my breath hitched.

My stare was fixed ahead starring to the open space trying to process the words.

My heart beat rapidly in my chest, speeding up each second. I choked on my words as they rolled off the tip of my tongue, not quite sure if i even heard myself right. As i whimpered the last name i would ever expect to be saying.




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