Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


31. boxing

Hannahs POV

"For fucks sake Zayn, you can do better" Zayns trainer yelled as Zayn repeatedly pounded his fists into the punching bag.

Zayn let out a loud groan throwing even more powerful punches which at this rate i didn't think was possible. The match had been delayed for an extra 20 minutes because of something that happened in the previous one.

And I could see the sweat trickle down the side of Zayns face, he hadn't taken a break in half an hour.

"Alright times up Malik" his trainer, Max said unwrapping the pieces of cloth he had wrapped around his hands.

Zayn feel back against the wall with an exhausted sigh taking a mouth full of water.

"Be out in 5" Max reassured, Zayn nodded and Max walked out, "you up for this" Louis questioned sitting a few seats from me.

Zayn nodded to out of breath to speak, "why is he even fighting Rixon" i whispered to Harry, who was sat next to me.

Harry ruffled his curls and gave me a nervous glance, "Harry" i frowned, "" he mumbled and my heart seamed to pounce at each beat.

"What do you mean me" i said, my voice getting louder. Harry let out a deep sigh, pinching his noise between his thumb and index finger.

"Look if Zayn wins, they will leave you alone" he said, "what" i snapped jumping from my seat which caught the attention of everyone else.

"Your letting him fight for a stupid of reason as that" i snapped and Harry stood as well now, "angel its not that big of a deal" he muttered.

"Zayn is trained he can win a fight easily and fighting is used for everything around here" he finished reaching for my hand but i snatched it back.

"And if you loose" i snapped glaring at him, he scratched the back of his neck remaining silent which sent me fuming.

"If you loose" I repeated angrily, "I wont loose" Zayn chuckled from behind me, "Zayn what happens if you do loose" i yelled looking to him now.

"Then your boyfriend takes a beating and a few other things" he shrugged and my eyes seamed to glisten, "what" i let out a cry then a hard star at him.

"Hay don't look at me Liam made the deal" Zayn said innocently holding his hands up in the air.

My head snapped Liam's way, a full time smirk plastered on his face, "i don't like him remember" he let out a chuckle.

"Your letting him take a fucking beating, YOU ALREADY DID THAT" I screamed and he scrunched up his noise at the volume.

"Liam suggested the idea as well" Zayn chuckled finding it amusing to watch me blow up.

Liam let out a laugh and nodded, "mhmm and they will be twice as bad" he grinned teasingly.

I felt a sting in my stomach and closed my eyes, fighting the thought of Harry hurt that badly, Liam seamed to notice continuing his tease.

"Maybe three times" he shrugged but a smirk sneaked onto his face, my next action wasn't me, i marched over and before i knew it my hand had come into contact with his cheek.

"Your such a dick" I yelled, "you know what they can do, they could put him in hospital" i yelled again.

"They could kill him" Niall shrugged and i sent a glare at him, he wasn't helping. "That wouldn't be that big of a deal" he shrugged which only seamed to increase my fury.

"Besides don't just blame me, your boyfriend had to agree to the deal as well" Liam said pointing a finger at Harry.

I spun around looking at the curly haired boy, my heart seamed to pound in my chest and my eyes watered ever so slightly.

"Why would you agree to that" i quivered, my voice was softer now. "Because" he muttered taking three large steps towards me, "I don't want you to get hurt" he mumbled giving my lips a small lingering kiss on the lips.

I felt touched by his sweetness but also guilty, he did this because he cared, what if Zayn lost!

A violent knock on the door caused me to pull away from Harry and look towards the door, it swung open to revile a guy, i hadn't seen this one.

"Your up Malik, come on" The brown haired boy called, "ive got a lot of bets on this one, either side, we are making money tonight" he grinned.

Zayn pulled himself off of the wall and followed the guy, Niall and Louis followed then me and Harry, then Liam.

Harrys arms where around me yet again, keeping me safe, i hated walking into the room of men.

Its like they had never seen a girl before, by the way they starred at me. It sent a nasty vibe through my body.

Zayn was making his way through the crowd but the boys and I just stayed put at the back where there was no pushing or anything.

There were still guys all around us but they weren't as tight packed as near the front.

I sank myself into Harry, who stood directly behind me with his arms wrapped around me from behind.

I could see Zayn climb into the ring and Rixon already there, a smirk plastered on his face.

It made be cringe, just the sight of him. The brown haired boy who had called Zayn earlier stood in the middle of the ring announcing the two, i think he was the bet man or something.

"Gentlemen tonight we have a very interesting match" the host declared in the middle of the ring, a wide smile on his face.

"Its..." he paused dramatically, "until the lights go out" he finished, at this the how room seamed to erupt into cheers.

I frowned and turned my head Harrys way, "whats until the lights go out" I had a feeling i knew what it was but i prayed it wasn't.

Harry didn't reply, he was too busy starring at something, i followed his gaze to see Steve with a few guys and Zak who was sat quietly in the corner looking down.

Steve had a wicked smile on his face as he starred at Harry, "something's up" Louis muttered from besides me.

"Mhmm" Niall mumbled as all of looked to Steve and his lot, i heard a loud ding which caught my attention.

I looked to the ring to see the fight had begun, for a moment Zayn and Rixon just circled each other, light on their feet waiting for the other to strike first.

Zayn became impatient and threw the first punch, Rixon dodged it sending a punch to Zayns stomach, ignoring the pain like it wasn't even there.

Straight away Zayns fist had swung, knocking Rixon in the side of the head, that's when it got heated up.

The punches became quite fluently, at the moment it was clear Zayn was winning and i sighed of relief.

As well as Harry taking a beating if Zayn lost, i was forgetting about Zayn, he would be pretty knocked up too.

I watched the match horrified, i hated it but i couldn't tear my eyes away, too afraid to miss something vital.

I gasped jumping back slightly as Rixon threw a punch to Zayn jaw, blood flew from Zayns mouth scattering over the ring.

Zayn stumbled back, wincing in pain, before he could even stand properly, Rixon had hit him again and again and again.

I couldn't watch any more, i spun around hiding my face in Harrys chest as i felt a tear trickle down my cheek. This wasn't right, it shouldn't be happening, i wasn't the type of person that could deal with these types of things.

I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment and breathed in deeply, 'its fine' i repeat in my head, 'its all going to be fine'.

I laid my head to the side of Harrys chest, just starring ahead repeating that over and over again.

That was until Steve caught my gaze, he seamed to be looking at me, a wild smile on his face.

Louis was right, there was something up, he was acting odd, for how he usually acts, he winked at me before reaching into his coat pocket.

My heart beat rapidly in my chest as i slowly discovered the end of a gun, his grin was wicked, telling me he was about to do something drastic.

"Harry" i cried tugging at his shirt, my eyes focused on Steve as he pulled the gun out.

"Whats wrong angel" i tore my gaze and looked up to Harry, "Steve" i chocked out.

His head snapped Steves way and his face twisted into an angry stare, "Liam look after her" Harry growled, soon enough he was lost from sight as he entered the crowd.

"Harry" i yelled, i hadn't made it three steps before Liams strong grasp pulled me back.

"Whoa where do you think your going" Liam whispered, his breath tickled my neck.

"Let me go" i cried, my heart raced in my chest, i put two and two together and came up with all the worst situations, if Harry went near Steve he might shoot him.

I struggled in his arms, trying to go after Harry but Liam was stronger, "stop it" Liam groaned as i kicked at him.

"Chill you will be fine for a few minutes without loverboy" Liam chuckled keeping a tight grip on me.

I don't think Liam had realised why and where Harry had gone, he hadn't noticed Steve.

"No Steve, he might shoot him" i cried, "what" he snapped twisting me around, "Steve" i said turning my head his way, Liam followed my stare and his face hardened.

"Now let me go, i need to stop Harry" i cried, "he will be fine, Steve wont shoot him" Liam mumbled.

"And it wouldn't be that much of a big deal" he chuckled teasing me once again, "Liam" i sobbed feeling tears build up.

He sighed rolling his eyes, "Harry still owes Steve money and Steve wont shoot anyone that owes him money until he has his money" he said.

"Your boyfriends fine" he muttered, i frowned, as he said boyfriend his head dropped.

I starred uneasily at Steve, Harry was next to him, the lines on his face were hard and his jaw was tense, he was speaking to Steve in a low tone, keeping it small and notice less.

Steve didn't look very threatening as they spoke, which seamed to calm my nerve a bit, i sighed and turned back looking up into Liams big brown eyes.

They were nice, big caramel eyes that glistening in the light. His mouth parted letting his shimmering white teeth on show.

It wasnt a smirk but a smile, which i rarely had seen on Liam, he always had a cocky look on him but now he just seamed......

I looked left to right, noticing that Louis and Niall were no longer around, they had disappeared, it was just me and Liam, i turned back to him and he was grinning down at me.

My heart skipped a beat as i realised the situation, i was still in his arms, they were wrapped tightly around my waist and my hands were placed on his chest.

I was pressed against his body, way too close, i felt my cheeks heat up, as i flushed looking away.

"What" he chuckled, "" i mumbled and pushed lightly against his chest, singling for him to step back.

He chuckled a little louder rolling his eyes and he leaned down slightly so his head was next to my ear, "maybe i like it this way" he whispered.

It was only when i felt his lips press against my neck that i violently shoved him away, "Liam" i yelled furiously.

He smirked and gave me a small wink, before i could yell at him once again, the crowds sudden eruption of noise interrupted me.

I spun on my heels, seeing what they had reacted too but wished i hadn't, i let out a gasp and covered my mouth.

In the middle of the ring, Rixon stood, a metal pole in his hand and Zayn was on the floor, blood smeared his face.

The red liquid slivered down his face like he was crying blood, such a sight i had never seen.

My hands trembled as i let out a choked cry. The crowd began to get louder and louder, arguing with each other, over whether or not to let this happen.

Rixon had a wicked smirk as he raised the pole high in the air, ready to strike again.

I caught sight of Louis and Niall climbing onto the ring, the pole came down smashing against the floor where Zayn had managed to role out of the way. 

Before Rixon could take another swing, Niall and Louis had grabbed both his arms keeping him in control and away from Zayn, who staggered to his feet.

The help for Zayn attracted the help for Rixon, as soon enough two guy for Rixon entered the ring. Fighting Louis and Niall away from Rixon, in the blink of an eye everyone was arguing and fighting.

"Time to go" Liam said stepping forward and grabbing my arm, he rushed me through the crowd trying to get to the door but i stopped.

"Harry" i cried and he shook his head, "he will be fine but you need to get ou-" he ended in a loud painful grunt as he hunched over grabbing his stomach.

I gasped and turned to look ahead, a guy double the size had kicked him, i felt my pulse rise as i began to panic.

I let out a shriek jumping back as the guy made a grab for me.

Run. I told myself, just go, stop thinking Hannah, Run!

I twisted my body around and ran, as fast as i could, although it was terribly hard in a tight packed room.

I avoided others fighting and made my way around them as far as i could go.

I turned my head looking back to see the guy pushing through the crowd after me.

Why was he chasing me, i pushed through the crowd, desperately trying to get away, no one else seamed to notice me but this guy was keen on catching me.

I let out a small scream continuing to run until i was yanked to the side, my head snapped their way, i gasped covering my mouth.

It was Zayn, but i had difficulty recognising him, his face was covered in blood and it was ten times worst seeing it up close.

He pulled me through the crowd but once again, we seamed to be noticed, Rixon.

"Malik wait up, im not finished" his loud voice laughed, with a sickening cruelty added to it. 

Zayn didn't waste any time looking back, he just pulled me towards a door, it wasn't the one we first came in through.

"Quick" he hurried pushing the door forward, it led to a long corridor, we hurried up as fast as we could but Zayn couldn't run, he could barley walk.

I could see the pained expression he pulled every time he hurled himself forward, he was close to broken.

Turning a few times, he pulled me to a fire exit but it was chained up, well whos genius idea was it to do that.

Luckily they weren't locked, the lock had been broken, they were just wrapped around the handles.

Zayn struggled as he pulled them from the door and pushed it open, "come on" he said in a weak tone.

"Zayn where are you" Rixon laughed evilly, he was still chasing us! i thought he had gone and by the thumps of the floor, he wasn't alone.

We came out between two of the buildings, my head snapped both ways, it was quite a bit away before we could actually get  any where.

"Quick" Zayn said shoving me out, we hurried as fast as we could until Zayn stopped grabbing my elbow so i stopped with him.

"What are you doing" i panicked, i heard the swing of the door open and my eyes widened seeing Rixon and 2 other men charge out.

Before they could see us, Zayn skid down behind a skip pulling me down with him, out of sight.

I was practically hyperventilating now, Zayn tucked me between his legs, keeping out of sight as he held one hand over my mouth keeping me quiet. He hushed be quietly trying to calm me as well.

My heart hammered in my chest as i heard the scrap of the ground as Rixon dragged them across the floor, he was slowly walking closer and closer which only made me panic.

I couldn't see him, i was facing away and i wouldn't dare risk him seeing us just to take a glance at where he was.

He suddenly stepped forward past the skip and into view, i almost screamed but Zayn kept the muffled start quiet from his hand.

He was looking ahead and he hadn't noticed us, my heart seamed to beat faster and faster as he slowly turned, i prayed he didn't see us with all my heart.

And my prays were answered, he turned and walked back up to the exit we had come out of.

"There gone" he yelled, "lets go" he muttered angrily and soon the exit door slammed shut.

Zayn sighed before taking a sharp turn to look down the ally seeing if they were gone, he winced in pain as he did so but nodded.

"There gone" he breathed and closed his eyes, "We need to find Harry and the boys" i said quickly and stood up.

I turned around and grabbed his hand trying to help him up but he shook his head, "I cant doll" he murmured wincing in pain.

"What" i asked, feeling like my stomach had dropped, he let out a throaty groan as he shuffled up a bit, so he was sitting a bit more up straight, he lifted the end of his vest up so it reviled his stomach.

I let out a gasp seeing an almost black huge bruise, "Zayn" i cried dropping to the floor, i lightly touched it and he hissed in pain.

"The bastard cheated" he spat angrily but the pain in his eyes, softened his words, leaving him to look just helpless.

I let out a sob starring at him, he was broken, he couldn't even move, "w-we need to get y-you to a hospital" i stuttered tear blurring my vision.

"No" he muttered wincing in pain, "i cant go to a hospital, the police will catch on" he muttered as pain crossed his face.

"I-i...I don't know what to do" i sobbed starring at the broken boy, "its fine doll" he said and tried to smile but the blood covering his face, made it a sickening image.

What should i do?

What could i do?



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