More than What

Written for the More than this competition


3. A Broken Heart

Over the next 3 month me and jack bonded. It was weird I wouldn't have thought I would 3 months ago. He was James' brother.

The only time id spoken to him before he died was at Christmas and Birthday's and know here we are in Australia. Living together. Jack took me to dinner one night.

"El you have become my best friend over the past three months, you were the only person I felt I could talk to after James died...Ellie I think I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" I felt sick.

Sick good though I nodded and he smiled. He had become my best friend too. I loved him too.

three months later we were scheduled to go home to see everyone and to tell them that we are moving to Australia officially.

The flight back was again long and tiring. When we got to England we went to the taxi area and got one home.

When we got there I noticed that Jack wasn't acting right and before I knew it I was back in the ER room at Manchester hospital except this time Jack was in the operating theatre.

The same thing seemed to happen. I sat there terrified. Then a woman came out of the operating theatre and walked over to me.

"Hi Ellie. I'm Dr Harris, if you remember me" I nodded. How could I forget.

"he's alive but he's very weak. you should say your goodbyes now" My heart stopped and something happened that I never thought could.

I Cried.

She led me into his hospital room. He looked so ill. He was attached to the life support machine and had bandages covering his abdomen.

When I came closer he smiled through his pain.

"You never cry, what's brought it on?"

"This is why I didn't want you to come with me. I didn't want to lose you" I said sitting down and wiping my eyes

"Never lie to a wounded man" He said still smiling

"Never lie to a dying man" I corrected him

"I'm that too but all this is worth it because I have you don't I."

"I wont have you anymore though will I"

"I guess not but crying wont bring me back" he looked like he was in pain and it hurt me to see him this way.

"I don't care anymore" He held my hand like he once did in the ER room and said goodbye. Then he left me and the death count went up to 5.

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