Forever // l.t

When Chloe is attacked by a pack of wolves, what will happen when she falls in love with one of them? Or maybe more than one?

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6. Chapter 5

"So you just change this.... to 'she and he'?" John asks, looking up at me from his paper.

I nod my head as he finishes the changes before we both place our belongings into our backpacks. I zip my backpack up, throwing it over my shoulder. I stand up, walking outside of the building to my Audi R8, unlocking the doors.

"See you later." John yells at me from across the parking lot. I wave back before getting into the driver's seat and making my way home.

As I drive, my radio channel begins to go haywire. I look down at the radio for a brief second to fix its settings. When I look back up, I almost hit someone who is doubled over in the road. I immediately slam on the brakes.

My eyes widen and my mouth parts slightly as I realize who the blood drenched guy is. John. I can't believe that I almost hit him? But why is he in the road? Why is he drenched in blood?

I open my car door and close it behind me as I step outside. I carefully walk towards him. "Are- are you okay?"

He looks up at me and growls. Yes. Growls. Like a dog, in pain. What the? I slowly step bak as he inches near me. My breathing becomes heavy and I begin to pant. I feel as though I almost cannot breathe. As if the world has collapsed onto me and that I am struggling to find a gasp of air.

My hand shakily finds the car door as I open it and jump into the car, closing and locking the doors. I slam my feet onto the gas as John tries to open my door.

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