Forever // l.t

When Chloe is attacked by a pack of wolves, what will happen when she falls in love with one of them? Or maybe more than one?

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3. Chapter 2

Our first class is English and man, the teacher is hot. He kinda resembles someone from a band that I used to listen to. Louis Tomlinson, I think, from One Direction.

The bell rang and the teacher closed the door before turning back to the front of the class, introducing himself. "My name is Mr. Tomlinson, but you can call me Louis." He smiled.

I leaned over and whispered in Ann's ear. "Oh god Ann, it's him. It's really him."

"Who?" She whispered back.

"Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction."

"You're kidding right?"

"No." I smiled.

"Ms. Summers?" Louis asked.

I looked up. "Sir?"

"Do you have anything to share with the class?" He smirked.

"Uh.. I just wanted to know.. Uh.. What was it like, being a musician?"

He smied. "It's nice to know that someone knows about my run-down career."

"It wasn't run-down. I swear to you."

He smiled again. "I'm glad you think that."


The day went by quickly and I had homework. I groaned at the though of it. As I was walking to my locker, I heard people talking about Louis.

"Have you seen the new English teacher?"

"The new English teacher is so hot."

"I heard he was flirting with that Summers girl."

"I heard that that Summers girl knows about his career before he taught English."

It was true. Louis is hot and I did know about his music career, but I doubt that he was flirting with me.

I grabbed my things out of my locker and put the things in that I don't need. I walked to the student parking lot and placed my bag and books into the passenger seat before putting on my safety belt and driving.

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