Dumb Fanfiction Moments

Just doing some dumb fanfic moments. Please don't take these offensive! thank you!

Most of this is about one direction because most of those fanfics are crazy! Don't get mad or offended about these! This is suppose to be a laugh. HA! thanks! completed!


15. 321-345

321: "I dont know why Louis rejected me."

Bitch, you're rich and pretty; you cant have everything.

322: "faster Zayn FASTER!" you yell holding on to him tightly.


"YES" you grunt

He picks up the speed and y'all win the potato sack race.

323: Pop the ‘P’ like you own the place

324: Harry takes drugs, drinks, and is in a gang 325: Harry is a jerk 326: Louis loves loves loves carrots 327: Liam is that nerdy preppy boy who is a total goody two shoes 328: Once you’re dating harry, you can’t have any contact with the outside world 329:Parents are totally ok with you marrying at age 15 330:Parents can’t hear you yelling Harry’s name from upstairs..if you know what I mean 331: Harry has orbs, not eyes 332: Locks, not hair 333: It’s not bread we’re kneading here… 334: Harry’s girlfriends always taste good 335: Just lie and say you’re tired and then go sneak into your bedroom with Harry, it’ll totally work out. 336: You can totally just fall in love with harry in two days 337: Your friends just magically disappear off the planet once you proclaim your love for Harry 338: Your tongues like to battle  a lot 339: You like to explore each other’s mouths like they’re the jungle  a lot 340: He “enters” you 341:"penetrated"  342:"battled" 343:"Aw babe you’re so tight" 344:Your lips crash together like the titanic 345: Why is it in every one direction fanfic i read its like Main girl:bumps into zayn zayn:wanna go back to my place?? Main girl:Sure!1!!!1111111111!!! HAS IT EVER DAWN UPON YOU THAT ZAYN CAN BE A RAPIST

Sorry this is a horrible chapter.. I'm so sorry about the fonts.. I have no idea what happened..

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