Dumb Fanfiction Moments

Just doing some dumb fanfic moments. Please don't take these offensive! thank you!

Most of this is about one direction because most of those fanfics are crazy! Don't get mad or offended about these! This is suppose to be a laugh. HA! thanks! completed!


10. 226-260

226: Hey! I adopted you and I'm suppose to be your father! But instead how about we fall in love!

227: "He growled, I purred, He roared." Okay. I know you said you were an animal in bed but DAYMNMM!

228: The boys cant be trusted alone in their small apartment or else all hell breaks loose.

229: I met Niall at Nandos and he was just sitting down and he asked me to sit down with him at his table.. yeah because all celebrities ask for you to sit at their tables.

230: Wakes up to the smell of breakfast every morning.

231: I may only be seven but Harry says I'm mature for my age so we fuck.

232: I forget Zayn is famous even though we hang out with Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Queen Elizabeth at award shows 24/7.

233: Clumsy girl gives hand job for the first time, she's a natural.

234: I frowned sadly.. and what does a happy frown look like?

235: Sometimes Harry hits me, but it's okay because we have great sex.

236: 'I hopped into my car which my parents brought me for my 16th birthday,I already crashed it once'

237: My parents arranged a marriage between Zayn and I.. Okay this is 2013 not 1713.

238: Gets hit by car. Doesn't break anything but looses memory.

239: Eats four pizzas, six burgers, two large fries, and four whole chickens, size zero.

240: "He licked my bottom lip, begging for entrance, the guard came out and escorted Harry into my vagina."

241: We just met twenty minutes ago, and I banged you in the bathroom stall, but I'd just like to say I love you.

242: My mom works 24/7 and my dad is dead.

243: Nialls either eating 50 mc'nuggets, or drinking 50 beers.

244: Nialls POV, Harrys POV, Kim Kardashians POV, Obamas POV.

245: I hate One Direction, but Harry still loves me.

246: Your an arse hole. Arse, arse, Nice arse.

247: Everyone hated me before Harry came along, now Beyoncé kisses the ground I walk on.

248: "Mom, I'm pregnant." "Lol, don't care. Making brownies."

249: "A waterfall came from my panties."

250: Liam shot my whole family, killed all my friends, but bad boys turn me on.

251: I'm the hottest female in the world, but I'm twelve and I haven't hit puberty yet.

252: The guy in a white van just invited me to come and pick up  free VIP One Direction tickets.. OKay I don't see a problem.

253: He banged me furiously in anger, maybe next time I shouldn't eat all the carrots, lol.

254: Harry brings home a different slut every night, but I trust him, I know he loves me.

255: "I want your pussy," Harry proclaimed as he stroked my cat.

256: Related to Zayn, and dating Harry, but I have a thing for Louis.

257: He may have cheated on me 29 times but I still love him.

258: Niall orders 5 meals at Nandos and refused to share.

259: "When I call Liam daddy during sex it turns him on."

260: "Liam made it to my 5th grade graduation. I was so happy I thought he wouldn't be able to come."

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