Dumb Fanfiction Moments

Just doing some dumb fanfic moments. Please don't take these offensive! thank you!

Most of this is about one direction because most of those fanfics are crazy! Don't get mad or offended about these! This is suppose to be a laugh. HA! thanks! completed!


2. 11-25

11: Louis is always calling everyone carrot queen/princess and also is obsessed with them.. Like Lou said.. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YEAR IT IS!?!?!?!

12: Liam is always scared of spoons and can't even look at them. It makes me want to stab a fork through the author's eye so I can show them forks are scary, too!

13: In the morning, they wake up and give each other a kiss. Okay. There is this thing called morning breath. It's NASTY! Brush your teeth if you want a kiss. if you did this in real life I'm pretty sure that guy would never be talking to you again.

14: When authors don't describe any of the dirty scenes I immediately get off that fanfic because there is absolutely no point in reading it.

15: When sentences are choppy. "I ate a hamburger. I put cheese on it. I put mustard on it." No, Shut the fuck up.

16: When people say one sentence before it changes to the next persons point of view. Make a decision. Seriously? I can't read that shit!

17: A chapter is a paragraph long.

18: People can't think of song lyrics so they use a One Direction song for lyrics because they are to lazy to make their own.

19: When One Direction are murderers or kidnappers then I actually shut my device down and get a real book!!

20: The age difference is 7 years off and the boys still like you and want to fuck you. Obviously they want to go to prison

21: They use stupid ass nicknames. Like.. who the fuck calls Niall 'Ni'!?!?!.

22: People pass out and then..BOOM!! One Direction right in front of you saying they love you? NO! Security takes you away, not One Direction feeling sorry for you!

23: A member of One Direction takes you on tour with them when they don't even bring their own girlfriends. Then your mother accepts and pretty much tells you to forget about school.

24: All fathers are abusive!! God!!

25: When girls have boys wrapped around their fingers, are blond, LOOK LIKE A VICTORIA'S SECRET MODEL, is skinny as hell, and has a millionaire bf,  yet still calls herself fat ugly and worthless.

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