love at first sight?

Ana is 19 and loves one direction her father Simon cowell invites them over for breakfast keep reading to see wich band member falls in love!

hi my name is julie and im new to movellas if u could please read this and get me 100 readers i would love that thank you!!!


1. hello my name is.......


                hi my name is Ana im 19 and live in California. I love one direction and I have brown hair, brown eyes and my father is simon cowell he practically owns one direction!!

but i never met them todays the day I meet my 5 idols! 


                                                          anas pov 


     i woke up to the smell of food knowing one direction would be here any minute i quickly took a shower and change into and nice peach colored dress with gold studs on the collar and put some lace covered heels and went downstairs.


                                                       nialls pov 

                            i heard heels clicking down the stairs. i turned around to see a pretty girl with big brown eyes. then i new love at first sight! <3

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