love at first sight?

Ana is 19 and loves one direction her father Simon cowell invites them over for breakfast keep reading to see wich band member falls in love!

hi my name is julie and im new to movellas if u could please read this and get me 100 readers i would love that thank you!!!


3. date?


          nialls pov

 what! i said in my head my chances were ruined!! ugh i hate simon for that why are my chances ruined all the boys have girlfriends excpet for me! harry has maria, liam has daniel, zayn has perrie and louis has elanour! 

  can i just get one chance? I whispered in simons ear.

 fine! he whispered back

yes! i said 

 what happened? ana said 

nothing.. I said 

ohhh okay ana said 

    Anas pov

ohh okay...i said getting out of my chair

 were u going? niall said 

 nowhere to my room excuse me plz .. I said 

your excused!  simon said 

 as i was going upstairs when i heard harry were the bathroom was so simon told me to take him..

  you should go out with niall he is the only one without a girlfriend he needs his princess and hes definitely falling for you! harry said 

 no he isnt plus you heard what simon said anways here it is i said 

thank you! he said cheekily 

__________________________________________________________________________hi guys im julie i realy need a co-author plz write a comment and  ill just see if u are the best co-author i can get ty!!




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