love at first sight?

Ana is 19 and loves one direction her father Simon cowell invites them over for breakfast keep reading to see wich band member falls in love!

hi my name is julie and im new to movellas if u could please read this and get me 100 readers i would love that thank you!!!


2. be mine


    anas pov 


           hi my name is ana!. I said. i was freaking out when i saw niall!what did he think of me i hope he likes me he has to!

          hi im niall! he said. my mouth dropped when he kissed my hand!! as the others introduced themselves we sat down and ate I noticed niall staring at me!

          so ana do you like singing? asked niall 

            yeah actually I do I love all ur songs! I said 

         wow! so ur a directioner! he said

            yeah! I said  cheekily i was so happy to have a conversation with my boy crush!


     nialls pov 

  hey ana! harry said 

  yes? ana said 

 who do u like from the band? harry said... i was dyeing to know hoping it was me! 

 i like niall! ana said... yes i thought i knew she did! 

 anas pov 

 i like you too! niall said  omg did he just he liked me!! im freaking out in my head but just smile when he says that. 

aww! how cute! harry said 

well boys you know no dating ana she doesnt need publicity to get to her head! simon says i started to get really sad when he said that. well i guess my chances are ruined!  


hey guy im  juli and im the author pls comment below if u want to be a co-author and plz favorite and like ill try to post every day!! but i have school so yeah! boo! plz leave a comment also ty love u directioners!! xxx



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