Summer Love

In the summer of 2009 Karen got a job at a day camp that she went to from 5-14 y/o. Now that she's a junior in high school, she needed the money. It's your typical summer camp; kids running and screaming, some crying. But all that disappears when she meets the boy.. The curly haired one who she's met before, but who she knows nothing about.


3. The First Night

The first day went really well, I got to meet a lot of the kids and they love me. I've always been good with kids. I've baby sat in the past and it comes natural to me.

Every night, everyone goes to the giant fire pit by the beach and we have a bonfire, and sing camp songs. We sing the camp songs every free moment we get during the day to keep the kids occupied, so by the end of the first day, we knew all the words.

 After the kids were settled and asleep in their cabins, the staff was going to the dining hall to clean up (put the benches up on the tables, clean the tables, sweep the floors, etc) and talk to get to know each other, but I was to tired.

On my way from the fire to my cabin, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Harry. Him, Liam, and Zayn (who I didn't really meet but he seems cool) shared a cabin which was behind mine. Is he going to bed too? I brushed off the thought and turned back around started up the stairs to my cabin.

"Don't ignore me missy" I turned around to see Harry wearing a hoody. The hood was on his head and his hands were in his pockets. He gave me a look as if he was waiting for me to say something. I was shocked that he was following me. I froze and tried to find the words to say. "Oh. Um I.." He smiled and walked up the stairs. We were  face to face when he gave me a smile and said "Come on in Harry! Oh why thank you Karen!" He winked and held the door open for me. I smiled while I rolling my eyes and followed him inside.


I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. I  took a quick shower in courtesy of the other girls. Ash, Tasha and I have to share a room, which isn't a big deal.  I walked out of the bathroom in just a towel and when I entered the room, they were staring at me with big grins.

The three of us were together all day yesterday and we talked a lot. We all had the same interests and we got fairly close.

"We saw Harry leave our cabin last night. You have some explaining to do young lady!" They looked at each other and continued to grin. I rolled my eyes and went to my side of the room to put on some clothes. I brushed my hair and turned around to see both of them now sitting on my bed. I sat down and laughed. "Okay, here's what happened..."


I followed Harry into the cabin and he went right into the little room with a couch. He sat down and looked satisfied. "The couches aren't too bad for being a million years old." I sat down next to him and I had to agree. "Yeah actually. They're same couches from when I came here as a kid."

I felt the material of the couch with my and smiled. Harry turned his head and gave me a confused look. "You've came to this camp before?" I got comfortable because I felt as if we might be here awhile. "Yeah. I started coming here when I was five and came every summer until the summer after eight grade. I went to a summer camp for soc-."

Harry scooted himself closer to me, putting his left arm on the back of the couch. "Wait, so you've came to this camp before?" I narrowed my eyes, confused. "Yeah, I just said-" He threw his head back and laughed. "I knew you looked familiar! I remember you now!"

 "Huh?" I didn't mean to say that out loud but Harry laughed again and shook his head. "Okay, do you remember that one time when you were standing on the dock with your friend, Melanie maybe?" I don't remember either. "Um yeah?" Harry seemed anxious. "Okay, then do you remember when some kid pushed you off the dock?"

That's when I remembered clearly.

My friend Michelle was telling me about her dog and the next thing I know, I was in the water, fully clothed. I swam to the ladder and climbed it. I stood on the dock drenched. I looked up and saw two boys laughing.

"That was you wasn't it Harry!" Harry laughed and nodded his head. "Yes! I knew you'd remember!" We laughed some more then talked about our lives. We talked as if we've known each other forever. I felt safe and comfortable in his presence and I really liked it.

It was about eleven at night when we realized how long we've been talking. Harry got up and said he was tired and was going to go to bed. We said our goodbyes and he left. I went upstairs and laid down in my bed and fell right asleep.

*Flashback finished*

The girls jaws dropped. Ash shook her head, "that's it?!" I nodded my head and smiled. I thought about how nothing happened and how Harry didn't even try to make a move on me. I started to feel disappointed. Yeah, that's it. 


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