Summer Love

In the summer of 2009 Karen got a job at a day camp that she went to from 5-14 y/o. Now that she's a junior in high school, she needed the money. It's your typical summer camp; kids running and screaming, some crying. But all that disappears when she meets the boy.. The curly haired one who she's met before, but who she knows nothing about.


9. Surprises

Liam turned his head faster than I could. He lightly pushed me away from him as I looked up to see Harry standing in the doorway. I noticed he was tense and he had his hands clenched into fists. "Hey Harry.." I looked up at Liam as he spoke and saw that he was looking at he floor.

Liam looked up at me and gave a slight smile. He put his hands in his pockets and walked past Harry. I looked at Harry and saw that he still was tense and I turned around to finish the dishes that still weren't done. Harry came and stood next to me and I felt him staring at me.

"Are you going to tell me what that's all about?" I rinsed a plate that I had washed and put aside onto a rack with the other dishes. "What do you mean?" I faced him and crossed my arms. He looked at me confused. "I just walked in on you and Liam hugging. You're my girlfriends remember?" I let my arms go as my jaw dropped.

"Seriously Harry?" "Seriously Karen." I shook my head and started explaining. "Harry, nothing happened. He was helping me with the dishes and we got talking and I-.." "You what?" I hate it when people interrupt me when I'm trying to explain something and clearly Harry's got the wrong idea.

"Harry, let me talk." He relaxed his shoulder and I walked up to him. "He told me about his parents divorce and I felt bad for him so I gave him a hug and comforted him." I looked into his eyes and his face relaxed. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Okay." He said "I'm sorry." I put my arms around his neck.

 "Harry, you can trust me okay? I've learned what it feels like to lose trust in someone and I would never want to make someone fee the way I did." I looked down and then back up into his eyes, "especially you."

He smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. As I kissed back he put his arms around my waist and picked me. I let go of our kiss and laughed. He spun me around and put me back down. I looked into his eyes again and realized the dishes still weren't done.

"Want to help me finish?" I nodded towards the sink and Harry nodded.


During diner I was sitting with some kids when Ash asked me to come into the kitchen for a second. I said bye to the kids and threw my trash away. I walked through the double door and saw Ash and Tasha leaning against the food prep table. I walked up to them kind of worried. "What's up?"

  Ash spoke up first, "well Zayn came up to me today and mentioned something about the three of us and the three of them, Zayn, Harry, and Liam, getting together tonight after the fire." I loved the idea but hated it at the same time. How are Harry and I going to handle that? "Yeah, sure! Sounds great!"

Danielle called my name from outside so I said smiled to the girls and stepped outside. She had a little girl standing next to her with phone in her hand.

 "Can you please take little Isabelle to the bathroom? I have a couple calls I need to make." I took Isabelle's hand and we started up the path to the bathrooms. Isabelle looked about eleven and she had hazel eyes and long, light brown eyes. She seemed shy so I didn't want to scare her by asking her questions.

We arrived to the bathroom and she went inside. She finished and came outside to where I was waiting. She too my hand as she spoke up, "are you Karen?"

I looked down at her to see her big hazel eyes looking at me. I nodded and smiled, "that's me!" She looked at the ground and continued to talk. "He was right when he said you were pretty." I continued to look down at her, "Who?" She looked back up to me with a big smile. "My big brother!"

I relaxed my face and laugh to play it cool, "and who's your big brother?"

She looked up at me still smiling her cute smile, "Harry!"

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