Summer Love

In the summer of 2009 Karen got a job at a day camp that she went to from 5-14 y/o. Now that she's a junior in high school, she needed the money. It's your typical summer camp; kids running and screaming, some crying. But all that disappears when she meets the boy.. The curly haired one who she's met before, but who she knows nothing about.


4. Gossip

After I explained to the girls what had happened the night before, we headed down to the dining hall to help serve breakfast. I entered the kitchen and saw Liam and Zayn taking the benches off the tables. Danielle told Ash and Tasha to help with the kids and she handed me a spray bottle and a rag. "Take these and start wiping down tables" she said with a smile.  I walked through the double doors into the dining area and started the task.

When I finished, I went back into the kitchen and saw Zayn and Liam talking. "Where's Danielle?" I asked looking around. Zayn was the first to speak up, "she went to help bring the kids down. I guess they're all over the place." Before I could reply back, the kitchen door squeaked open and Harry entered holding a trash bag. I laughed inside which made me smile on the outside. He started walking towards us while looking at his phone. He looked up to see the three of us standing there watching him. He jumped back a little as if we scared him. "Woah. Didn't know you guys were here."

He put his phone in his back pocket when Danielle came storming in. "Guys, I need your help. These kids are wild today. Liam and Harry, please go outside and try to keep them occupied?" Liam half jogged out of the kitchen while Harry tossed me the trash bag. "Please and thank you." I nodded and took it to the back where the other trash was.

While Zayn and I helped serve the kids breakfast he spoke up. "So you have a thing with Harry huh?" I froze. "Wh-what do you mean?" I said not looking at him, but felt him looking at me. Play it cool. "I saw the way you looked at him when he walked into the kitchen." Shit. I felt my face flush. ".. and he told me he was with you last night. He seemed really happy." Happy?!  "Well yeah, we just talked. Nothing happened."

"I'm only going to say this because I think you're really nice and I don't want you to get hurt." My stomach twisted. Oh great. "Harry's not the relationship kind of guy. I'm not going to talk bad behind his back because he's one of my best friends. But, just be careful." I gave him a slight smile feeling totally embarrassed.


When the kids were ready to go to their daily activities, I went with Ash to help out with the five to seven year old group. We went and made pet rocks in crafts, we went swimming and then had a snack. Ash and I sat in the grass watching Liam explain the rules for soccer to the kids.

"I saw you talking to Zayn at breakfast." I look down and nodded. "Yeah, we were just talking."

 "About what?"

She nudged my shoulder with hers and I gave a slight smile. "About Harry" I said quietly.

 I looked at Ash while blushing and she grew a big smile on her face and she winked. She looked back out to watch the kids and I did too.


I was sitting on the dock with my feet in the water watching the kids swim. Ash brought a couple kids to the bathroom so I was laughing while two girls were trying to splash me. I felt someone sit next to me so I looked up to see Harry. He rolled up his jeans and put his feet in the water and leaned back on his hands. I looked back down and noticed the two girls were now on the beach building a sand castle.

Harry spoke up. "It's so nice sitting here by the water isn't it?"

"Yeah." I felt awkward because of what Zayn had said earlier. Harry looked at me and smiled. "It's even better at night when the moon's out." I looked up at him and smiled back. "I guess I'll have to see it sometime." He chuckled. "Oh you will." I laughed, "Oh really?"

Harry picked himself up and unrolled his jeans. He bent down on one knee so our faces were level. "Yes, and that's a promise."

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