This Love Wasn't Enough (Harry Styles fanfic)

"Nonsense. My parents still think I'm that blonde little girl who wears white dresses six days a week and a minty green hi low dress on church day," Skye replied swimming with Harry. "And to you, I'm the girl you fell for at the gas station."

Harry had tattoos, good looks, but no money. He explored the world on his own. He fell for many girls, but not like he did with Skye. She had gotten him to settle in Franklin, North Carolina. Skye's parents didn't approve of them dating. So she lied to them. Only until her father finds out where she is and things go all wrong. 


2. Chapter Two

"Monkey!" Harry shook Skye awake. 

"I hate you!" She laughed. 

He kissed her forehead, today was a fun day. It was a time for the small fair they have yearly. It wasn't big, it was a few children rides, over priced cotton candy, and city folks. 

Skye took her shower quickly, in fear of Harry walking in on her. She got dressed in shorts, Pierce The Veil shirt, and random sandals. Harry didn't bother taking a shower, he just threw on black jeans, a white shirt, and combat boots that Skye had adored on him. 

Harry had always talked about going into the military but she'd convince him out of it. She had a fear that if he'd enter the war zone, he wouldn't exit. It was just a fear!

They enter Harry's beat up red truck and drive a few miles until they see the fairs rides. Harry chuckled at the sight of it, it wasn't really his 'thing' but Skye always convinces him in and out of things. The things he did for her! 

"Listen here baby cakes, I'm not playing any game where I spend fifty dollars on a small, stupid, ugly white and pink pony. You hear me?" Harry spoke trying to be serious but miserably failed. 

"Baby cakes.. I'll have to remember that! But I don't want a pony. I just want a Harry, a kiss, and cotton candy!" She bit her lip. 

"I'll see what I can do," he smirked. 

Throughout the day Harry would complain and ask if they could go yet. Skye would say no and drag him over to another group of people she knew. Harry didn't really socialize much, the only people he talks to is Skye, Cook, and Naomi. They're all he ever needed. That is just for now, until Harry decides to move again. Maybe near Maine or New Jersey. He kept thinking about where his next move would be but is quickly snapping himself out of it. He truly loved Skye, he did. He just didn't think he could handle buckling down and staying in that small town. 

Harry had entered Franklin, North Carolina to just pass through. But, he needed gas really badly. He only had a twenty on him. Nothing more, nothing less. He thought maybe flirting could help. 

He entered the doors and went straight to the cashiers counter and asked for twenty on pump four. He looked up at the cashier and saw Skye. Her blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin, light pink lips. It just caught him off guard while Skye stood there and laughed. 

"Excuse me, sir?" She giggled. 

"Oh. Sorry, here!" He blushed and handed her the twenty. 

He forgot to flirt. He stuttered and left the small building and went to his truck and pumped his gas. He stopped the gas pump at twenty, but just making sure there wasn't extra, he pumped it more. Surely, there wasn't. Five miles down the road he realized he was madly head over heels for her. He had to know her. He couldn't resist her. He turned around and headed for the gas station again. He happened to catch her as she got into her car. Her shift was over. They talked and she invited him for dinner at her house. 

Ever since, they've loved each other more each day. They don't know what it is about each other, but it just attracted them. Almost love at first sight.. Maybe love at second sight!

"Alright, Harry lets go." Skye spoke, letting out a deep breath.

"Finally!" He cheered. 

"Yeah, yeah! Don't get too flattered. My feet just hurt. That's the only reason why I want to go." She shrugged as she ate the pink access of cotton candy left on her fingers. 

"I could've carried you around. Y'know, piggy back ride or whatever you want to call it." He shrugged, twisting his key into the truck door. 

"I still don't understand why you lock the doors. No one will want things from your truck. But, no. It's fine. I'd never ask for anyone to carry me around." She replied. 

As Harry started the truck, the engine roared itself to life and the radio turned on. The background music began playing. Harry and Skye turn to each other and smile. 

Their song was coming on as they got into the car. Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides. They really only had two songs that was 'theirs'. Bulls In The Bronx by Pierce The Veil and Rebel Love Song. Bulls In The Bronx's video is what mostly describes them. The lyrics for Rebel Love Song described them most. 

They both sang along to their song. It was a happy day so far! The whole ride home was the two of them singing along to their music. Skye was a total different person around Harry. Her patents think she's into country music like Sugar Land, Zach Brown Band, etc. but Harry knows she's into heavy metal. Her parents think she wears dresses all week. Harry knows she likes wearing jeans and band T's. 

She was a real simple girl, her parents just made it difficult! She did love them though but she got frustrated after Harry bad left their house that night. Her parents yelled at her for inviting such a rebellious person into their Christian household. She cried herself to sleep that night. It only made her want to see him more. 

She had gotten his number and asked to hang out. They went on their official date. She had paid for them since she had the money. 

*Are you alright at Cassandra's house?* her mother texted her. 

*Yes Mother. I think I will be staying a little bit longer here, if that's alright with you!* she responded immediately. 

*That's fine. Just tell her family I said hi.* her mother was always up for Skye and Cassandra 'play dates'. Her household was also Christian so the two families got on great. 

"I hope my Mother or Father don't call Cassandra's house. Then they'll know I am lying and will probably figure I'm here." Skye sighed looking out the window. 

"I don't think they would. If anything, they'll call you." Harry reassured her and rubbed her back gently. 

She smiled and kissed his hand. She took his hand and intertwined hers and his together. His much, much bigger than hers, she liked that. Sometimes when they are lying around the house, she'll pick up his hand and compare the sizes. Harry would think it was cute and kiss her temple. That's Skye's weakness, temple kisses. 

They arrived back at Harry's shared house and found Cook and Naomi in the kitchen making Ramen noodles on the stove. 

"Glad to see the house isn't burnt down." Harry chuckled. 

"It's only soup!" Naomi defended. 

They all had to admit, neither Cook nor Naomi could cook. As a matter of fact, Skye couldn't either, Harry could cook a few things but they're simple. 

"Well, you two are home early." Cook spoke after gulping down his glass of Coca Cola. 

"Yeah, her feet was hurting and I was dreaded staying there any longer." Harry explained. 

"Oh, come on! You know you liked it. Socializing with people, buying overpriced cotton candy, standing in the miserable weather." Skye joked, poking Harrys sides. 

"No," he rolled his eyes swatting her tiny hands away. 

They both sat at the kitchen table and Harry found Skye comparing the hand sizes once again. He smirked and silently called Cook and Naomi over to watch. They both tip-toed over and watched over her. She had her head dipped down and was messing with his fingers. 

"You're so cute!" Naomi giggled. 

"Good going Blondie!" Cook playfully smacked her arm. 

"Hey, that hurts," she pouted. 

He rolled his eyes and kissed her cheek. 

"Oh, I'm sorry guys. I didn't know it was 'gather around Skye and watch her play with her boyfriends fingers and make fun of her for it day'. I must've never received the memo!" Skye scoffed getting up from the table an making her way to the living room. 

"Awe, c'mon! It's cute, even Naomi said it was. It really is Monkey." Harry assured Skye and embraced her in a hug and peppered her in small kisses. 

She giggled and pushed him away and he landed on the couch. She sat in between his legs and they watch some TV while they wait for the soup to finish cooking. 


A/N: long chapter, I know. But I almost got caught writing this because it was one in the morning as I wrote this and my mom said I need to start getting in the habit of going to sleep at a decent time for school. How about no? 

But Like, comment, and favorite PLEASE! It'll mean so much to me. ily all whoever reads this :*

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