This Love Wasn't Enough (Harry Styles fanfic)

"Nonsense. My parents still think I'm that blonde little girl who wears white dresses six days a week and a minty green hi low dress on church day," Skye replied swimming with Harry. "And to you, I'm the girl you fell for at the gas station."

Harry had tattoos, good looks, but no money. He explored the world on his own. He fell for many girls, but not like he did with Skye. She had gotten him to settle in Franklin, North Carolina. Skye's parents didn't approve of them dating. So she lied to them. Only until her father finds out where she is and things go all wrong. 


1. Chapter One

"One more swim for the night?" Harry asked sheepishly. 
"Fine!" Skye gave in. 
Harry wasn't the type to have a girlfriend, he is charming though. He is just poor, covered in tattoos, and never sticks to one place to live. He's never around long enough to keep a girlfriend. 
No matter how much girls Harry would fall for, he couldn't date them. This time, his stop was Franklin, North Carolina. He lived in the mountains. He met Skye at the gas station. It's a small town, so small you can know everyone around. Skye had gotten him to settle in the place after one date. He fell head over heels for her. 
"You jump first." Skye smiled as the both of them stood on the rock above the lake. 
"No you," Harry replied with a smirk. 
"On three!" She demands. 
Harry nodded. They held hands and counted to three and jumped. As the both rose to surface, Harry smiled and pulled Skye over closer. 
He kissed the tip of her wet, dripping, small nose and She returned with a smile. 
"Aren't your parents going to freak?" Harry broke the silence. 
"Why would they freak?" She asked, wrapping her arms around Harry's neck. 
"Because they think I'm a punk who sleeps with every girl possible and you're still dating me and to top it off, you're here with me!" Harry pointed out. 
"Oh, right. They think I'm at Cassandra's house. And don't think we're dating anymore. They're so foolish." She smirked. 
"I'm beginning to think you're the bad one here." Harry chuckled, swimming away from her. 
"Nonsense. My parents still think I'm that blonde little girl who wears white dresses six days a week and a minty green hi low dress on church day," Skye replied swimming with Harry. "And to you, I'm the girl you fell for at the gas station."
"Whatever," Is all he said before swimming under the water and grabbing Skye's legs and throwing her over his shoulders. 
It was getting pretty dark outside by now. They both heard a stick break and Harry slid her down his body so now he's holding her in his arms with hers wrapped around his torso. 
That's all they heard, nothing else. One break. Minutes pass by and they still held each other. 
"Cannon ball!" A male shouted. Surely not Harry. 
"Faggot, faggot, faggot." A female shouted then became a whisper by the last time she repeated herself. 
"Jesus! Can't you two get a life?" Harry let go of the breath he didn't know he was holding. 
It was only Harry's friends; Cook and Naomi. They're the only reason Harry could afford where he's living at the moment, so he's going to have to act nicely towards them if he wants to stay where he is. 
"Chill dude. We were only playing!" Cook spoke as he surfaced. 
Harry scoffed and let go of Skye as she did him. The two of them got out of the water and wrapped themselves in a towel that lied on the green almost brown grass. 
They made their way to the bridge that is on the verge of broken. They sat down and watched Cook and Naomi swim around. They made small talk to keep it from being quiet. They were the four easiest people to talk to them. Three of them aren't what people would call 'normal' or 'nice'. Just because they have tattoos and have fun. But honestly, they're nice, fun to be around, and easy to be friends with. 
"The water is cold now." Naomi whined. 
"Lets get out then." Cook replied motioning over to the land. 
He'd always give in to things Naomi wanted because he'd like to see the bright smile on her face, even if it means he'll suffer. 
The four of them got inside and took their showers before they fell asleep. Naomi and Cook disappeared to the back room of the house. Skye and Harry lied on the couch together watching a movie and eating a late night snack. 
"Want some?" Skye asked raising a hand full of popcorn in Harry's face. 
He smiled, dipped his head down, and nibbled at the pieces of popcorn. 
"Could've taken it out of my hand. That was gross!" She giggled. 
"This is boring and almost over. Legs go to bed!" He patted her thigh 
"Okay," she smiled and headed for the bedroom. 
Harry came in minutes later. The only light was the lamp in the room. It was spooky dark in there. It was two single beds about four feet apart, a small dresser, one suitcase, a table with a lamp, and a tv on the dresser. 
Skye lied down on the bed close to the window and Harry lied on the bed close to the wall. After minutes of silence Skye turned on her side and propped herself on her elbow. 
"Harry, you awake?" She whispered. 
"No!" He whispered back. 
"You're so weird!" She laughed. 
"Come lay with me." He replied. 
She got up from her bed and made her way to him. He opened his blanket and closed it once she lied down. He peppered her face in kisses and told her he loved her. Se was quiet until she told him 'I love you too'. He was scared she wouldn't say it back. 
"Goodnight monkey!" He kissed her one last time for the night. 
"Goodnight," she laughed and wrapped her arms around him. 
The lamp was turned off and try dozed off to sleep. 
A/N: First chapter (: so tell me what you think! That would be much appreciated. 
I'll update if this gets any comments, likes, or favorites by tomorrow. I am enjoying this already. I know what's going to happen to the last period on this book. I just haven't written it all out just yet. 
Well thanks for reading and I hope y'all enjoyed it!


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