writers block? you have come to the RIGHT place!

ideas for storys. they may just be a title or cover pic but they may be title,blurb + some planning! these storys are mainly my failed attemps but some are just insparation!
i have several ideas for all of these... what shall i call them? almost stories. so if you get an idea from one of these 'almost stories' then i would love to co-author!!!


2. pen to paper



pen to paper is a heart-breaking tale of a woman who, however much she loves pouring her heart out onto a page, has to stop writing for medical reasons. she searches high and low for a soulution and wonders wether SHE could have a happily ever after.


first sentence...

i put my beloved pen to paper for the last time.


last sentence...

and so i conclude, with my very last full stop.

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