Miracles Happen

Hope is just your average girl. She never wanted this sickness... She never truly believe in love... And now that she is going to encounter more things in life that she's never dreamed of the only question is this: How is she going to handle it?


6. Chapter 6

Well, here's chapter six :) ~S


"It's your turn. Shoot." said Cole, passing the ball to me.

I threw the ball and smirked as I made a clean shot into the net. Swish."So let me get this straight. You have feelings?"

"Oh that's so funny, Hope. I am just dying of laughter. Shoot again." He gave me a hard chest pass but I caught the ball with ease. I took a shot. It was now 12-8, myself. He was just annoyed by the fact that he was losing--badly. "Of course I've got feelings. It's a common human quality. Something you obviously don't know about."

I laughed out loud as a took another shot. The ball had just bounced its way back to me after it went through the next. "Of course I know about them. Didn't you not see Michael--" I paused. Wrong thing to say. Cole raised an eyebrow. "Never mind." Swish. 13-8. "I just don't understand why me kissing Michael bothered you so much."

Cole sighed heavily. "I told you. He hurt you by going out with Tara--"

"Because of blackmail--"

"While knowing that Tara was slut and just wanted attention from the whole school and tear you and Michael apart--"

"She does that to everyone. And again, blackmail--"

"And he called you a bitch. How do you explain that?"

I shrugged and took a shot. 14-8. "He was in the moment. We were both pissed, and it was bound it come out anyways. Besides, he didn't actually say it." I thought for a moment. Cole's reasons for feeling obligated to be mad at the fact he witnessed Michael and I lip locked were pretty good, but have you ever had the feeling when someone was keeping something from you? That was the vibe I was getting from Cole and I wasn't liking it. "Are you sure that's all?" I asked before taking another shot.

He stared at me with big blue eyes that were now shining with the yellow of the sun because paleness of the blue. His face was blank, but you didn't have to be Einstein himself to figure out that was how Cole hid his true feelings. "Just shoot the damn ball. And miss, will you?"

I rolled my eyes. "Please, miss? You're looking at the first female women to play in the men's NBA.

Cole stopped tapping his foot on the ground and stared at me. "Seriously?"

I eyed him. "Of course."

A moment of silence passed between us and all of a sudden, Cole started to laugh. And I don't mean a light chuckle, but a full on gut-pinching, ground rolling, tear falling, laugh. The kind that made passer-bys think you were crazy and made the victim want to hurt you. "What's so funny?" I asked incredulously.

"You--" Laughter. "In the NBA men's team?"

"Why not? There's a possibility." I said, annoyed.

"Hope, for one, you're a girl. A girl trying out for a men's team is--"

"Is what?" I said. "You don't think that girls can be at the same level as guys?"


I scoffed. "You're so delusional. Honestly, if I just keep at the sport, and do a lot of training, there's a chance. Just because I'm a girl, it doesn't prevent me from what I'd like to do in the future. And you know what? When you and I grow older, you'll be sitting at home watching the game eating potato chips while I'm playing in the game." I smirked. "Besides, you see the wonderful shots I've made."

Cole smirked back. "Yeah, well princess, there's more the basketball than getting the ball into the net." He dashed towards me and in seconds the ball was gone from my hand. "You've got too keep watch." he said, dribbling the ball expertly. "And know how to keep the ball from your opponent." then he ran up to the net and did the most perfect lay-up. It was graceful to watch him play. "And I seriously doubt you can do one of those."

I shrugged then whipped the sweat off my forehead. "What can I say? I'm the 3 pointer type."

He rolled his eyes. "But most importantly," He walked toward me and pushed the ball to my chest. He was so close that our noses were touching. I made a small intake of breath. My heart was beating a million times per minute. "It's a team sport." he whispered. "And there's no 'I' in 'team'. You're not the only person people are going to be paying attention to. Ain't that right princess?" He looked at me in the eyes and smirked. He knew I was slightly dazed by what he just did. He backed away and from the 3-point spot on the driveway, he shot the ball clean into the net. 14-9.

I recovered after a couple minutes then shot back, "Of course they'd be paying attention to me. I'm the girl remember?"

Cole didn't look at me as he bounced the ball around the driveway and continuously did lay-ups. I wondered if he was thinking about what he had done. If he was any closer our lips would be touching, and I didn't know if wanted that to happen. I hadn't known the kiss with Michael would happen either. "There's more to it, isn't there?"

Cole stopped what he was doing to look at me. "More to what, Hope?" He knew what I was talking about, he just didn't have the guts to say it. I knew there was more to his answer about his feelings about me and Michaels relationship--friendship. So, instead of answering his question, I just stared at him. I always thought that staring was a good way to get something out of someone, even if it was vague. But apparently, Cole wasn't one of those people. "You can answer my question you know, we don't have all day."

I narrowed my eyes at him. His eye twitched slightly. I've noticed that happened every time he was about to lie, if not lying already. "Forget about it. Apparently it's not important."

He was just about to retort back when someone called my name from behind me. "Hope!" I turned to look at my Mom. Cole's jaw dropped. He hasn't seen my Mom in person yet, so seeing her now was probably a big shock to him, especially when we were in the middle of a fight. I wasn't crazy when I saw the look in his eyes. "Come on, it's time to get inside." She stared at Cole for a few moments before she picked up her bags and walked inside the house.

"I'll see you around." he said. He walked over to me with his head ducked, and when he was right in front of me, that's when he looked at me in the eyes. He watched me for a few minutes before his eyes narrowed and he said, "And don't worry, it isn't important. For you to know anyways." He too, walked away and entered his house, slightly slamming the door behind him. If he was mad again, it was barely my fault.  

Annoyed, I marched towards my own home. How could someone be so great to be around and so frustrating to talk to all at the same time?

When I entered the building, my Mom was already waiting for me. "Who was that you were talking to?" My Mom asked as I come barrelling down through my door. I really didn't want to have the 'Boy I've Never Seen Before' chat. I tried to think of a way I could avoid this conversation so I could go up to my room and grumble words that involved profanities and Cole's own name.

"I was just saying hello to the new neighbors, that's all." I replied smoothly.

"I didn't know saying hello to a neighbor included deep conversation, basketball and heavy sweating." she eyed me.

"It happens Mom. That was just my... friend Cole." I stretched behind my head. "He goes to my school." Then I started to stare at her blankly. How much exactly did she see, or even worse, hear? As much as my Mother and I told each other everything, I really didn't want to tell her about Michael and I... I decided not to continue this conversation and instead talk about something safe, like school work. "Mom, I need help with my  homework."

That seemed to mislead her well. I never ask for her help.

She cleared her throat. "Well, then." She grabbed her glasses and sat down on the nearest chair. "What do you need help with?" I showed her the story about the girl and my notes in my agenda.

"Well, did you try brainstorming?" I shake my head. I hadn't bothered. What was the point of brainstorming if you didn't have any ideas to do so? "Well why don't you try that? Put your ideas on paper. And after, even before if you want, do some research. That always helps. I'll check to see if I got anything to give you so it'll make it easier. Alright?"

"Sure." And I went upstairs before she remembered out interrupted conversation about Cole. Who wants to talk about him anyways? But I felt like I already knew the answer to that. What surprised me the most was my Mom wasn't affected by the topic of my essay. She was always sentimental when anything relating to my Dad was brought up. I hadn't said anything about him, but 'death' wasn't a word you could escape.

I sighed. I wasn't ready to start my essay yet. But since my Mon was actually going to take the time to find some files for me to use for this assignment, I'll start brainstorming and everything my Mom suggested. At this second however, I was not tolerant to patience or brainstorming. At all. 

I heaved a huge sigh and threw my school shit across the room. I never liked it, so I wasn't one to give it respect either--even if it's given me half of the knowledge I know. I flopped on my lime green duvet and smiled as I felt the cool sheets under my skin. Sometimes I wished that I would just float away in my sleep to another world where I didn't have to worry about mine. Like in the book my Mom used to read to me all the time, Where the Wild Things Are. It has always been one of my favorites. "Hope?" Mom yells from downstairs. "Dinner's ready! Do you want me to bring it up? Or are you coming down?"

"I'll eat it up here!" I shout back. I wasn't in the mood eat downstairs, much less get up to go downstairs. I'm a bit of a lazy ass.

I closed my eyes. As I waited for her to enter with my food, I started to dream.

As I am walking peacefully down the street after a nice visit to the Juicy Factory, I am listening to my favorite music. It was the perfect kind of music, the ones that just fit the scene you were in. The trees were starting to grow fuller and fuller of leaves as the summer approached and spring neared. Today was a day when the sun was out and the wind blew softly and your hair billowed in the way you see in commercials--or at least I thought so. I was in a trance. A trance, a bubble--my own bubble. I felt great but I also felt burdened. As I raised my honey eyes to look ahead of me, I see a blurry figure approaching, closer and closer. At first, I believe it is a stranger, a dangerous one, that has entered my dreams. But as it got closer, I realized it was a male, and it was someone who was familiar. "Hope." he calls. And I realise who it is.

"Michael." I say, or at least try to say. I am unable to speak in this dream, which was unusual.

"Hope." he calls again, as he comes closer--close enough that now I see his face. His beautiful face. "Hey, trouble maker." His old nickname for me, when we were kids. He hadn't called me that in years. He was close enough to bring his hand to my face now, which he did. He caressed my cheek not in the way he did to calm me down, but almost in a way to do the opposite. He brought his lips close to my ear and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you, too." I breathe, even if he couldn't hear me. I lean in to kiss him, but I only feel air. I open my eyes and see that he is now backing away, disappearing. "Wait, where are you going?"

"Hope.." He smiles. "Wake up."

I look at him confused. "What?"

"Wake up, Hope. Wake up!"   

"Honey! Wake up! Your food is getting cold!" Mom was standing at the foot of my bed, tapping her foot and holding my dinner in her hands. I was breathing fast, and I had to do a double take to take in all of my surroundings. I brought my hand up to my forehead and realized that it was slightly wet with perspiration. "Jeez, I hope that our house never catches fire. If I'd known you slept like that I would have found a house a little more danger resistant."

I lightly chuckled and wiped my left eye. "It's alright, Mom. Thanks for dinner." I took the dish from her hands and she backed away, eyeing me down before she finally disappeared down the stairs. I turned my IPod on and 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles started to play. I sighed and touched the forward button. 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran started to play. I rolled my eyes but I left the song playing.


I had just dreamt about Michael. I haven't had a dream about him since... Oh my God. I rubbed my temples in circles. Ever since he kissed me today, I've been slightly off balance. As if something was pulling me towards a path and I didn't know where it lead or what lurked at the end, or in the middle, or even at the start.

Michael was my best friend, and I was suddenly torn between love and friendship and I didn't know how to deal with it.

As I pondered this and stared at my food, the phone started to ring, and I stretched my hand to pick it up.



Hey guys,

Yay, first authors note. I don't really usually put these cause I don't really like them. I just love leave people hanging, brings more fun to the story. My friends go crazy (you know who you are..)

But I just wanted to put out there that I've got character pictures for most of the main and secondary characters, I'm just trying to find a way to upload them. (The link bar won't let the google picture link to upload the pictures because there are "too many characters." Honestly.)

I might just use regular celebrities but I'm kind of picky.

Oh well, just thought I'd let you guys know.

Hasta La Vista.


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